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The 26th day of the Water month. The day after I returned from the Demon Realm, I ended up heading to Alices miscellaneous store with the souvenirs I had bought.

I figured Id be spending some money again for them anyway, so I bought lots of wyvern meat instead of scones.

Part of me thinks that it was a bit naive of me, but as expected, I somehow still couldnt just push away her request.

I couldnt help but chuckle as I pictured Alices eyes sparkling at the sight of my souvenirs and her tiny body eating them with an unimaginable gusto.

Ive been visiting so often lately that the street Im walking down on became completely familiar to me but…… the road ahead was shrouded in a deep fog.

……No, wait. Isnt it weird Its 10 oclock right now, its not the kind of time when the morning fog would appear, and to begin with, that fog is too thick.

Symphonias royal capital is prone to having fog…… isnt something I would say. Ive been living here for two months, and Ive never seen a fog like this appear before.

The strange scene gives me an eerie feeling and makes me stop in my tracks.

Even though its just before noon, silence dominates the surroundings, fuelling the anxiety in my mind.

And then, just as Im wary of my surroundings, something like a glowing ring appears around my body…… but immediately afterwards, it shatters with a sound like broken glass.

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[Arya Not just Illusion Magic, even Restraint Magic doesnt work either huh…… Thats amazing, Kaito-san.]


[Yes~~ Its Alice-chan. Welcome back, Kaito-san. I missed you.]

With her familiar voice resounding from behind the fog, Alice appears from behind the fog.

She wasnt dressed in the work clothes Im familiar with though, but was wearing a black cloak to hide her body, which was somehow different from the atmosphere she usually had.

[……Why are you here]

[I just came out to see if I could meet Kaito-san, and what do you know, I was spot on. Well~~ It feels like its fate, didnt it]


I wonder why…… Alices tone is the same as usual, but it somehow sounds cold…… and feels terribly eerie.

[Now then, now then, before Kaito-sans strong bodyguard arrives, lets get the conversation over with…… Kaito-san, do you mind if I abduct you for a while]

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[……Huh W- What the heck are you……]

[Actually, I cant make a living just by selling all sorts of goods, so I also have a side job. How should I call this, I guess you could call it the store in the back Or something like that. And just the other day, I received a very tasty commission…… it was to kidnap you.]


Immediately after she said that, Alice appeared in front of me before I knew it, holding a knife right beside my neck.

The perfect distance between touching or not touching my neck, and the dull sheen emitted by the knife, makes me feel a suffocating nervousness.

[So, Kaito-san…… for the sake of my spending money, please get kidnapped by me. Lets go elope in the name of love, that kind of stuff…… eh, arya]


[……You even had defensive magic that automatically activates against malicious attacks]


When I look at my body in response to those words, before Alices knife…… a thin black film-like substance appeared around my body before I knew it.

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Come to think of it, I think Lilia-san said that Kuros necklace had defensive magic casted on it.


The magic that automatically defends against malicious attacks, I was a little relieved the moment I learned it exists, but I felt a strong impact to the back of my neck, and regardless of my intentions, my body lost its strength.

[Well, in that case, I wont use magic, I just have to make my ill intent disappear and make you faint~~]

[……A…… lice.]

[Good night, Kaito-san. Dont worry, Ill gently carry you there.]

The voice I heard at that moment my consciousness was about to disappear was so disproportionate to the situation…… sounding so kind and gentle.

Easily carrying the unconscious Kaito under her arm, Alice jumps up from one roof of a building to another.

[Now then, if the situation goes on like this and I just bring him there, then it would be complete the commission…… However, I guess things wont go well that easily huh~~]

The moment Alice muttered that, a flash of light pierces through the thick fog.

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After dodging that beam of light by moving her face slightly to the side, Alice lets out a sigh.

As if to affirm her words that it wouldnt be easy…… a strong wind blows around her, blowing away the fog covering her vision.

And when the fog cleared, there were six shadows around the roof where Alice stood.

[……That was faster than I thought. I see, a magic tool sends an emergency signal huh……]

[Let go of master, you rude bast*rd!]

[Whoa there! Scary……]

Standing a few meters away from Alice was Lilia, Lunamaria, Sieg, Anima, Eta and Theta….. The six people who rushed to the scene stared at Alice with their sharp gazes after Sieg activated a magic tool that sent an emergency signal right after she lost Kaito within the fog.

