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Risty-san smiled teasingly at Chris-san, but still, she continued to speak with the gentle expression of a parent worried about her daughter.

[If you ask me, Chris-chan is too serious, isn't she Well, if you think about the situation of how she became Emperor, I suppose it couldn't be helped.]

[The situation]

[Back when I wanted to bear a child, I chose Chris-chan's father, the previous Emperor, only because of his face, and to be honest, his personality wasn't really to my liking. Even so, to be chosen by a succubus like me, he was a self-centered trash. Well, he was just a small-minded prick, so he didn't do anything too flashy like imposing tyranny to his citizens, but he was cunning enough to line his own pockets.]

Come to think of it, when I first met Chris-san, Alice told me some information about her and heard that she became Emperor because she was worried about the future of her country.

[……I thought Mother wasn't interested in politics.]

[I'm not. This is just basic knowledge.]

Hearing the words Chris-san said with a wry smile on her face, Risty-san easily affirmed it before drinking some tea and picking up some sweets.

I don't know if it was because she saw that, or if she had planned to do so from the start, but Chris-san took over the conversation from there.

[With my position, I don't really want to talk about it too much…… but actually, among the three countries in the Human Realm, the one with the most inferior national power is the Archlesia Empire.]

[Eh Is that how it is]

[Yes. It's not that my country had a huge difference from the other two, but if you look at it objectively, one could say that we're the most inferior.]

I certainly didn't think that the three countries had the same level of power and that each country had its differences. However, this is the first time I've heard of this.

[First of all, the most powerful country in the Human Realm is the Hydra Kingdom. They are steadily rising thanks to the presence of a major pillar in their country…… the very symbol of the country herself, her Majesty Laguna. Even though the person herself had been spouting things like she wants to quit, the fact that she has been recognized as the King for a thousand years without much trouble regarding her throne proves that her Majesty Laguna holds extremely superior capabilities.]

[I see. Indeed, even though she says she wants to quit, it seems like she's still doing a lot of things, like building that new tourist attraction.]

[Yes, Hydra Kingdom as a whole has an innovative and challenging national style…… but the fact that they can take on new challenges like that means that the country is stable enough to do so.]

She is a world-famous Hero and a highly capable King. Although she has said that she wants to quit, she still attends parliamentary meetings and events, and while she's open-minded, she also has the charisma to lead others.

Indeed, thinking of it that way, Laguna-san is probably one or two levels above the others as a ruler.

[The next in power is Symphonia Kingdom. Symphonia is blessed with a great climate and abundant resources. It can be said that their country is the richest among the three rulers…… In addition, it has recently been gaining momentum to the extent that it's drawing near Hydra Kingdom. Well, this is largely due to the influence of Miyama-sama though……]

My influence A- Ahhh…… Must be about stuff related to Shiro-san, like that floating castle…… I see, seeing the Symphonia Kingdom becoming powerful, Laguna-san invited me…… or rather, my lovers to their beach.

[Could it be that that was the reason why Laguna-san invited me and my lovers to go swimming before]

[I think that's definitely it. Because of the tremendous momentum of Symphonia Kingdom's rise, she quickly made a move to deal with it…… At least in that respect, I was too late.]

Hmmm, I guess Laguna-san really is an excellent King huh. Perhaps, during the 1 year and 8 months that I had been back on Earth, she's been preparing for a new tourist attraction, and invited me right after I came back.

Moreover, while she was trying to not be suspicious of her ulterior motives, honestly telling me that she wanted to have a tourist attraction, she succeeded in keeping her national agenda, whose information I don't particularly need, out of the picture…… Hmmm, how capable of her.

While I was admiring Laguna's capabilities, Risty-san nonchalantly spoke.

[In comparison, Archlesia doesn't have much of a forte. And yet, the nobles have a lot of power, so there's a lot of conflicts~~. Furthermore, by the time Chris-san ascended to the throne, the country was slowly going into decline due to the debt the country had accumulated.]

[……It just so happens that when I became Emperor, it was just the right time for Archlesia to make a change.]

[And Chris-chan, who was healthy and earnest, was ready to give everything she had for her country, and sharpened her skills an Emperor, sometimes ruthlessly…… and not having any composure, she became such a boring person. Well, that kind of hardship is also an experience, I suppose. As long as she doesn't go in the wrong direction, I think it's good.]

Chuckling as she said that, although her tone was somewhat teasing, I could still feel her gentleness. It might just be my imagination, but I think that the fact that she wasn't interested in politics but knew a lot about it meant that she was planning to help Chris-san when things went badly.

Thereupon, Risty-san clenched her fists and exclaimed, sounding slightly angry.

[However, I did protest vehemently when Shalltear-sama called Chris-chan is just worth "a single copper coin"!]

[……What in the world are you doing, Mother Or rather, how did you know about that……]

[I was peeking with magic while that exchange was happening…… Incidentally, Shalltear-sama smacked my head when she detected what I was doing, saying "If you have time to snoop around, quickly submit your regular reports".]

[Well, what she's saying is understandable……]

Hearing what Risty-san said, looking rather vexed, Chris-san looked at her with an indescribably dumbfounded expression on her face.

Pan~~(八 °ω°) ( °ω°八) Pan~~

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