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The evening is approaching and the color of the sky is beginning to change slightly, the head of the Albert family, Lilia, is staring at some papers in her office.

A piece of paper enclosed with the invitation to Kaito that arrived this morning, containing a pledge of commitment. A document detailing several including assurances for Kaitos personal safety……

[—–Dont you think its too good to be just a coincidence]

[……Luna…… Yes, thats right. I cant believe that the demon that helped Kaito-san when he got lost in the city happened to be an acquaintance of the Chairman of the Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company, Sei Riverstar and that Kaito-san would accept the invitation…… would be a really astonishing coincidence.]

When she heard the indifferent voice, Lilia raised her face from the document shes looking at and quietly replied. As for the invitation in the morning, Kaito explained to her that the demon that saved him said they would have dinner together when he left, but he didnt expect that he would be invited this early. And in response to that, fortunately or unfortunately, Kaitos schedule was open as well and if Kaito wishes to participate, Lilia encouraged him to do so.

[……The summoning of Heroes has been done nearly a hundred times already. This time, you are in charge of that and only this time, an accidental summoning of multiple people happened, and you, with your strong sense of responsibility, are taking care of them.]


[And since there were no mens clothing in the residence, Miyama had to go out, unlike the other otherworlders. And somebody, who somehow knew that someone other than the Hero had been summoned, used a cloaking spell to hide the fact that he had gone out, and a high-ranking demon just happened to be passing by rescued Miyama-sama.]


While quietly listening to Lunamarias words, Lilias expression didnt change at all. She just quiet stares at Lunamarias face as she smiles at the door.

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[And for His Majesty, the Kings bad habit to appear again and he didnt prepare an invitation for Miyama-sama, which coincidentally made Miyama-samas schedule in the fourth day of the year free. Then, by coincidence, Miyama-sama received an invitation to a dinner party from the demons acquaintance, who happened to be the chairman of the largest trading company, a person you would be coveting for he has just gained his peerage and someone who doesnt have many connections yet—– How convenient, isnt it Duchess Albert-sama]


[……Its really too good a scenario for you, isnt it My Lady……]


The dusk light piercing from the window illuminated the face of the mansions head. What appeared on her face was—– a smile that could be called a sneer.

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[—–Well, this will probably what the majority will think, right Youre too pessimistic about every single thing, “Lily”……]


[Youre too d*mn serious and a softhearted person, that I dont think youre capable of such elaborate plans.]

[I feel like an idiot for a moment there.]

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Followed by Lunamaria whose expression broke down into laughter, Lilia also leaked out a smile. The appearance of Lunamaria, who speaks with a nickname that she only calls out when theyre alone, was more like a bad friend than an attendant.

[Lily is too easy to understand. The reason youve been in a bad mood all morning is that, while youve been trying to protect yourself from the people who want to take advantage of the otherworlders, you dont like the fact that youre going to benefit from the plot against Miyama-sama]

[……I really cant hide anything from you. Yes, thats right. I am honestly grateful for having a connection with the Seditch Magic Tool Company. Moreover, it says that the Chairman himself will visit the residence in person at a later date…… Its like Im using Kaito-sans friendship with him to benefit the Albert Duchy…… I dont know if I can assent to that.]

In response to Lunamarias words that seem to strike true to her heart, Lilia muttered a heartfelt grumble.

[I dont know if I should say youre really inflexible or something…… Even though we can just say that obediently conclude it as our good luck……]

[Weve only known each other for a few days, but Kaito-san, Aoi-san, and Hina-san are all very kind to me. They dont blame me for getting them involved in something like this, but rather, they were even saying their gratitude. I dont want people like them to be involved in nobles diplomacy.]

[I dont think Miyama-sam would want to be caught up in some troublesome nobles, wouldnt he]

[Even so, I dont like it. As I thought, Im not cut out to be a noble.]

[I agree.]

[Why in the world are you agreeing that part!]

