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Chapter 1245 - Night Market ⑦

After we went around the night market, we returned at a reasonably late hour. It would have been nice to take a bath and go to bed right away, but I wanted to take a quick breather before that.

Thereupon, perhaps sensing my thoughts, Illness-san approached me and gently asked.

[Kaito-samaaaa, would you like me to bring something to your rooooooom]

[Ahh, I suppose so. Can I have a cup of tea]

[Understooooood. Ill have it prepared right awaaaaaay.]

[Ahh, you dont have to bring any teacakes.]

My stomach is full after all the eating I did on the shopping trip we just had. Im sure that a cup of tea will help me from the tiredness from walking, and then I can take a bath.

With this in mind, I return to my room and change my clothes. After I finished dressing, I sat down at the table by the window, where Illness-san had prepared tea for me with exquisite timing.

My room is quite spacious, and theres a table and several chairs. The moon is beautiful today, so I sat at the window seat…… but as Im looking from a brightly lit room, I cant see much better outside.

[……Ive made it a little bit sweeteeeeeeer.]

[Thank you…… Since were at it, why dont you drink together with me, Illness-san]

[Well theeeen, dont mind if I doooooo.]

Looking closely, it seems that she changed her clothes within the time she was preparing tea. When I invited Illness-san, who was wearing a familiar maid uniform, to join me for tea, she lightly nodded and prepared a cup for herself.

I wonder why It seems awfully peaceful this evening, and I feel a bit lonely…… or rather, its more like I was in the mood for someone to talk to while drinking tea.

I dont know if she became aware of my slightly sentimental state of mind, which I myself cant quite explain, but Im grateful to Illness-san, who willingly agreed to me without asking any questions.

Illness-san quietly takes the seat opposite me after pouring a cup for herself, before looking out the window.

[Kaito-samaaaaa, since its a beautiful moonlit niiiiiight, would you mind if I turn off the light for a whiiiiiile]

[I guess youre right. I was just thinking that I couldnt see the moon very well either……]

[Yeeeees. Well then, please wait for a momeeeeeent~~.]

After she asked for my consent, Illness-san got up and quickly turned off the lights. Even with the lights dimmed, it wasnt completely dark, but thanks to the strong moonlight, the window seat was reasonably bright, and I could see my hand just fine, so there was no problem drinking tea.

After confirming that Illness-san had returned to her seat, I took a sip of tea while looking at the moon outside the window. The sweet taste of the tea seemed to gradually sink into my body.

[Its a nice night, isnt iiiiiit]

[Right. It somehow feels more peaceful than usual…… I feel strangely at ease.]

[Im sure it must beeeee because Kaito-sama now had a lot of composure in your heaaaaart. I think its a very good thiiiiing.]

[I see. Now that you mentioned it, I feel more relaxed than usual.]

……How mysterious. I was feeling lonely because of the silence until a while ago, but when I think that Illness-san was there in front of me and knowing she will be there to talk to me, the loneliness I was feeling disappeared and I felt very calm and relieved.

As I responded to Illness-san, I can feel that I am now relaxed, and what a pleasant feeling of tranquility Im basking in.

We didnt have that much conversation. I can hear the sound of tea being drunk in that quiet space, and a word or two would occasionally be exchanged as I gazed up at the night sky.

I felt that this was a very luxurious way to spend my time.

[What are you going to do after you finish your teaaaaa]

When my tea was starting to run low, Illness-san asked.

[Im thinking of taking a bath…… Speaking of which, Illness-san. There are some things Id like to consult with you……]


[Actually, Kuro gave me a prototype for bath salts, so Id like to try it…… Ahh, bath salts are……]

In a conversation I had with Kuro back in the White God Festival, Kuro had expressed her interest in bath salts. Kuro had given me a prototype, but I was wondering when to use it.

Of course, Im not the only one who takes a bath in my home. Theres Mom and Dad, and theres also Anima and the other servants. Since it was still a prototype, I wasnt sure how it turned out, so I was thinking of trying it out when Im the last one in the house to bathe.

At first, Anima and the others were going to use the servants bathroom since they have one for them…… but putting aside if I had many servants like Lilia-sans mansion, I felt that it would be very wasteful to have separate baths in my house, so I told them that they could use the same bath as I do.

Well, they also said something about taking a bath before me being unacceptable, but Im not particular about being the first to take a bath, so I persuaded them to take a bath even if I still havent had mine.

[……And so, if everyone had finished taking their baths, I was thinking of using it, but Im not sure…… I also want to consult about this matter with Illness-san who was the one doing the cleaning……]

[I see, I understaaaaaand. Well then, I will check on them before Kaito-sama finishes getting ready for your baaaaath.]

[Im sorry, that would be great.]

Nodding at my words, Illness-san checked on Anima and the others after she finished her tea.

I thought it would take some time to find everyone in this large mansion…… but it seemed that she finished checking right away as she came back in a few minutes.

[It seems that everyone had finished bathiiiiing, so all thats left was Kaito-samaaaaa.]

[I see, alright…… Arehh What about Illness-san]

[I havent bathed yeeeet, but that isnt any probleeeeem.]


I didnt know which bath Illness-san was using, so I asked, but with the way she spoke, I wonder if she was using the bath in Lilia-sans mansion

Alright, in that case, lets bring the bath salts to the bath. Im looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Serious-senpai : [Oi, oi! Wait, wait!!! Im not trying to make a point with my words in the last chapter!!! I wasnt asking when that mixed bathing flag appeared again!!! This flow…… The flow of things is dangerous…… It would turn out that way, right The flag is way too erect now, doesnt it…… LET ME OUT OF HEEEEEEEEEERE!!]-

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