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We arrived at the innermost part of the palace, where the most luxurious room was probably located. The construction of the door and its decorations clearly made it seem like the most high-ranking person in the palace would be in this room.

According to Chris-san, Lilim-san seemed to be the ruler of this palace, so it made sense that she lived in the most luxurious room.

As I was feeling nervous, wondering what kind of person she was, Chris-san lightly knocked, and saying "I'm coming in", she opened the door.

Just as I had imagined from looking at the door, the inside of the room was spacious and luxurious, and seeing the person who seemed to be Lilim-san in the center of the room, I gulped.

She has long, shimmering blonde hair, emerald green eyes like Chris-san's, clear, beautiful skin, and superb proportions. Wearing an alluring dress with her chest area daringly opened, she looked like an absolute beauty.

[Mother, I have brought Miyama-sama.]

[I see, so he is……]

However, that isn't all it was to her. From her beauty, how should I say this…… I could sense a strange atmosphere, or perhaps, a dangerous scent from her.

Just looking into her eyes, I felt a chill run down my spine.

If I had to describe her, I would say that she was a beauty in her prime. However, even her chillingly strange atmosphere is sublimated into her bewitching charm, making me feel like she's the kind of woman there would be countless people who would want to reach out their hands towards her, even if touching her would spell their doom.

With her arms crossed, Lilim-san's gaze scanned me from my feet to my head, before she calmly spoke.

[……I'm one of Phantasmal King's executives, the Ten Demons. Codename : Lilim. Well, if people know that I'm a subordinate of Phantasmal King, it will be troublesome to manipulate their memory, so call me with my real name, Ristia…… No, you could call me with my pet name, Risty.]

[I understand. Well then, I'll refer to you as Risty-san. I'm sure you're aware of it already, but I'm Miyama Kaito. It's nice to meet you.]

[Nice to meet you too. I'll call you Kaito too, you don't mind, right]

[Yes, feel free.]

Just as Risty-san and I exchanged light introductions, Chris-san called out to Risty-san, her head seemingly tilted.

[……Mother, would talking to him like that be alright Miyama-sama is……]

[Because he's an extremely important person for Phantasmal King's subordinates, being the one Shalltear-sama recognizes as her superior Yes, he sure is an important person. However, but "does he himself want to be treated like a king"]

[W- What you said certainly makes sense but……]

[There's a difference between respect and reverence. Kaito is my King, Shalltear-sama's lover, and is my daughter, Chris' friend. If he's in trouble, he could always consult with me, and I will help him if needs be. However, putting aside if we're under the gaze of others, wouldn't it be better if you just treat him naturally]

[Indeed, I would also appreciate it if people comfortably talk me.]

Risty-san's words were exactly what I wanted to tell them. It was just as she said. For me, the Ten Demons' King is Alice, so strangely treating me with such reverence would only make me feel troubled.

In fact, that's part of the reason why I had been so exhausted up with the earlier introduction, so I'm rather grateful that Risty-san was acting naturally around me.

[I see, it seems like Mother understands Miyama-sama well.]

[No, you can tell this much from a glance. He clearly looked nervous, and from the order of precedence I heard, so far, he should have greeted Gluttony, Astaroth and Moloch…… They were total fanatics and lifted up your name too much, haven't they You seem to be mentally tired too…… It seems like you also have your own share of problems.]


Those words were also spot on. How should I say this…… She had great insight. Seeing me reflexively making a wry smile, Risty-san giggled.

It seems like she has an accurate grasp of the mentality of a person and is quite easy to talk to.

[……Ahh, errr, once again, thank you very much for your help in that incident in the God Realm. It might be meager, but here's a thank-you gift.]

[What happened there is more like a job for us, so you don't really have to thank us…… Well, since you've already come all the way to do it, I'll just accept it then. Hmmm, it's a nice pastry, not a bad choice. Why don't you sit over there Chris-chan too…… I'll brew you some tea.]

[Mother will]

[Wouldn't it be troublesome to call a servant and have them understand what's going on here]

Lightly answering Chris-san's words, Risty-san made quick preparations to brew tea using the magic tools she had in her room.

As I sat down on a nearby sofa with Chris-san, looking as if she suddenly remembered something, she spoke.

[Speaking of which, I'd like to believe that there would be no way you would do that…… but Mother, please don't touch Miyama-sama in any way.]

The words she said just now were probably because she was worried about the same thing as Pandora-san. From what I've heard, Risty-san is as one would expect from a succubus, and is quite fond of playing around with men.

Hearing Chris-san's words, Risty-san replied while preparing tea.

[You don't have to worry, "that would be impossible". Kaito is the furthest from my tastes…… In short, he is completely "not an object of my romantic interest".]

[Wha! M- Mother! Just those words are just plain rude!]

Hearing Risty-san nonchalantly say that I'm not to her taste at all, Chris-san flusteredly warned her, but Risty-san only smiled in response.

[Don't get me wrong, I'm not speaking ill of him at all. In fact, "I'm praising him quite a bit", you know This is quite unusual for me.]

[ [ ……Eh ] ]

Hearing Risty-san reassure us that she was complimenting me, even though she said that I wasn't to her taste at all and that I'm not an object of her romantic interest, Chris-san and I both tilted our heads.

~ ~ Extra : Game-style Route Branching ~ ~

【Special Route Unlock Conditions 】

※ "Alice's Affection Meters", "Kuromueina's Affection Meters", "Chris' Affection Meters", and "Illness' Affection Meters" were above a certain level, and the event "Lilim learns knitting from Illness" must have occurred.

If all the above conditions have been met, 【Special Route: Chris becomes Kaito's lover while she's still Emperor】will be unlocked.

If one of the above conditions weren't met, you will lead to 【Normal Route: Chris becomes Kaito's lover after giving up her throne as the Emperor】.-

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