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To me, the life and death of others isnt something that interests me.

My priority is the peace of the world, not the peacefulness of my own life. If I judge that youre unnecessary for the world, even if you are the king of a country, you will have to disappear.

If I were to ask Kuro-san, she will probably just say that Im dull…… but if you ask me, Kuro-san and the other members of the Six Kings are too lenient.

The turbulent people are like the scum gathering in the stew, they would keep bubbling up one after another without limit if left alone.

Thats why someone has to take out the scums in order to keep the world peaceful.

However, I also tend to be lenient with those Im close to.

On the day before the summoning of the Hero, I went to the location of the magic circle due to the information brought to me by my subordinates.

The fact that I, myself would be moving means that its a situation that my subordinates couldnt handle……]

[……What are you doing, Kuro-san]


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[Thats the magic circle for summoning heroes, right If you pour that much magic power into it…… It will go out of control.]

[……Unnn…… sorry.]

At my questioning words, Kuro-san turns around with a sad expression on her face.

What she was doing was tinkering the summoning magic circle…… Kuro-san poured a large amount of magic power into the summoning process, making the process of summoning to be almost run out of control, and if it were used, the likely result would be that the person being summoned wouldnt be alone.

[……Kuro-san. I hate to say this, but even if you increase the number of people summoned, “your wish is”……]

[I know that! I dont know if its even possible……]


I can understand why Kuro is trying to do this, and I can honestly feel her pain.

Thats why I hesitated. Should I stop her, or should I let her go……

Kuro is like a parent to me, and I owe her a great debt of gratitude for raising me…… Its painful to realize that Kuro-san has been holding onto this wish for a long time, that she herself even feels that she cant make it come true.

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[……Hahh…… Just this once, okay]


[Just this one time, it can be explained that its just the residual magic going out of control…… Ill make the necessary adjustments after this incident.]

[……Thank you.]

[However, I dont think its possible. Even if you increase the number of people you summon, a person who will grant your wish wont appear…… Well, you probably know that already.]

After saying that much, I left the room with the summoning magic circle.

I went outside and gave my subordinates instructions on how to cover up the situation and making it look like the magic power in the vicinity went out of control, and wishing that there wont be any irregularities that would happen, I waited for the next day.

Yeah, well, as for the conclusion of the incident…… it did occur, an irregularity I mean……

The summoning magic circle that summoned the First Hero…… Hikari-san, it was adjusted by Shallow Vernal-sama to summon beings who are “close to Hikari-chans age when she was summoned”.

Hikari-san was 17 years old when she was summoned to this world. So, the person summoned by the summoning magic circle from another world should be about 16-18 years old.

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Thats why, it was a real shock when I heard from the subordinates that I made to infiltrate that there was one of them that was 21 years old.

Miyama Kaito…… An irregularity who should be outside of Shallow Vernal-samas techniques age of selection.

I immediately investigated the irregular being, Miyama Kaito.

As soon as I saw the reason for his summoning, I knew right away.

A piece of Kuros magic power was in him, he had the ability to become the being that Kuro-san wanted.

Thats why he was able to be summoned to this world, even though the person summoned should have only been 16-18 years old.

To be honest, I was quite confused about how to deal with him.

Having the qualities and being able to fulfill them are two different things…… I couldnt quite believe that he was capable of holding his own against Kuro-san.

So, I decided to make contact with him and measure him myself.

Theres nothing crueler than making a person feel hope for something you cant fulfill. If I decided it was impossible for him, I would immediately pull him away from Kuro-san.

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With that thought in mind, I disguised myself as a human and contacted him……

[……Hahhh~~ Kaito-san should be in the Demon Realm by now huh~~ How boring…… wait, arehh]

I became surprised by the words I muttered while sitting at the counter in the late afternoon.

Boring What am I saying That kinda sounds like Im missing Kaito-san since hes not coming……

Its been about a month since I started interacting with Kaito-san using the name Alice.

