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The robed figures who were here at the place I was brought to after I was abducted, and Alice, the abductor who for some reason, left once and immediately returned…… the atmosphere within that stone room has become indescribably delicate.

The cause of that is undoubtedly Alice.

She should have been the one who abducted me, but for some reason, shes now claiming to be here to save me.

[What do you think youre doing!]

After a robed person different from the man that was talking to me shouted, Alice lightly shook her finger and spoke.

[Didnt I say it already Im here to save Kaito-san. Now, get ready.]

[……I see.]


The man who was talking to me earlier…… the man who was called boss, nodded his head alone while everyone still looked confused.

[So what youre saying is that…… your work is done when you abducted him and brought him here, and youre free to do what you want with him afterwards…… And if we want you to overlook it, we need to pay more money……]

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After saying that in an annoyed tone, with a voice that seems calm but there are some hints of anger in it, the man takes out a bag of coins from his pocket and holds it out to Alice.

[……Fine. Its not profitable to argue with you here. Here are 100 white gold coins. You wont have any more complaints, right]

[……Eh I have lots of them.]


However, Alice didnt receive the white gold coins, she disappeared and before I knew it, she was already right in front of me.

And with a swing of the knife in her hand, the rope that was bounding me was cut and my body was released.

[……I have a habit of putting a price on people, and I will only accept a job if they offer me a fee that exceeds the amount I put on the target…… and unfortunately, I couldnt put a price on Kaito-san.]

[……What do you mean by that]

After Alice quietly told him that with a voice that feels sharp, the man asked her, looking really irritated.

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Alice continues to stand in front of me, staring at the robed figures as she continues to speak.

[Well~~ I know its troubling, but this man is more important to me than money, you know]


[I mean…… in the first place, isnt it that Were talking about different premises here.]


Indifferently telling him while spinning the knife around with one hand, Alice unleashes bloodthirst that is stronger than what could ever be imagined from her small body.

And after watching the man take a step back, Alice continues to speak in an even colder voice.

[……Why I accepted your request…… Its because it was a request for abduction, not for murder.]


[If it was a murder request because of personal vendetta, we could have easily got this over with…… I would just finish it with just “cutting off your head right there and then”.]

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[ ! ]

With a chilling voice, Alice declares if the commission she received for me was for murder and not for kidnapping, she would have killed him……

[However, if it was an abduction, I thought you would have accomplices with you…… Then, even if I kill you right there, you would just use other methods to get Kaito-san. Why, isnt this more efficient…… Thats just why I accepted it.]

[……That means, from the start you are……]

[Yeah, I was planning to wipe out the people who were trying to do harm to Kaito-san. What of it]

[…….Alice…… W- Why]

[Ahh~~ Errr, youre going to ask that]

It seems that Alice was planning to wipe out all the people who were trying to kidnap me right from the start, and thats why she accepted this request.

While Im glad to hear those words, I dont know why shes doing this for me, who as she said earlier, was just a friend…… and thats why I reflexively asked.

Thereupon, Alice sounded a little embarrassed before she turned towards me while scratching her head.

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[……Kaito-san is an optimistic person. He easily trusted a suspicious person like me, scolds me because he really cares about me, and helps me with all sorts of stuff……Hes really quite a softhearted person.]


[I thought I was a bit dull of a person~~. Well, I guess youll never know whats going to happen in life.]

After speaking until that point, Alice looks at the robed figures again, lowering her stance with the knife gripped on her hand.

[……before I knew it, Im in love with him.]


[I know I was joking about it at first, but like I said, I seriously fell in love with you, Kaito-san! I enjoy spending time with Kaito-san, getting scolded by him for being stupid, and even if hes astounded by my idiocy, he would still look after me…… Being with him is really fun. Ive fallen in love with him to the point where….. I thought I could do everything for him, even if theres nothing in exchange.]


Shortly after declaring that, Alices figure disappeared…… and the robed figures collapsed with splatters of blood.

With a speed that cant be seen by the naked eyes, Alice took out more than a dozen people before she reappears again with a sigh.

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[Well…… Thats why I wont allow anyone to hurt Kaito-san. So…… I guess you guys just werent so lucky.]

[U- Ummm~~ Kaito-san. B- By any chance, are you still angry]

[……Not really.]

[No, look, under those circumstances, it would be faster to deal with them by letting them abduct Kaito-san once. I was going to save you right from the start!]

[I somehow feel like there were other ways to do it though.]


When I was released from my restraints, Alice flusteredly apologized to me.

Its not that Im angry at her, and in fact, she was helping me there, and I could also understand Alices intentions why she did that. Moreover, I was happy when I heard what Alice said earlier.

However, I dont know how to clearly explain this……. Im feeling complicated and its mainly because it feels like Im dancing on top of Alices palm.

[No, well, ummm~~ there was another way but…… this was the quickest way. Thats why… Kaito-san Please dont be mad at me.]

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[……Im not mad at you.]

[But arent you sulking! Like I said, Im sorry already~~]

Indeed, although it might be quite shameful of me…… It seems that Im sulking a bit right now.

Seeing me turning away, Alice looked troubled as she bowed her head over and over again.

No, well, its true that complaining to Alice wont help anything but……. being in that situation isnt funny.

[Muuu, I understand. Ill make a proper apology.]

[……An apology]

[……Please dont turn over here.]


As I tilted my head at the words Alice said, I heard something click.

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Could it be the sound of her opera mask being removed

Just as that question popped into my head, I felt something soft touch my cheek.



Something faintly damp touched my cheek…… Realizing that they were Alices lips, I look back at her in surprise.

Thereupon, Alice, with a face as red as an apple, was hurriedly putting her opera mask back on.

[……S- So, please forgive me already…… Thats my f- first kiss after all……]

[……Eh Y- Yeah…….]

Nodding reflexively at the words Alice told me, I was unable to get rid of the surprise from the kiss on my cheek.

Dear Mom, Dad—— In the end, Alice seemed to have intended to help me from the start, and even as I felt somewhat unsatisfied with that, all of that disappeared right at that instant. How should I say this…… it seems that even until the end—— It may just be under Alices expectations.

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In the large garden in the mansion, Lilia looked at the person in front of her with relying eyes and spoke.

[……Please. Chronois-sama, please rescue Kaito-san……]

[Yeah, I know.]

Receiving Lilias words of pleading with her hands clasped together as if shes praying to her, Chronois quietly nodded and moved her gaze to the two gods on both of her sides.

A purple-haired girl lying on a cushion floating in the air, and a woman with long green hair bundled up and let loose in front of her, giving a calm impression.

[……Lend me your strength, God of Fate, God of Life.]

[Haahh….. I dont really like working…… But I guess I should just think of this as a preemptive investment to when Kai-chan would eventually support me~~]

[Its enough that youre willing to bow to us for that person…… Im awake now.]

The three Supreme Gods reigning in the place closest to the top of the God Realm.

After receiving Lilias wish, Chronois immediately gathered these two, to rescue Kaito as soon as possible……

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Right now, the Supreme Gods of the God Realm were about to wield their mighty power to help one man……

However, I will still get my reward for the commission.

And thus, Alice dealt with the situation.

The Supreme Gods…… Theyre making all those cool entrance, but its already over, you know

T/N: Last chapter for the day, previous chapter was kinda long.


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