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After telling us that it was important to understand our own abilities, Alice taught us a few simple ways to understand our abilities before ending the lessons regarding adventurers.

[Well, I'm repeating myself, but all that's left now is for you two to decide whether you want to become adventurers or not. It's just…… Let's see. As reassurance for when you two decide to become adventurers, for your first few quests…… I'll arrange "a companion" for you two.]

[……A companion]

[Yes, you can think of them as an escort. Also, while we're at it, how about you accompany them too, Kaito-san]

[Unnn Errr, I thought I can't be an adventurer]

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in being an adventurer, so I'd like to accompany the two of them on their quest. When I asked her back with this in mind, Alice slightly smiled and explained.

[It certainly is true that Kaito-san should refrain from becoming an adventurer, as doing that would bring a lot of problems, but there is no problem if you just want to accompany the two of them on their quest. Only registered adventurers can accept and redeem quests, but it isn't prohibited for non-adventurers to accompany them.]

[Is that so]

[Yes, for example, adventurers can hire a local who is familiar with the area as a guide, ask a knight friend to help you with a subjugation quest, or ask a retired adventurer to accompany you as a mentor. However, you are responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur at that time.]

[I see.]

In short, there are cases where adventurers hire a third party to assist them with their quests, and this is not prohibited.

Indeed, with such a system in place, if you aren't good at fighting, you can also hire people to help you with monster subjugation quests. However, it doesn't mean that the amount of compensation for the quest will increase, so hiring people without thinking won't be profitable at all……

[……That's why you could also try out being an adventurer without thinking too much about the risks. You can do a few quests with that escort with you, and if you don't think being an adventurer isn't fit for you, you could quit. Well, talk it over and decide.]

[ [ Thank you very much! ] ]

Perhaps reassured by the escort that Alice would be providing for them, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan thanked Alice with somewhat relieved smiles on their faces.

Just like that, the lessons ended, and everyone went back to their respective rooms.

As I returned to my room, Alice, who had disappeared earlier, appeared again and spoke.

[Ahh, that's right, Kaito-san.]


[I think they'll probably be choosing to become adventurers, but regarding that escort we're talking about earlier…… I'm sure Kaito-san will notice it, so I'll go ahead and tell you that I'll be accompanying them in disguise.]


Hearing what Alice said, I thought for a moment. That certainly would be the safest move for them. If it's Alice, even if all the monsters in the Human Realm were to attack them, she would be able to easily defeat them, and it's safe to say that Aoi-chan and Hina-chan's safety would be guaranteed.

[……Can't you yourself go with them, Alice]

[No, it's not like I can do that…… but even if doing that would reassure Kaito-san, the two of them would shrink back if I were the one following them, so it would be better if it were someone else.]

[Ahh~~ I see, I guess that's true.]

As if they were aware that they are part of the top of the Demon Realm, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan seemed to be shrinking away from Kuro and Alice. It isn't something that can be fixed overnight, and just as Alice said, it's better to have a completely different person following them than Alice herself.

Of course, they may still be nervous with the one accompanying them, but without looking at filtered glasses that tell that they're talking with someone with a high position, it would be possible for them to easily get along with each other.

[……So, as for the real issue at hand…… It's not easy to think of someone that could be their companion, so I'm going to use one of the few faces I have…… but while acting as that person, I will also act as if I've never met Kaito-san before, so please keep that in mind.]

[Ahh, I see, I guess my behavior may reveal that that person would be Alice huh…… Alright. I'll treat you as if we've never met before.]

[That would be great.]

Seeing Alice thinking about all sorts of things for the two of them, I couldn't help but smile.

[……Alice, thanks for everything.]

[What is it Suddenly saying that……]

[No, I think Aoi-chan and Hina-chan's anxiety has been lifted thanks to Alice, and even though you say all sorts of things, you're still thinking a lot for their sake.]

[Fufufu, did you fall in love with me all over again]


[……You see here, Kaito-san We've known each other for quite a while now, right You know I'm weak with straightforward responses like that, right Seriously, are you doing that on purpose]

[Ahaha…… Well, I really am falling in love with you again though.]


She turned away, blushing with embarrassment, but she didn't run away. Feeling my love for Alice blooming within my heart, I enjoyed the time alone with my lover for a while.

Makina : [Two girls deciding to become adventurers, hearts filled with anxiety and anticipation, but just as they take on their first quest…… A girl of legends appears.]

Serious-senpai : [Eh What's with you all of a sudden]

Makina : [The way she fleetingly danced, her heart filled with fun, is she a flower blooming in the shadows, or a money monger stirring in the darkness]

Serious-senpai : [Is this a next chapter preview This is a next chapter preview, right]

Makina : [Next chapter! "The Legendary Chivalrous Thief Hapti appears!" Check out the adventures of my beloved child in the next chapter!]

Serious-senpai : [……Your tension sure is high huh Ahh, I see…… Kaito, Aoi, Hina and a disguised Alice…… Which means, she's like that because it's a chapter filled with members she wants to appear huh……]-

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