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The words I spoke, telling about Alices true identity being the Phantasmal King. To be honest, Im not entirely sure yet, but I still think its a pretty likely conclusion.

However, the person in question, Alice doesnt say anything. She just looks at me with a smile on her face…… Seeing that smile, Im convinced that my thoughts are right and I stare straight at Alice.

[Eh This person is…… Phantasmal King-sama N- No, but, no matter how I look at her, shes a human……]

[Lilia, its true that for beings with power like you, you would judge a persons race by their magic power. However, the Phantasmal King can even change the quality of her magic power…… It would be impossible for me to see through the Phantasmal Kings disguise.]

Its true that from what Ive seen so far, Alices abilities arent beyond the realm of being human.

In fact, Sieg-san and Lilia-san seemed to think ALice was human, so I also thought that was the case…… But if Alice is the Phantasmal King, it would be an easy thing for her to act like a human, since she could even change her magic power and fully transform to Kuro.

[In fact, that Phantasmal King fellow even slipped in among the Gods before, and even actually granted blessings to others…… I dont know why the heck she did that though.]

……Im betting that its because she wants to earn some money. A single blessing costs one gold coin after all……

Oops, I digress…… Now, lets go face Alice first……

[……Alice. If you were really serious about deceiving me, I wouldnt have felt anything out of place, and thats probably not something that you would have screwed up.]

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[……You must have made me feel that theres something out of place on purpose, right When we met at the gate, you even deliberately used the same Icarus story as when we first met, showing Chris-san that you were well-informed inside her castle, and dropped hints here and there.]

Yes, perhaps…… No, Im pretty sure Alice made me feel that somethings out of place on purpose.

If she was capable of a perfect disguise, she could have shown another face as the “Phantasmal Kings face” and I wouldnt have questioned it, but theres no reason for her to come out at this moment where Chronois-san, someone she has met from time to time, is present here.

[……Wasnt the fifth task for me is to find out your true identity]


Hearing the words I calmly said, Alice remained silent…… But out of nowhere, she pulls out a handbell and starts shaking it.

The sound of the bell echoed loudly around us, and after stopping a little while later, Alice finally spoke.

[…….You pass. I dont have a shred of complaint anymore. You passed with flying colors.]

[…..Alice, then, you really are……]

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[Yes, youre right. Im the real Phantasmal King.]

Putting away the handbell, Alice clapped this time, admitting that she is the Phantasmal King.

I can hear startled voices from those around me, but Alice doesnt seem to be particularly bothered by them and approaches me.

Thereupon, she gets down on one knee in front of me and gently grabs my hands…… and puts her forehead on the back of my hand.

No, shes still wearing that opera mask, so its actually the mask thats hitting the back on my hand……

[……Well done. Kaito-san…… Please accept my apology for my past rudeness. And to you who far exceeds my expectations, I offer my respect and loyalty……]


[The Phantasmal King, No Face…… My true name is Shalltear. I give my power, my heart, at this moment, I offer my everything to you.]

After declaring her allegiance to me as if she were a knight, Alice slowly stands up.


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The moment Alice murmurs that word, people clad in black whose faces are hidden suddenly appear throughout the garden.

And its not just one or two of them, they have a ridiculous number that they easily exceed 100…… And then, Alice throws the document in front of those people clad in black.

[This is an order…… The person in that document about the incident that happened four years ago. Please gather irrefutable evidence against them…… I will not wait more than three days. Is that an A-okay Then, start moving.]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ Hahh! As Phantasmal King No Face-sama wishes! ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

Receiving the words Alice announced with a non-serious tone, the people clad in black showed their acknowledgment by kneeling down on one with completely synchronized movements.

And then, they instantly disappear again…… probably headed out to start investigating. Before I knew it, even the fake Phantasmal King was gone too.

With just one word, more than 100 people appear. It really is nothing but proof that she have subordinates lurking in every place, including the royal capital as well.

The Phantasmal King has a vast number of followers around the world…… In front of me, who was astonished to see a portion of her power in action, Alice slowly looks back at me.

Unlike how she usually acts, her somewhat dignified appearance is certainly what a king……

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[Uwaahhh, I got goosebumps. Its really tiring looking so serious—– Ouch!]


