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Immediately after I uttered the spell of destruction, my body was wrapped in a translucent sphere again, and the scenery switched. Hapti-san, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan weren't anywhere nearby though, as it seemed like I'm alone in this pitch-black space.

I mean, there isn't even the target wyvern anywhere in sight. What in the world…… Just as I was thinking about this, a spotlight illuminated ahead of me…… I saw what seemed to be a roulette rapidly spinning.

And before I knew it, a button the size of my palm was laid out in front of me.

……Errr, does that mean that there are several ways to attack, and it would be chosen by this roulette I had a hunch that Shiro-san "got excited". Also, I had guessed that the wyvern had no chance of survival, no matter which attack the roulette chooses.

With an indescribable feeling in my heart, I pressed the button in front of me…… and immediately afterwards, there was a flash of light in the space in front of me, and as if it was a cut-in effect, Shiro-san's face appeared.

Her face looked as expressionless as ever, but the angle of her face gives me the feeling that she's looking kinda smug. Also, for some reason, a big red "Ultra Heat Mode", and when the cut-in disappeared, the roulette began to glow in rainbow colors.

I don't know what kind of information she got this time, but I'll just say this…… This God is getting pretty excited.

Thereupon, the roulette wheel stopped. Errr, written in rainbow-colored letters…… Let's see, "Epilogue" Is that the name of some technique

Almost as soon as I tilted my head, my vision switched again…… and found myself in "midair", and I could see the wyvern a short distance away.

Just as I was thinking that, an object that looked like a meteor flew at light speed and struck the wyvern. And then, as the meteor flew off into space, I moved my gaze to follow it, but my vision suddenly receded…… and the scenery changed to one that seems to be looking down on the entire universe.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see an object that looks like a huge black hole. Not only did the meteor crushed the wyvern, but also numerous planets and galaxies are being sucked into that black hole, and the black hole is getting bigger and bigger…… swallowing up the cosmos, no, the whole universe…… and brought about a big bang.

It was as if the whole universe was enveloped in light, but in the middle of the scene, it suddenly "disappeared as if the power of a TV was turned off", and the scenery switched for the third time.

This time, it was a field of flowers stretching out to the horizon, and there was a white table with Shiro-san sitting on a chair reading a book.

Before I could even think about how refreshing it was to see Shiro-san reading, she closed the book, looking as if she lost interest in it and dropped it to the ground.

Thereupon, my vision switched to a close-up of the falling book, and as the book burned up before it even hit the ground, its ashes drifted away in the wind.

Wiithout even a glance at that scene, Shiro-san took a sip of a tea cup she had pulled out of nowhere, and my field of vision suddenly turned towards the blue sky…… and saw the most gigantic three-dimensional doya I had ever seen.

With the gigantic word I saw last, I found myself back to where I was before, but the wyvern was nowhere to be found.

……Did she just pull off some kind of super special move! She really thought well how to pull this off huh Even going through the trouble of creating space for this technique, the effort put into this is amazing. In fact, it looked incredibly powerful, and the way it was presented was very elaborate.

Well, that being said…… let me say it one more time, what the heck did the wyvern do to you!

The first meteor impact was already overkill, but it then gets swallowed up by a black hole, gets caught in a big bang, and in the end, you even destroy it along with the whole universe That is just too overkill.

[……Errr, Kaito A few seconds only passed for us, but since the wyvern was gone, does that mean that it's over]

[……Hapti-san, battles…… sure is sad, ain't it]

[I don't know what happened, but I do know that the wyvern would be pretty sad.]

The sky today felt awfully blue today. At any rate, I think I'll stop eating wyvern meat for a while.

"Help me, Shiro-san."

Effect : Determined by Roulette, the higher Shiro's excitement at this time, the more likely that it would strike upon a strong move.

※ Since Shiro's excitement automatically reaches MAX when she is asked for help, the roulette would always hit "Epilogue".

Isolate the target in a specially created world

Physical damage from being through meteors and planets

Ultra-gravity field caused by a huge black hole that swallows the entire cosmos

A special universe-collapsing big bang occurs

The universe comes to an end with "Epilogue".

※ The book and the flower garden at the end are just cut-scenes and have nothing to do with anything at all.

Serious-senpai : [……Isn't that overkill already!]

Wyvern-senpai : [However, I got some scream time, so it's a-okay!]

Serious-senpai : [No, you…… Is that really alright]

Wyvern-senpai : [……Isn't this better than appearing as BBQ meat]

Serious-senpai : [……When you describe it like that, it makes it a little hard to argue.]

Wyvern-senpai : [In addition, other than going through the route where I become Kaito's pet, where I'm surely going to have a special evolution, it's probably better that I have a most favorable treatment when monsters are mentioned. Besides, there's no room for a Special Individuals role since Nidzveld-neesan took it already.]

Serious-senpai : [……Well…… If you're fine with that…… I guess it's alright. Ah, but Kaito was quite sympathetic to you in this chapter, so I guess there might be a chance for Kaito's pet route]

Wyvern-senpai : [No, that's impossible. Even though we aren't exactly classified as a dragon, that spot has already been taken up by Lynn, and although she isn't owned by Kaito, there's also Sela, so I think adding me in would just make a mess.]

(T/N: For those who forgot, Sela is Sieg's dragon)

Serious-senpai : [……Y- You're smart……]

Wyvern-senpai : [Also, even if I were to hope for a route like Anima, it would still be tough because of Nidzveld-neesan. So, I've given up on that! Instead, "More screentime for Nee-san!!!"]

Serious-senpai : [……Ahh, I see, I've been wondering why you were so relaxed, but I guess she is still one of the major characters, being an executive of the Six Kings……]

Wyvern-senpai : [Do your best, the star of all wyverns!!!]-

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