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After a while, we came back to the deserted park where I first met Ariel-san. If we're going to do as Ariel-san says, we'll be dancing from now on…… and even after all this time, I'm still wondering. What should I do

Even though Ariel-san said that she will be leading me, my dancing experience is limited to the few ballroom dances with Lilia-san…… Moreover, I'm being completely led by Lilia-san.

Adding up to that, the way Ariel-san was dressed, I had a feeling that even if we're also dancing, I feel like it would be different from ballroom dancing, but in that case, I was completely helpless.

[No need to be nervous…… In other words, you don't have to be so uptight. No spectators…… In other words, no one else will be able to see you because I've put up a barrier.]

[E- Even if you say that, I'm really inexperienced…… so I'm not sure if I can dance well.]

[You don't need to…… In other words, you don't have to dance well, nor do you not have to try to dance well.]


[They aren't important…… In other words, it is not necessary to dance well or beautifully. What's best is to have fun…… In other words, I think what's most important in dancing is to have fun. What's important is the heart…… In other words, you don't need to have music, nor do you need to know the steps. Delineation is unneeded…… In other words, you don't need to precisely portray the dance, nor do you have to think about any meaning. Conclusion…… In other words, if you move your body along with a heart filled with fun, it would already be a great dance.]

The smile on Ariel-san's face as she said that was very gentle, and I could tell that she really liked dancing herself.

At the same time, I could feel that she wanted me to enjoy it as well, and I felt my shoulders naturally relax.

Seeing this, Ariel-san nodded and standing in front of me, she gently took both of my hands and lightly pulled me close.

When I took a step forward due to my body being pulled, Ariel-san also stepped forward, and our bodies intersect with each other.

It feels rather strange. Ariel-san didn't tell me to move like this or take that step, but she pulled my hand, stepped towards me, and moved her gaze to guide my eyes…… How should I say this…… My body's movements naturally became like a dance.

Even though she shouldn't have said a word, I feel as I'm being led, which probably means that Ariel-san had the skills to achieve such a feat…… At the same, I felt that if I used Sympathy Magic, I would be able to match Ariel-san's movements better, so I consciously used Sympathy Magic.

Thereupon, after Ariel-san raised an eyebrow, she smiled and her body moved faster.

And at the same time, the feeling of being guided became stronger than before, or perhaps, I was able to naturally understand how I should move next.

W- Whoa, how should I say this…… This is quite fun. Before I knew it, Ariel-san let go of my hand, but I could still clearly feel how I should dance.

Ariel-san gradually sped up her dance movements, and my body movements naturally became faster as well. From the initial relaxed feeling, before I knew it, I could feel that I was moving quite a bit.

I felt tired, or rather, my breathing became a little uneven due to the intense movements, but strangely enough, it also felt uncomfortable. It's like my body is getting hotter from the inside…… If I had to describe it, I'd say I was "getting into it".

I feel as if I can hear music that shouldn't be there, and I'm so focused on this moment that I feel it was just me and Ariel-san in the world.

As I was feeling like I could clearly see Ariel-san's fingertips as she fiercely danced…… Ariel-san suddenly stopped moving and I stopped along with her.

[Slight rest…… In other words, don't dance too long. Hydration is recommended…… In other words, you're sweating like crazy, drink this.]

[Eh Ahh……]

When Ariel-san offered me what seems to be a canteen, I finally realized that my body was drenched in sweat. On the contrary, I was so focused at the moment that I didn't notice it until she told me.

Becoming aware of my tiredness, I also felt heavy fatigue weighing down on my body, and spontaneously sitting where I stood, I drank the water from the canteen that Ariel-san had given me.

[It was a great dance…… In other words, you danced better than I thought. You have talent…… In other words, you have so much talent in dancing that I can't believe you're a beginner.]

[……Haahhh…… T- Thanks…… However, I think it's because Ariel-san led me well.]

[I won't deny that…… In other words, I certainly lead you to dancing and helped you focus your attention. However, that isn't all there is to it…… In other words, I also felt like there was something else. A sense of expression…… In other words, your expression of emotions was so wonderfully beautiful and well-conveyed. Great admiration…… In other words, it was a really nice dance.]

[T- Thank you.]

I couldn't help but feel embarrassed when I saw Ariel-san praising me with the biggest smile she had today. How should I say this…… When someone praise me this much, even though it feels ticklish, it makes me feel happy.

She mentioned how my expression of emotions was beautiful, but I guess it was the influence of my Sympathy Magic…… No, wait……

My expression of emotions was wonderful and well-conveyed Could it be that It was just like what many people have told me since I came to this world…… that "I'm wearing my emotions on my face"……

H- Hmmm, I see…… I have mixed feelings about this, but it seems that what I thought was a flaw can also be unexpectedly praised as a talent.

Serious-senpai : [……I see, the fact that he's wearing his expressions on his face could also be interpreted as good at expressing emotions huh…… In addition, since he has Sympathy Magic, he might be good at dance, theater, or anything that needs you to appeal to the heart…… Speaking of which, back in his birthday, Alice said that he was a pretty good singer.]

Makina : [As expected of my beloved child! However, that looks nice. I want to dance with my beloved child too…… Hahh! That's right! I got an idea!!!]

Serious-senpai : [Stop, don't raise trouble flags here!]-

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