[Why are you hitting me! Kaito-san!]

[You…… Cant you just stay… serious… like before]

[No, no, Im doing my best here. I did my super-ultra best! If I became more serious a few minutes more, I would get sick.]

I thought that as Alice was also one of the Six Kings, the actions she did before were just a front, and shes going to stay all dignified like she truly is, but Alice completely reverted to her usual tone, so I couldnt help but reflexively hit her in her head.

[I mean, Alice…… Ah, no, should I call you Shalltear now]

[Well~ Its fine to call me just as usual. I also like this name too…… so, what is it]

[Well, Alice is one of the Six Kings, right]

[Thats right~~ Alice-chan is a remarkable girl. Im remarkable enough that I could proudly puff my chest to introduce myself!]

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Alice has a smug look on her face as she makes a pose while sticking out her small chest, to which I let out a sigh before speaking.

I understand that Alice is one of the Six Kings, but how should I say this… Shes quite different from what I imagined a king would be……

[……So, that whole thing you said about not having any money was all an act]

[……No, Im being serious there. Im seriously broke. Please help me.]

[……Even though youre one of the Six Kings]

[Please dont think that all of the Six Kings are rich, will you!]

It was a cry filled with anguish…… Tears even seem to flow from the gap between her mask, which conveys how earnest she is about being broke.

[I have lots of subordinates to pay here, you know! Im trying to keep all the profits and costs in white. I give perfect benefits! No overtime! All transportations, paid by me! Salary raise is even possible! Theres also bonuses twice a year!]

[……U- Unnn.]

[Because of all these, I cant even afford to feed myself everyday! Moreover, Im still getting more subordinates every year! My mens livelihood may be good, but my life is all bad here, you know!]

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[I- I see……]

Hearing Alices shout as if shes winding up, I cant help but feel pressured.

Thereupon, Alice snaps her fingers, and as she does so, the fake Phantasmal King from earlier appears.

[What do you think about this area]

[Ahh, my apologies. I forgot to tell you…… You would be pleased. Shalltear-sama, we have recently added about a hundred more people to our corps!]

[……Oi, are you listening to me What the heck is with that, you just added more people without hesitation…… I told you not to add more people……]

[Im happy that more and more people are hearing about how wonderful Shalltear-sama is!]

[……Just go home.]

[Hahh! By your leave.]

In contrast to Alice, who has her head in her hands, the fake Phantasmal King sounds kinda happy…… Speaking of which, I couldnt tell from the high-pitched voice she had until now, but shes a woman huh…… It also feels like shes one of the upper rankings in their group.

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After the fake Phantasmal King disappears at Alices words, Alice clings to my clothes.

[Help me, Kaito-san! Im going to be killed by my own subordinates!!!]


This person really doesnt have any dignity at all…… Its starting to give me a headache.

However, I see, the reason why she usually says she doesnt have any money is that she has too many subordinates…… If thats the case, I guess it was quite bad of me to scold her too hard.

[I see, then, the reason why your money is always gone isnt that you gambled, but because you gave it to your subordinates……]

[Ah, no, half of it was because I gambled it…… Ginyaaaahhhh! It huwts! It huwwtttsss! Kaito-saahh, staaphhh, youll teaw my chweeks apaaaawwwwtttt!]

[You know what~!!!]

I was just about to feel some sympathy, but shortly after, she started messing around again, so I pulled her cheeks as hard as I could.

I take back my previous statement! I really should be harsher to this woman!

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Dear Mom, Dad—— The truth is that Alice is the Phantasmal King, and she has a huge number of subordinates all over the world. However, it was really stupid of me to look at her in a good light, even though it was just for a moment. As expected—– Alice is still the same as always.

Her lack of money and her love for gambling is the truth.

Alice remains the same as she usually is.

The Phantasmal Kings subordinates

Job description: Intelligence gathering and infiltration

Working hours: Shifting schedule, 8 hours a day

Basic salary: 3 silver coins (300,000R) — Pay may increase depending on performance

Holidays: Two days off per week, paid holidays, long holidays at the end and the beginning of the year

Bonus: Twice a year (equivalent to 4 months of basic salary)

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Allowance: Transportation, uniforms, various weapons

Remarks: No overtime

……Thats a really good company to work for.

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