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Chapter 1270 - The Founder's Invitation ⑦

Kaori-san is great at quickly switching up topics. Just when I was thinking she was screaming out in grief, after a little while, she regained her composure and started cooking.

While watching her cook, I occasionally exchanged words with Kaori-san.

[Speaking of which, I kinda forgot the most important part to ask, but whose wedding was it]

[Errr, it was the wedding of Mitsunaga Seigi-kun, who played the role of Hero and was summoned in the same year as us and received a court rank, and Princess Cattleya, the Second Princess of Symphonia Kingdom.]

[Heehhh…… The wedding of someone who played the role of hero huh…… and the other party is a princess That sounds amazing, marrying to wealth. I wonder why Are all the people summoned after me just strange You did mention how there are other two with you, right]

[Yes, Kusunoki Aoi-chan and Yuzuki Hina-chan. They also seemed to be interested in Kaori-sans store, so Ill bring them here next time.]

[Im looking forward to it! However…… Is there something outrageous about those kids too]

Yes, I had already told Aoi-chan and Hina-chan about Kaori-sans store, but for some reason, the timing hasnt been right and I havent been able to bring them here even now.

Im sure they would love to meet someone from their homeworld, so Ill bring them along sometime in the near future.

[No, I dont think so…… Both of them are good at magic and are doing their best as Adventurers, but if Im asked if theres anything special to mention…… Ahh.]

[……There really is something. This definitely feels like theres something about them.]

[How should I say this…… The both of them have the Provisional Blessings of God of Earth and God of Sky, respectively.]

[I knew theyd definitely be strange! Is your group some sort of Golden Generation You dont usually get to meet the High-ranking Gods, you know!]

Now that she mentioned it, I see……Thanks to the White God Festival and other events, it seems that the Gods have become more involved with the Human and Demon Realm…… but there should still be very few opportunities to get to know High-ranking Gods.

[I dont really think thats something to be strange about though. Miyama Kaito-sama is he who stands beside Shallow Vernal-sama. Staying by the side of such a Miyama Kaito-sama would inevitably allow you to have more connections with the Gods.]

[W- Well, when you say it like that…… Unnn He who stands beside the God of Creation-sama I guess True Blessings were that special huh.]

[That certainly is true, but Miyama Kaito-sama is also Shallow Vernal-samas lover so……]

The moment Olivia-san announced this, Kaori-san disappeared from sight. When I hurriedly stood up, I saw Kaori-san had fallen to her knees.

Just like that, sitting on the floor, Kaori-san looked my way with a dumbfounded expression on her face.

[……God of Creation-sama is your lover T- This is just one of this worlds jokes, isnt it W- Well, for Olivia-sama to make such a joke, you got me there. Ahaha, that surprised me.]

[That wasnt a joke, but a fact.]

[……Kaito-kun, seriously]

[Errr, yes. Its true.]

[……I knew that this child was the strangest. Youre just extraordinarily strange…… I mean, I know what those words mean, but I dont understand them! My stomach…… it hurts…… It really hurts……]

I had talked with Kaori-san many times before, and had gradually told her various things, but I thought it would be too much of a shock to tell her that Shiro-san and I were lovers, so I decided to wait some time before telling her.

However, that plan was brought to nothing by Olivia-san…… Whats frightening is that she doesnt have any bad intention in saying this at all.

[……Kaori-san, are you alright]

[Ill just say this now…… but this is Kaito-kuns fault.]

[Im sorry.]

[Geez, seriously…… If my lifespan seriously gets shortened from this, Ill have you take responsibility.]

……And how exactly does she want me to take responsibility if her lifespan really was shortened Like, should I ask Life-san or someone like her to extend her lifespan

[……I understand. You can count on me at that time.]

[That gaze of yours looks very manly…… Is this that so-called popular guys gaze…… Hmmm. Seriously, if you just exclude the stomachache you bring around with you, youd have been an excellent and cool guy…… Being pressed by such a guy, I might also be done for……]

After muttering something in a small voice, Kaori-san got up, washed her hands and resumed cooking.

Serious-senpai : [Taking responsibility (in a romantic sense), taking responsibility (in a life-extending sense)…… The heck, thats rather appalling.]

: [If he wanted to, he could take responsibility by asking someone to extend her lifespan, but it seems like that happening hasnt crossed her mind, causing a misunderstanding.]-

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