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[Lily has always been a musclehead. You always act before you think, so you could just leave complicated thoughts behind.]

[Whos a musclehead! I dare you to say that again!!]

Staring at Lilia, whos lying down on the desk with her head in her hands, Lunamaria looks likes shes having fun as she laughed and teased her.

A slight smile returned to Lilia-san face as she received the unreserved way of speaking of her old friend, rather than how an attendant talks to her master.

[……Well, you may be right. Its not in my nature to think about the things that have already happened. I should apologize to Kaito-san again…… and I guess some words of gratitude for that.]

[Rather, if you could just make something into an established fact after you say your gratitude, you wouldnt be so guilty about it, dont you think]

[……You always find ways to screw around, arent you]

[Fufufu, isnt it good…… Lilys over seriousness, my banters, I think they make a good balance.]

[……Hahhhh…… I felt like Im always the one who has to do the hard work though.]

After briefly laughing, Lunamaria turns her back to Lilia and heads for the door. Just before leaving though, she looks back at Lilia and speaks with a smile on her face.

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[Kusunoki-sama and Yuzuki-samas preparations will be over soon, so its about time for us to leave…… My Lady.]

[……Thank you, Luna.]

To be honest, I was expecting that I would be pursued for answers, but Lilia-san easily agreed to let me join the dinner party. Thats how absurd the person who sent me the invitation is that, how should I say this… I think my stomach hurts for some reason.

Either way, she originally arranged for me to attend an evening party, and before I knew it, there was formal wear for me and dresses for Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san too.

Dressed in the shiny formal wear that Ive only seen in the movies back in my previous world, I got a call that the people who were coming to pick me up had arrived. After giving a quick hello to Lilia-san and the others, I headed to the main gate.

When I reached the main gate, I immediately saw a huge carriage tied to four black horses—- whats that That horse is really big…… but its also got something that looks like a horn. Is it a unicorn A black unicorn

[You must be Miyama Kaito-sama.]

[Ah, yes.]

At the front of the carriage is a man who looks like a nobles attendant, who then deeply bows to me and asked. Slightly pressured by the aura around him, I told him that I will be attending the dinner party. He then opened the carriage door and I climbed into the carriage.

[……How spacious……]

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From the outside, I knew it was a huge carriage, but when I walked in, it was surprisingly spacious inside here that Im actually feeling like a celebrity. In addition, theres no one else in here except me, that I didnt really know where to sit.

I felt awkward sitting in the middle, so I sat down near the window and a man handed me something that looked like a bag.

[The Chairman asked me to give you this.]

[Thank you very much.]

[No, well be leaving shortly, so please ask any questions you may have.]

[Ah, yes.]

I dont know what his name is, but he moved to the drivers seat of the carriage and we began leaving shortly.

For the time being, I checked the bag I just received—– as if its something common, a letter appeared in the air.

“Dear Kaito-kun,

Were having barbecue, so I brought some comfortable clothes for you to wear~ You wont be able to see the inside of the carriage from the outside, so you can change your clothes there~”

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Ah, I see…… It was called a dinner party, so I came out in formal wear, but Im pretty sure Kuro said were having barbecue right from the start. In that case, Id rather wear rough clothes than formal wear in such an event.

To be honest, I honestly thought I was invited to a place more extravagant and dazzling than the royal palace, so I was a little bit relieved to change into the clothes that were given to me. It looks like a very ordinary shirt and trousers with a black color base, but I feel like its very light and easy to move around in, probably because I changed out of my formal wear.

Afterward, while looking out from the carriage which hardly swayed for a while, the carriage crossed a large gate and after about 20 minutes of driving, the carriage stopped and the man opened the door for me.

[We have arrived. Please be careful on your steps.]

[Ah, yes.]

[The venue is just down the road at the rivers edge. If youd like, I can keep your clothes here for you to change into later.]

[Id like that.]

[Yes. Then, Ill pick you up again when youre ready to leave.]

