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Chapter 1255 - Wedding Participation ⑤

The ceremony hall where Mitsunaga Seigi and Cattleyas wedding ceremony will be held. Although there was still some time before the ceremony started, there were already many people in the ceremony hall.

Among them were Cattleyas father, Symphonias King Ryze, and the other rulers Chris and Laguna, all of whom had puzzled expressions on their faces.

There was originally a waiting room prepared for everyone, and each countrys rulers have their own waiting room, so they would have waited there until the ceremony started.

However, most of the people in the hall showed no sign of moving, and their gazes were fixed on the altar at the back of the ceremony hall.

At the end of their gazes, the Founder Olivia and the High Priestess Gloria were discussing and confirming the progress of the ceremony, while everyone stood still, confused by the situation.

Amalie, the Crown Princess of Symphonia Kingdom, who had recovered quickly from the confusion, whispered to the nearby Ryze.

[Father…… No, your Majesty…… Thats Founder-sama, right]

[Y- Yes, without a doubt.]

Amalie, who normally behaves perfectly as the Crown Princess and calls Ryze “Your Majesty” in public, was confused and reflexively called him “Father”, but since Ryze was also confused, he didnt scold her for it.

[……From the looks of it, I guess Founder-sama would facilitate the ceremony…… Thats something unprecedented, but what do you think]

[Other than to say its Miyama-kun after all, I cant think of any other reason.]

[However, how in the world did it end up with Founder-sama facilitating this ceremony……]

[I dont know…… I think it would be better if we slip out of the ceremony hall first. If we stay here, we may end up getting bombarded with questions.]

[This ceremony is related to us royal family after all…… However, we also dont know whats going on…… Lets go to Cathys waiting room and find out whats going on. It would be a loss of our good name if we cant respond to their questions.]

[……Its a really unusual situation…… but we know exactly what caused it……]

[……Youre right. As for the cause, theres no doubt about it.]

Although they had no clue as to how it happened, they were both convinced of who the cause of the situation was, and they hurriedly left the ceremony hall before the others could gather their thoughts and snap out of their confusion.

Away from Ryze and Amalie, Chris and Laguna, guests invited to the wedding, were exchanging words.

[How surprising. It seems that Founder-sama also goes out of the Friendship City huh.]

[As far as I know, she goes to the God Realm on rare occasions, but this would be the first time she has appeared outside of the Friendship City in the Human Realm…… Haahhh…… Just as usual, that guys amazing, isnt he]

[……Seriously, how did he get to know Founder-sama and become close enough with her that he could ask her to conduct the ceremony…… Miyama-sama never ceases to amaze me.]

Both of them were surprised at the situation, but were convinced that the cause was Kaito. Thereupon, seemingly having thought of an idea, Chris spoke.

[Speaking of which, this is only a rumor I heard about, but theres talk that the Chief of the Wingeds has recently found someone close enough for her to refer to as a sworn friend…… What do you think, Your Majesty Laguna]

[I can only assume its Kaito. However, speaking of the Chief of the Wingeds, that should be young Amel, right How in the world……]

[The Wingeds dont have much contact with other races, and it should be difficult for them to get acquainted with each other…… but to even win the trust of that “hard-to-please Amel-dono” to the extent that she would call him her sworn friend……]

[It really is young Amel huh…… I have met her a few times, but I dont remember having a good talk with her because of her roundabout way of speaking and words that are difficult to interpret.]

[I havent had a very friendly relationship with her either. Amel-dono is a very smart person, but I think she intentionally uses complicated phrases to test the people she speaks with.]

Yes, in fact, Amel, the Chief of the Wingeds, is recognized as a person with a rather difficult personality. The reason for this is the way she speaks, which can be described as difficult to understand, and she was originally a strange person…… However, Amel is one of the only four Humans with the power equivalent to a Peerage-holder, and shes regarded as a genius among the Wingeds.

Therefore, her words and actions have unique values that are different from others because of her genius…… wasnt the case, but it was perceived as a deliberate attempt to test the understanding comprehension of the other party by saying things in a complicated way.

……Of course, the person herself just does it that way because she thinks its cool, and people around her were just having a big misunderstanding but……

[……Well, her aside, I would like to get some information about Founder-sama. If shes going to attend the party, we might get a chance to talk to her…….]

[In that case, it would be quickest if we could confirm this with Kaito…… but since we dont know where he is, I think Ill go check up on Ryze boy for now…… as expected, since this wedding involves one of his family, Im sure hell have some information about this.]

[Youre right. Im sure there are many who think that way…… but since it would be a conversation from one ruler to another, how about we get a separate room and talk to them there……]

Knowing Kaito, they were able to recover from their confusion somewhat quickly, and after a short conversation about their future actions, they left the ceremony hall.

【The anomaly that the Founder, who is supposed to be almost never left the Friendship City, is being discussed along with the wedding proceedings】

The Three Countrys Rulers : [ [ [Kaito definitely did something.] ] ]

Serious-senpai : [Whats interesting is that…… theyre convinced that the cause of an unprecedented and abnormal situation = Kaitos doing. And well, it certainly its true.]

: [Well, if someone who knows Kaito-san sees this happening, they will immediately guess the cause.]-

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