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The place where Frea-san wanted to greet Lilia-san was quickly prepared, and now, Frea-san and Lilia-san were facing each other in the reception room.

I could feel great tension from Lilia-san's voice, but more than that, I could also feel her joy. According to Luna-san, Lilia-san was Frea-san's fan, so even though this was the first time they had met, the fact that she knew the other person well may have helped her relax.

Once brief introductions were made, the atmosphere gradually became calmer and had a calm conversation.

[……And thus, my subordinates will be under your care. I've told them well in advance, so I'm sure they won't cause any trouble for Duchess Lilia…… but if any problems occur, please let me know.]

[I understand. It might cause some inconvenience for you for my Flying Dragon Flight isn't so large, but we will be in your care.]

Unnn, she didn't look like she would blow up just like back then. Lilia-san seemed to be enjoying herself as she talked with Frea-san, her tension had dissipated.

After a few moments of calmly chatting like that, when the conversation had come to a close, Lilia-san said something in a reserved tone.

[……U- Ummm, Nidzveld-sama. It would be great if it's possible……]


[Errr, would you, ummm…… please give me your autograph]

Looking at Lilia-san who took out a piece of colored paper with an apologetic expression on her face, asking for her autograph, Frea-san gently smiled and accepted the paper.

[Yeah, of course, I don't mind. Would you like me to dedicate it to your name as well, Duchess Lilia]

[Ah, yes!]

In contrast to Lilia-san who was excited like a child, Frea-san wrote her signature on the paper, looking as if she was already used to it. How should I say this……  frankly I was a little surprised.

No, it may be rude of me to say that it was unexpected, but I was a little surprised to see her familiarity with signing autographs, since I had thought of her as a staunch person.

But thinking about it again, Frea-san was one of the world's most famous executives of the Six Kings, and in fact, today, a good number of people, including knights, seemed to know Frea-san, even when she was in humanoid form.

In addition to the once-every-decade Festival of Heroes, most of the Six Kings' executives are also invited to other festivals and events, so there were probably many opportunities for them to be asked for their autographs on such occasions.

The only exception to this would be Phantasmal King's Ten Demons, who basically never come out to the public, even during the Festival of Heroes, except for Pandora, who sometimes represents Alice. It seems that they are the most mysterious among the Six Kings' executives.

As I was thinking about this, it seemed that Frea-san had finished writing her autograph, and after Frea-san handed back the colored paper, Lilia-san repeatedly bowed her head and thanked her.

After that, they started chatting again, but looking as if she suddenly remembered something, Frea-san spoke.

[…….Speaking of which, was it true that Duchess Lilia is still in your 20s]

[Eh Ah, yes.]

[I see…… Well, I have often heard rumors of you, but standing before you like this, I understand now. How wonderful. You truly are a refined warrior.]

[I am honored by your praise.]

[I didn't have much time to look at you during the battle in the God Realm, but you use a greatsword as your weapon, don't you Do you have a school of combat you belong to]

What is this I don't know if it was my imagination or not, but Frea-san seemed to be a little excited. I kinda feel like she's thinking something like "I want to have a bout with her".

Well, though I say that, it's a lot better than Megiddo-san because she's keeping her thoughts to herself……

[No, I don't belong to any particular school of combat, but I learned the basics from a friend who is a knight…… If I had to describe it, I'd say I follow the Way of the Knight, I guess]

[I see…… I can already tell by your atmosphere, but you have polished your skills to such a path quite well. If we had the opportunity, I'd like it if we could spar.]

[I don't think my strength would be on par with yours, but yes, I would love to have such an opportunity.]

Hearing Lilia-san's words, Frea-san nodded with a truly satisfied expression on her face, before she spoke again.

[……The War King's subordinates are probably more familiar with this, but there are a variety of martial arts in the Demon Realm, both old and new. I am a Dragon, so I am limited in what I can do, but I still have much to learn…… Mhmm]

[……Frea-san What's the matter]

[I see———– I remember now!]


Frea-san, who had been talking happily, suddenly brought her hand on her chin and pondered, and curious what it is that she was thinking about, I asked her about it…… and immediately after, Frea-san's eyes widened.

[Ahh, my bad. I'm sorry for suddenly shouting.]

[No, don't worry about it…… So, Frea-san, what did you remember]

[Ahh, I believe there was a maid named Illness at comrade's home. I had the opportunity to talk to her a little while ago, and I had a feeling that I had met her somewhere before.]


[Yeah, but even though she was clearly a strong Count-rank, I just couldn't remember where I had seen her.]

……Illness-san certainly is a Count-level, High-ranking Demon, and she probably originally lived in the Demon Realm. So, it wouldn't be that strange if Frea-san met her somewhere before.

But come to think of it, I've never heard much about Illness-san's past, and to be honest, I'm quite curious. Lilia-san seemed to be the same way, waiting for Frea-san's words with an interested expression on her face.

[So…… Did you remember where you met Illness-san]

[Yeah…… Though I say that, I have never personally met her myself. However, I did hear rumors about her. Yes, that was before terminologies like Six Kings or Peerages existed in the Demon Realm. It was the story of a powerful being…… known as the "Savior".]

Serious-senpai : [Those hindrances…… Alright, they aren't here! Well then, today is the day I'll answer your questions!]

Q : Why was the number of Death King's subordinates and so on written in the Great Encyclopedia before it even appeared in the main story

(T/N: The Great Encyclopedia referred here is a Japanese website that follows information of YuuShou, forgot where, but it contains information about them, including those written in Author-san's social media. Author-san even references stuff from here.)

Serious-senpai : [The author wasn't involved in the editing of that article at all, as it seems that a follower of the author made something that they had previously mumbled on Twitter into an article. But apparently, there are people who work as fast as Gevanni, as the next day the author mumbled such a thing, it was already added to the article. The article on Cento and Cien was also added immediately……]

(T/N: Death Note's Gevanni reference.)

Q : Does the Blue Crystal Flower only bloom in places Spica has visited.

Serious-senpai : [Dunno, next question.]

: [No, no…… You can't just tell them "dunno" in response to their questions…… Errr, here's the thing. If it's a single flower or a small number of flowers , it's usually just Blue Crystal Flowers blooming in that place, but if it's a cluster of Blue Crystal Flowers, there is a 99% chance it is because of Spica's visit. Blue Crystal Flowers are an extremely difficult flower to bloom, so if a lot of them are blooming in the same place, it's because of Spica.]

Q : Why is it that Spica's existence isn't known even though she possesses such great magic power.

: [It's because of a special characteristic of the Spirits. Spirits dont produce any magic outside of their main body, whether it's a flower or a tree, unless they manifest themselves in their Spirit form, so as a plant, they would only release magic power as weak as an ordinary plant. However, of course, there are some plants that are exceptions to this, such as the World Tree that is Lillywood's body, which possesses powerful magic power even if there isn't a Spirit dwelling in them.]

Serious-senpai : [So there you have it! If you have any more questions, this most serious of all serious me will be happy to give you some clarifications if I feel like it!]

: [……Why the heck do you look like you're the one who answered everything]-

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