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As I tilted my head at the fact that the conversation had taken a different turn than I had expected, Alice let out a sigh of dismay before speaking.

[……Well, there are several reasons for this difference in perception, but first of all, the two of you and Kaito-san are forgetting something.]

[We're forgetting something]

When I heard Alice's words and asked her back, she held up her index finger and informed me.

[Let's start with the most basic knowledge. Listen here, okay In the Human Realm, "there aren't that many people who can use magic".]

[ [ [ ……Ahh. ] ] ]

When we heard Alice's words, me, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan couldn't help but involuntarily exclaimed. Speaking of which, that was the case. In the Human Realm, magic could be used on those who specialize in it, and not everyone can use it.

Just like me, most of the people around Aoi-chan and Hina-chan could use magic that we completely forgot about that.

[As for the adventurers who need to be able to fight, compared to the commoners, there are many of them who can use magic…… but still, there are several adventurers out there who can't use magic. Basically, the standard step up is to work as a Low-rank adventurer, save up money so that they could go to a magic school. They would then learn magic, and advance to become a Medium or High-rank Adventurer. Incidentally, one of the requirements for joining the Knights Order is to be able to use magic, so everyone could use it.]

[……In other words, when you are able to use magic, does that mean you have the combat ability of a Medium-rank Adventurer]

[Yes, Aoi-san. You could see it that way. Well, there's still the difference in combat experience, so you're actually a little inferior from them, but the both of you're definitely stronger than Low-rank Adventurers.]

I see…… Being able to use magic would certainly give you a great advantage. In particular, although it is the most basic of the basic magics, I think that "strengthening your body with magic power" is still quite significant.

This is because even though I'm not very good at Body Strengthening Magic to the point where I can clearly see that I don't have any talent at it, if I used Body Strengthening Magic, I would still be able to exert 1.3 times my body's normal capabilities.

The increase in basic specs has a huge in terms of combat. There is a big difference between being able to use it and not being able to use it, especially since this physical enhancement not only strengthens your muscles, but also your dynamic vision and thinking speed.

[And the other reason is……]

As she said this, Alice moved her gaze towards Bell, who was lazily lounging a few distance away, and lightly beckoned her close.

Thereupon, Bell quickly got up and ran towards Alice, her tail happily wagging. Bell is very fond of her godmother Alice, and since she knows that Alice is physically capable for Bell to act spoiled without restraint, she is very happy when Alice plays with her.

Catching Bell's huge body with one hand, Alice then lifted her up to the air. Bell seemed to be having fun when she was being lifted high.

[—–is this child, Bellfreed.]

[……Ahh, so that's how it is.]

Hearing Alice's words, Kuro nodded, as if she understood something.

[For the three of you, the standard for monsters is this child. I'm sure all three of you understand that this child is a Behemoth, a legendary magical beast, and that she is one of the best monsters in the world…… but even so, be aware that "even some of the most powerful monsters couldn't stand against Bellfreed".]

[I see, so that's how it is. The monsters that they've also seen other than her…… would be the White Dragon Lynn-chan, Black Bears, and all other monsters that are among the best in the Human Realm, so that's why they had such a misunderstanding.]

After Kuro said that, Alice set Bell down, and with a light movement of her hand, Bell followed her command and laid down in a prone position. Thereupon, Alice leaned her body on Bell and turned towards us, she continued to explain.

[You see, even among the monsters, Behemoths are extraordinary in terms of strength. They may not be called monsters because of their low intelligence, but in terms of strength, they're comparable to High-ranking Dragons. To give you an example, the strongest monsters that exist in the Human Realm are Wyverns…… If it was their Special Individual, Nidhogg, the wyverns that evolve after surviving so many battles that its scales are stained crimson with the blood of their enemies…… only at that level could they be considered evenly matched with Behemoths.]

[……Frea-san's species huh.]

[Ah, no, Kaito-san, the person is an exception to that rule. Even though she isn't a natural-born Dragon, she has risen to the level of being the Strongest Dragon if we were to exclude Magnawell-san, so please exclude her. If it was the normal Nidhoggs other than her…… It feels kinda strange calling them normal when they're supposed to be Special Individuals……]

Frea-san was that crazy strong huh…… No, she definitely had the aura of a strong person, but for her to be strong enough to be the strongest Dragon except for Magnawell-san…… I guess that means that Magnawell-san's strongest subordinate would be Frea-san huh

[Well, going back to the topic…… Behemoths are monsters of extraordinary strength. If it were to appear in the Human Realm, a "National Emergency Special Imperial Edict" would be issued immediately.]

[National Emergency Special Imperial Edict]

[In simple terms, it would be like a direct order from the King, skipping all the procedures for a disaster that could tip the country over if not dealt with immediately. In the cases where such edicts occur, they would be sending an emergency dispatch request to the most powerful units in the country, such as the Knight Commander Rachel, or Lilia-san, who everyone knows already, and asking them to respond to that threat. Even in the Human Realm's history as a whole, there have only been a few times in the past when an edict like that has been issued.]