However, even though she says shes scared, Alice doesnt seem to be particularly shaken at all.

[Why are you…… Arent you Kaito-sans friend]

[Hes my friend. I like Kaito-san, I really like him…… but, liking him is one thing, and my job is another.]

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Seeing Alice, who didnt lose her aloofness in response to the words she quietly said, Lilia looked irritated.

[……Youre pretty carefree huh Did you really think you can just get away with this]

[I wonder~~]

Lunamaria gave her words of warning…… As the six of them are currently surrounding Alice and have the advantage of numbers.

However, as long as Alice has Kaito in her arm…… A powerful attack will hurt Kaito, so they cant carelessly attack him.

And ironically, Eta, who is good at pinpointing attacks, but had her weapon damaged in her previous fight with Sieg, couldnt fully show her power with the spear she brought out of Lilias mansion, and was easily evaded by Alice just now as well.

In the silence that seemed to prick the skin, within the six people facing against one that seemed to have stopped in that place…… the one who broke the silence was Alice.

[……20 white gold coins.]


[……18, 25, 43…….]

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[What the heck are you……]

Alice, who goes to say that to Lilia and the others while pointing at them one after another, Lilia asked with a dubious expression on her face.

[Well~ I actually have this habit of putting a price on people. This time, I judged them only on your combat prowess alone, but you all are big deals~~ So, its pretty rare for me to use white gold coins as the unit to judge a person.]

[……That doesnt sound pleasant at all.]

Hearing Alice, who still speaks in her usual tone that sounds like she would eat a person, Sieg gives her an unimaginably cold stare, which is unimaginable given how she normally acts.

Despite being exposed to their sharp gazes, Alice continues to speak without seeming to be shaken.

[……There are two requirements I have when I take a job. One is that Im in a good mood. The second is that I am offered a reward that exceeds the value I have placed on the target.]

[……And what do you mean by that]

[Well~~. What I mean~~ is that its not worth it for me to fight with you all based on the fee I receive for this commission.]

[Does that mean you surrender]

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[……No. Its just a shame that everyone…… mine and all of your interests dont coincide at all…… is what I mean by those words!]

[ [ [ [ [ [ ! ] ] ] ] ] ]

Immediately after saying that, Alice let go of the hand that was holding Kaito.

The place where Alice is standing is the roof of a two-story house, and if the unconscious Kaito will be dropped to the ground, he will not be left unscathed.

Thats why the six of them lost their focus on her at that moment. They turned their gaze to the falling Kaito and removed Alice from their sight.

Immediately afterwards, Alices figure disappeared and the six of them were flung away.

However, the six of them are also capable beings, as they succeeded in defending against Alices attack in an instant.

Thereupon, Alice jumps down faster than Kaitos falling body, catching his body with a smile.

[Well~~ How terrific. For you to react even to that…… However, I succeeded in pulling my distance from you huh.]

[! This is bad! She plans to run away!!!]

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Lunamaria, who was the first to notice Alices intentions, shouted, and the six of them immediately regained their stances, running after Alice…… But in the next moment, Alice disappears again, and appears further away from the six of them.

[……Its impossible for any of you. You all who couldnt follow my movements earlier cant catch up to me.]


[Didnt I tell you Our interests dont coincide at all…… I know all of you will do everything in your power to defeat me and take back Kaito but…… I wouldnt gain anything from fighting strong opponents like you all. So, Im going to run away.]

[Wai—– What!]

Indifferently saying that, Alice smiles in front of Eta, who tried to chase after her, but shortly afterwards, Alices figure distorted and 10 Alices appeared.

[Illusion Magic!]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ Well then, Ill see you later~~ ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

The clones created by her Illusion Magic spoke at the same time and escaped at high speed in different directions.

However, Lilia-san and the others wouldnt just let Alice escape.

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As they are still experienced warriors, all of them only exchanged glances before they immediately split up to pursue Alice.

The fast Lilia, Sieg, Lunamaria and Eta chased two of each, while the slightly slower Anima and Theta chased one Alice each.

To rescue Kaito at all costs……

And after the six of them began tracking in their respective directions…… An alleyway a few distance away from them distorts and the “real” Alice appears.

[……Theyre all too honest. Well, deception is my domain after all.]

Muttering to herself, Alice disappeared like smoke again.