At first, I thought it would really be impossible for him, but Kaito-san was far more than I could ever imagine.

He drew Shallow Vernal-samas interest and pulled Isis-san away from loneliness.

I dont think he realizes it though, but those were extraordinary achievements…… at least, enough to astonish me and make me change my mind.

If its Kaito-san, he may be able to grant Kuro-sans wish…… Thats what I have judged, and so, I started moving behind the scenes.

If hes going to seriously stand before Kuro-san, he would need to have a strong heart…… Yes, for example, to the point where he wouldnt lose himself when hes facing off all of the Six Kings……

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Thats why I have given him all sorts of trials. Whether or not this persons heart would submit or whether or not this persons heart would be distorted…… However, Kaito-san was unwavering.

He could be shaken, he could be confused…… but still remaining upright, he won Megiddo-sans trust.

And that also includes mine……

I honestly didnt think that a mere mortal could disturb my mind to such an extent.

I enjoy talking to Kaito-san, feeling glad even as the seriously concerned Kaito-san is scolding me when I do stupid things…… Missing him at those times that Kaito-sans not here.

Haahh… Good grief…… Ive already lived for a long time. Who would have thought that this adult me would feel love…… Youre really something……

In the shop at dusk, I hear the door open and a small shadow enters.

[Welcome, Kuro-san.]


The one who came in was Kuro-san.

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Right from the start, I had told Kuro-san that I was in contact with Kaito-san under the name of Alice, and even when she came to our business meeting before, she properly understood my intentions and kept quiet.

[……Kaito-kun. How is he]

[He passed. I dont have any complaints here…… Well, in my opinion, he has already passed after the fourth trial, but the fifth one was just something like a bonus.]

[……I see.]

Hearing my reply, Kuro-san has a complicated expression on her face.

The meaning of the fact that I told her that Kaito-san passed, Kuro-san obviously knows that.

[……Kuro-san. Kaito-san is the one youve been looking for.]

[……That is something…… I still dont know……]

[Youre really stubborn, arent you Well, thats fine. Im sure that it wont be too long before Kaito-san…… stands before you. And then, he will go challenge the depths of your soul that neither I nor the other Six Kings have been able to reach.]


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Kuro-san looks as if shes about to cry.

Theres something shes been seeking for a long time…… but shes given up hope of ever getting it.

Neither Kuro-san nor I could get it…… but now, Kaito-san is getting as close to that as possible.

Maybe, if its Kaito-san…… having such a faint hope is probably making Kuro-san suffer more than ever before.

It took too long for him to show up…… Long years has she become caged, and being suddenly offered a miracle in front of her would make her reject it.

[……Shalltear, what if I…… “kill Kaito-kun”…… What will you do]

[……Its not like I will do anything special.]

When Kuro-san quietly told me that, I also quietly replied.

[If you kill Kaito-san…… I will mourn, regret, and feel angry…… I will fight you to the death…… and probably “die” because Im not strong enough to defeat you.]


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[Its nothing special. If Kaito-san dies, I will die too, I didnt intend to fall in love without that level of commitment.]


In my words filled with determination, Kuro-san remains silent and doesnt say anything.

Kuro-san also understands. She also knows that the day when that will happen isnt far away……

Well, as far as Im concerned, Im only thinking about what to do to win over Kaito-san…… After that, I would make my approach and make her see me as a woman as well.

Well, lets put a stop to thinking about this for the future.

Because at some point, when that time comes, whether we want it or not…… the answer will come to us by itself.

Kaito-san…… I adore you. Thats why, please…… More than anything, I wish for you a happy ending……

Kuro: “………….. (I was just in the mood to mutter a whole lot of dots here, but shes replying very seriously now! What should I do, I cant really say that I made that face as a joke now……)”

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Whats newKuro is the culprit who manipulated the magic circle.Kaito wasnt supposed to be summoned, but he switched places with a highschool boy when he was summoned.Kaito was called in because he had the qualities that Kuromueina wished for.-

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