Bowing deeply again, I thanked the man who was receiving my change of clothes and looked in the direction he pointed at…… The open area on the rivers edge where we would have barbecue was immediately in sight, so I made my way towards there.

[Ah, Kaito-kunnn~. Over here~!]

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After walking for a bit, in front of me…… was Kuro in her black coat shes usually wearing, widely waving her hand at me.

A petite woman in a maids uniform, about 150cm in height, standing next to Kuro. She deeply bowed as I approached. (T/N: 411” pfft)

[Lets have lots of fun today~]

[Y- Yeah…… Or rather, you sent me an outrageous invitation…… Thanks to that, the people on our side have been really nervous.]

[Ahaha, sorry, sorry. But, its alright. As I said yesterday, Im only inviting my close friends here today, so you can relax~. Ah, let me introduce you. This child here is Ein.]

[Its a pleasure to meet you, Miyama Kaito-sama. My name is Ein.]

Her platinum hair is slightly longer where the sideburns should be, while its relatively shorter around other areas. A petite woman in a maids uniform that doesnt even have any wrinkles—– Ein-san deeply bowed her head as she greeted me.

I dont know what to say… Should I say she has an unordinary aura around her or she has a very relaxed atmosphere around her Shes supposed to be looking like the Lunamaria-san, whos the same maid like her, but theres something different about Ein-sans vibe.

[Now then, since Kaito-kuns here… Ein~ get ready to go.]

[I respectfully obey.]

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[Eh Ehhhhhh!]

When Kuro announced with a leisurely smile, Ein-san bowed….. and immediately afterward, a wire mesh that seems to be for barbecue, outdoor tables, and chairs, which were not there a moment ago, suddenly appeared in front of us. What the hecks that Is that magic

Im surprised at the scene as if Im watching a magic trick, but Kuro doesnt seem particularly concerned about it and just turned her bright smile towards me.

[Since this was decided so suddenly, Ive asked the other children to get some ingredients for us…… But Im sure theyll be back soon, so Ill introduce you to them.]

[Ah, yeah……]

Trying to calm the surprise in me, I nodded at Kuros words—- but I heard footsteps getting louder with every step. When I turned around, I stiffened.

What the heck is that My eyes must be playing tricks on me again…… but some kind of black, full-body armored knight walked towards me, carrying a winged lizard that looks about 5 meters long…… Is that a dragon Is that a f*cking dragon

[Kuromu-sama, would three flying dragons be enough]

[Unnn. I think that should be enough~]

[ ! ]

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Three! Did he just say three flying dragons ……Ah, its true. Hes also dragging two of them behind him, besides the one hes carrying. No, no! Wait a minute, my brain cant keep up with whats happening, you know!

The sudden appearance of a fantasy-esque dragon, driving my brain to a complete overload, brings my mind to a halt. And from another direction, I could see huge green blob—- or rather, I could see a bundle of vegetables floating towards us.

[Kuromu-sama~ I brought the vegetables~.]

[Thank you~]

[ !! ]

Looking in the direction of the childish voice I heard, I saw a girl about 50 cm underneath the flying vegetables. Eh A fairy! A fairy appeared now!

[Oiii~. Kuromu-sama. I brought the fish.]

[Ah, nice timing.]

[ !!! ]

The one that appeared this time is really big! A giant! No no, wait a moment! Im begging you, just wait a moment! My brain cant keep up at all!

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[Are these all the condiments we would need]

[Ah, thats right~]

[ !!!! ]

A full-length skeleton in a gorgeous outfit is flying in the air! What the heck is with this situation! A young demon girl, a maid, a full-body armored knight, a fairy, a giant and a skeleton! Thats a whole lot of fantasy-esque beings gathering here, dont you think!

Dear Mother, Father—— I went to a party to eat barbecue. And now I learned—– that I should have expected it, the absurd demons friends would be absurd as well.-

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