When I opened my eyes to the faint light I felt, I found myself in a completely unfamiliar place.

The stone room looked like a prison, and there were about 10 robed people in the room.

I honestly think the situation isnt good but…… it seems like my body is strapped to a chair and I cant move.

[Oya Kaito-san, youre awake]

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[……Alice…… This place is]

[This is my clients hideout.]

Alice, who appeared from behind a black-robed figure, spoke to me in her usual tone, without any hints of anxiousness at all.

Speaking of which, she did say she would abduct me…… That means that the situation has turned for the worst huh……

[Nice to meet you, Miyama Kaito-san…… Id certainly like to get to know you better.]

[……Then, you could have just at least shown your face……]

[I wish I could, but Ive got my own issues to deal with…… and I cant afford to show my face too much.]

One of the people in robes…… a man by the sound of his voice, spoke to me, but Im not so carefree that I would be friends with someone in this situation.

However, the one at an overwhelming disadvantage in terms of the situation is me…… I cant say anything strange and provoke them.

[Now then…… Lets get right to the point. Im sure youve already guessed it, but we will —– [ Ahh~~ Can I have a moment ] ——- What is it]

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The man who was about to announce his purpose by speaking like hes some kind of important person is interrupted by Alice.

This person really cant read the mood at all……

[As soon as I bring Kaito-san here, my work is done, right Then, could you quickly give me my pay already]

[……Yeah, youre right. Here, the thirty white gold coins I promised you.]

[Yes, yes…… let me see here…… Yes, it certainly is as you said.]

Apparently, the reward that Alice gets for abducting me is 30 white gold coins.

That would be around 300 million yen…… Im not sure if its high or low, but that seems to be my price for Alices eyes.

Im not sure if she saw through my complicated feelings, but she turned to me and lightly waved her hand.

[Kaito-san, youre barking up the wrong tree here. Dont direct your grudge at me. This is just my job. Besides, you and I are just friends…… Its not like were family or lovers, that is only the extent of our relationship.]

[……Yeah, youre right……]

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[Well then, Ill be going home~~]

After saying those dry words, Alice turns her back to me and walks towards the only door in the room.

……It feels really painful. However, it certainly wont help if I complain to Alice.

I scolded Alice for lots of things, and I even hit her…… I thought shes an amiable friend…… someone I can be comfortable with, someone I could trust, but I guess all of that is just my impression.

For Alice, Im just a friend who always nags at her……


[What is it]

[……Dont quickly waste all your money this time.]


[……Ill think about it.]

Saying that, Alice closed the door.

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It hurts…… but, I cant just keep thinking about it. Putting aside Alice, I need to think about the situation right now.

[Now then, lets return back to the topic…… Ahh, its no use if youre expecting anyone would help you. This room is made of a special kind of ore that keeps magic power from leaking out. Besides, this place is far away from the city…… Theres no one here to help you.]


I wonder whats going to happen Are they going to torture me

Pain is kinda…… something I dont want.

Despair similar to resignation crawls into my mind, and my body begins to slightly tremble.

Imagining what was about to happen, I almost involuntarily closed my eyes…… but the door of the room is destroyed with a loud crash.


The man and those in robes also looked astonished and turned towards the door, and as I turned my gaze in that direction…… From behind the dust cloud, a person I never expected appeared.

[And thats why…… Im here to help you! Kaito-san!]

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Making a pose, along with what it sounds like background entrance music, Alice, who was supposed to have walked out the door earlier, appeared again.

For some reason though, she was saying stuff like shes here to save me or something……

[W- Wha…… What do you think youre doing!]


[Well~~ You see, I got some extra money today~~, so I was thinking about going out for dinner with my Kaito-san, who is usually helping me. However, what is this! Kaito-san was abducted by bad people! Thats why I came in a mad dash to save Kaito-san!]


[Now, brace yourself, kidnappers! Im going to make you regret kidnapping Kaito-san!!!]

No, youre the one who basically did the abducting here……

Dear Mom, Dad——- Misfortune comes in times we never expect, and today, Ive been abducted. It was supposed to be a critical moment, and even though I dont know what they want…… Even though I really dont know what these people want…… My thoughts and the kidnappers thoughts are united in one thing——- What the heck is this person talking about

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Serious-senpai: “Nuwaaaaahhhhhh!”

Who would have thought it would become a self-rescue drama huh

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