[Speaking of which, Symphonia Kingdom sent such an edict a few years back, didn't they That was…… when the Black Bear's Special Individual appeared, wasn't it]

When I heard Kuro's words, I thought of that incident back in Rigforeshia. I was knocked unconscious at that time, so I didn't see it, but I heard that a Special Individual Black Bear had appeared.

[Ahh~~ No, it's a different case than the one you're thinking of, Kaito-san. 200 years ago, there was a time when a Special Individual Black Bear appeared as well, and since it happened at the time of the founding festival of Symphonia Kingdom, there weren't many people in Rigforeshia, so there was quite a bit of damage. At that time, according to a National Emergency Special Imperial Edict, a group of elites led by Knight Commander Rachel went to the site and defeated that Special Individual.]

[I see……]

[Ahh, I've digressed once again huh. Well, I think you got the idea that adult Behemoths are very strong…… but Bell is already "much stronger than adult Behemoths".]

[……Eh Is that so!]

[Yes. If it's pure strength alone, even though it isn't on the level of Peerage-holders, Bell's already at the level of High-ranking Demons.]

How in the world did she become so strong…… is what I thought, but thinking about it again, the cause is most probably the powdered scales of Magnawell-san that was mixed in her food. In other words, it was completely my fault.

While I was thinking about this, with a slightly astounded look on her face, Alice told me.

[……I'll say this now, but the upper echelons of the government are only turning a blind eye to it because Kaito-san is the one keeping it. That also goes for that White Dragon over there that is clearly "evolving into a form different from normal"……]

[……I guess it's just like Kaito-san huh.]

[As I thought, is Kaito-san aiming to become a Monster Tamer]

While Lynn tilted her head at the sharp tsukkomis directed towards us, I just smiled and patted her head. At any rate, if there are any strange changes in Lynn or Bell, I'll be the first to report it to Lilia-san. Otherwise, she'll get angry again.

~ ~ Extra : Four beings who actually have super strong abilities ~ ~

① Lilim : "Temptation"

Lilim is the strongest succubus in the world, and is an extremely powerful user of "Temptation". She is almost unstoppable against weaker opponents.

・ Sees any part of Lilim's body

・ Hears Lilim's voice, even if only faintly

・ Smell Lilim's scent (or perfume), even if only faintly

・ Touch even a hair of Lilim's body

If any of the above occurs, you will be charmed and become her slave. If it wasn't for the cheat-like situation in the battle against the Gods, where all the Gods received Shiro's Quasi-Blessings, then "all of the low-ranking Gods and 90% of the high-ranking Gods" could have been killed by Lilim alone.

While she is almost invincible against weaker opponents, she has a distinctive disadvantage against opponents of the same rank or higher.

② Miyama Kaito : "God of Creation's True Blessing"

Shiro's True Blessing that Kaito was clad in has the ability to nullify malicious magic…… but it actually "nullifies the magic defense of the opponent". This is the reason why, in Rigforeshia, when Kaito smacked the head of Lilia whose defense was as thick as a wall, was somewhat hurt.

In terms of combat ability though, his attack power is so low that even when his attacks pierce magic defense, it wouldn't make that much sense.

③ Neun : "Indestructible Hero"

Although the person herself doesn't know it, when she was summoned, she was given the ability to "be invincible as long as her heart doesn't break" by Shallow Vernal. To put it simply, it's an "Endure skill that can be activated over and over as long as she has MP". This is the main reason for the anecdotes about her story, that the Hero will never be defeated.

As for the reason why Shallow Vernal gave her this ability…… It was the first time she summoned a Hero, so she didn't know what the "Isekai Karen (God)" would say if Neun accidentally dies, so this was an insurance.

④ Eulpecula : "Sympathy Magic"

An extremely powerful ability that became synonymous with the Pleiades, Eulpecula.

・ Gives her the ability to read others' surface thoughts with a tremendous sense of perception.

・ Allows her the ability to nullify some magic by sensing the opponent's magic power.

・ Allows her the ability to copy magic and martial arts that she has seen once, by synchronizing with her target's magic power.

(T/N: Kinda like what Kaito did in the race again Megiddo)

・ Each of her ten tails have (※She can move them as she wills)

・ Allows her the ability to forcibly make her opponent feel a certain emotion, which could obstruct their movements.

・ Allows her to perfectly coordinate with allies by synchronizing with them.

・ By connecting the power of the Pleiades and concentrating it on one person, she can temporarily make said person be as powerful as the Six Kings.

Because of her presence, the Pleiades are described as "the strongest in team battles" among the Six Kings' subordinates. In other words, Eulpecula is like "Kaito with MAX combat talent".

It was just that Kaito-kun doesn't have much combat talent, but Sympathy Magic itself is an extremely powerful cheat ability.-

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