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After passing through my house once, we finally arrived at our destination.

It was a forest far from human habitation…… no, I guess it was more like a copse Although the footing around the area was a little bad, the trees weren't so dense, and the visibility was good.

There, under the guidance of Hapti-san, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan would actually experience being an adventurer.

[Then, with my earlier words in mind, let's have you two actually fight monsters…… You don't have to look so nervous, you know Since both of you can use magic, you should be able to use a magical force field, right There's no monster around here that can penetrate a magical force field.]

The magical force field was the most basic magic when one was learning how to use magic, and even I learned how to use it from Kuro when I first became able to use magic.

Well, the magical force field isn't really considered a magic, as it's more of an application of magic manipulation. It was a technique where the user maintains magic power around the body in an as dense a state as possible, strengthening the user's defenses.

It was not very strong, but it didnt require any magic formulas, so with some practice, it could be active all the time. If there are no monsters in the vicinity that can destroy the user's force field, then there's no need to worry about Aoi-chan and Hina-chan getting hurt.

Then, Hapti-san started to search for monsters with her Wide-Area Detection Magic and the actual battle began. I was just an observer here, so I was watching the battle with Hapti-san.

The two of them were nervous at first facing the monster…… but just as Alice had said, the monster wasn't that strong, and the monster they are currently facing was just a slightly larger dog in appearance and strength.

No, of course, wild dogs were scary enough for the average person, but when it came to people who can use magic, it didnt seem to be a problem at all.

Even if I had fought it, I could have won without any problem, so I'd say that it was a piece of cake for the two of them with their power levels. In fact, the two of them were a little stiff at first, but they soon got used to it and began to perform well in battle.

Hina-chan's physical prowess was quite impressive, but it seemed like Aoi-chan was struggling a bit because she had to shoot her magic while making sure not to hit Hina-chan.

It's just well, they're both amazing, but I can somehow follow them with my eyes…… and how should I say this…… On the contrary, this feels refreshing.

[Unnn, as I thought, you two are already on a high level. That's great…… but if I were to give you some advice, I'd say that Hina is fine for today's location, but you should practice for situations where there are more trees, bad footing, or limited movement. As for Aoi, your magic inevitably takes a little longer to activate, so you might want to carry a weapon that would allow you to immediately counterattack…… for example, a few throwing knives.]

After a few battles, Hapti-san gave Aoi-chan and Hina-chan some light advice.

[Also, you'd better make sure you're well-equipped. Hina, it looks like you could use some footgear. As for Aoi, you might want to use a staff with magic aiding effects. Depending on the situation, you could also use it as a blunt weapon.]

As we talked, Hapti-san gave tips for when you were taking breaks…… How to keep a watchful eye on the surroundings and the topographical features that would be useful for their activities as Adventurers, to which Aoi-chan and Hina-chan eagerly took notes.

Thereupon, after talking for a while, Hapti-san turned towards me and spoke.

[That's right, since we're at it, how about you fight too, Kaito]

[Eh Me No, in the first place, I don't have any means of attack……]

I'm not very good at Offensive Magic, and I don't have any magic that could be used offensively. My Autopilot is more of a defensive magic, and just as how my two kouhais call me a Monster Tamer, I have almost no fighting ability of my own.

That's something that Hapti-san…… a clone of Alice shouldn't know about. And yet, why did she suggest that

As I was thinking about this, Alice suddenly appeared in front of us. Standing upright with her arms folded in front of her, and on her shoulder was a sash with the words "Pet #3" written on it.

Arehh No matter how I look at it, this development…… As I doubtfully looked at her, Alice quietly handed me a piece of paper…… that had the name of an attack and its price, the same paper she had given me before.

(T/N: This is a sash.)

< Alice-chan Sword Sold Out >

< Alice-chan Punch One Silver Coin >

< Alice-chan Kick One Gold Coin >

< 5-Unit Combination: Great Alice-chan Robo One White Gold Coin >

There's no change except that the Alice-chan Sword I bought before is now sold out…… No, it seems like there's something that was added at the bottom. Errr……

< Take them down! Giant Kaiju Faeton. A new power has been awoken! Neo Great Alice-chan Robo Two White Gold Coin >

Some kind of successor transfer event had been added! D*mn it, now I'm really curious.

But to see this, it seems like I would have to use the regular Alice-chan Robo first. If that's the case, the one I'll choose this time is…… This kinda feels like I'm squandering money, but I'm just really curious.

After some hesitation, I took out a white gold coin and handed it to Alice.

Thereupon, at that moment, as if she had noticed something, Hapti-san turned her gaze.

[I'm getting a response from my Wide-Area Detection…… That should be a wyvern, I think It being alone means that it strayed away from its flock…… How unusual.]

……It seems that the monster that will be sacrificed to the Great Alice-chan Robo has been decided.

Serious-senpai : [You idiot! Wanting to have your turn, what the heck are you saying! Stop, don't be hasty, wyvern!]

~ ~ Terminology Explanations~ ~ 

Great Alice-chan Robo

A robot that was developed by a kinda wise doctor to kinda protect the peace of the world, and it kinda makes use of the potential of valuable things like love and courage. Kinda.

It fights against some kinda villainous kaijus that conveniently appears.

Special Move: "Great Alice-chan Sword"

Giant Kaiju Faeton

A kaiju that first appears in Episode 15: "Slothful Despair"

In a sense, it was an enemy that appeared only for the arranged changeover event in the middle of the story, and is clearly two different ranks in strength from the kaiju in the previous episode.

It was a lazy kaiju that suddenly appeared in the middle of the city and did nothing in particular…… and even when the Great Alice-chan Robo showed up, it didn't raise a battle stance and continued to laze around.

They had an extraordinary defense, and was undamaged by any attack Great Alice-chan Robo used, and in the end, they only left after slacking around until just before the end of the episode's broadcast time. They took up most of the screen time, so Great Alice-chan Robo considered them their worst enemy.

The reason why the same frames were aired all the time wasn't because the production team was cutting corners, it was just that Faeton isn't moving at all.-

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