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Chapter 1243 - Night Market ⑤

Looking at the slightly nervous-looking Kaito as he pulled her hand, Illness was lost in thought.

(Whyyyyy did I say such a thiiiiiiing Im done with the shopping I wanted to dooooo, so its right that we should retuuuuuurn after touring around the night market until Kaito-sama is satisfied with his shoppiiiiiiing.)

The night market is about the same size as a reasonably large market, and although there are many stalls, each of the spaces they take up is small, so it doesnt take much time to walk around them.

In fact, even now, Illness had reached the point where she could say that she had seen all of the shops, not just the ones she wanted to shop at.

But despite this, while Kaito escorted Illness as per her request, the two of them are now walking back the way they came from.

(Im feeling a little strange todaaaay. It feels like Im floatiiiiiiiing, giving priority to my own desire to do this rather than the best action that should be taken.)

After having such thoughts in mind, Illness looked at Kaitos expression again. She can sense that hes wondering how to escort her, but she couldnt sense any unwillingness from him nor does he look uncomfortable with the idea.

[……Ahh, Illness-san. I was curious about it earlier, so why dont we take a look at that store over there]


Watching Kaito, whose eyes were busily moving around, but still leading her the way and suggesting where to go, a warm feeling seemed to well up in Illness heart.

Shes glad that Kaito is thinking about this and that for her sake. Rather than guilt for saying something selfish, her feeling of joy is becoming more prominent…… and for this reason, Illness was a little confused on the inside.

(……Even though it should be selfiiiiish, even though thinking about it calmlyyyyyy, doing such a thing is no goooooood…… The joy Im feeling is much greateeeer that I feel like Im floatiiiiing. Even though Im this helplessly selfiiiiiish…… You really would keep on accepting meeeee.)

If she were to be honest, Illness earlier request for Kaito to escort her wasnt one that came out of her head, but rather something that came out of her mouth on the spur of the moment.

She wants to be with Kaito more. She wished that this time would continue forever, but she managed to withhold such thoughts from leaking out of her mouth.

Thinking about it calmly, this was the first time for Kaito to come to the night market. It wouldnt be an easy task for him to escort Illness, who has been to the market many times in the past.

But even so, Kaito leads her to fulfill her wish. It was as if the warmth from their linked hands was being transmitted directly to the depths of Illness body.

(I thought that seeing your faaaaaace was the happiest thing in the wooooorld, and nothing greater than it existeeeeed. Howeveeeeer, it seemed that I was mistaken. Seriouslyyyy~~ This is really troubliiiiiiiiing. I feel muuuuuch happier “when you look happy being together with meeeee”, and “being so close to the happy youuuuuu”.)

For the former Illness, nothing is more blessed than Kaitos happiness. In other words, she was satisfied if she could be an audience, watching Kaitos happy story, and there was no need for her to be present on the stage.

But now, little by little, shes beginning to realize that shes starting to hope that she too is part of Kaitos story, and that shes also one of the forms of happiness in Kaitos life.

(There are many things I should reflect ooooon…… but stiiiiill, it might be a good idea to be a little bit selfiiiiiish and let myself be swept awaaaaaay by this comfortable waaaaaarmth.)

With a smile on Illness face, she held on to Kaitos hand tighter and at the same time that Kaito turned towards her, she spoke.

[Kaito-samaaa, would you like something to eaaaaat]

[Speaking of which, we may have drank something, but we havent really eaten yet. There were some food stalls in the food section of the night market, so it might be a good idea to go there. Is there anything you want to eat, Illness-san]

[Lets seeeee, I would like something that I can share with Kaito-samaaaa.]

[Speaking of which, Illness-san generally eats very little huh. Moreover, since its an after dinner meal, it would be better to have food that we can share.]

Seeing Kaito nodding his head in agreement to his sudden proposal, Illness spoke, feeling the warmth in her heart again.

[Theres also thaaaaat…… but I just wanted to share some memories with Kaito-samaaaaa.]

[Eh I- I see……]

[Theres a rest area with benches a little off the streeeeet, so after we buy somethiiiiiing, lets eat there togetheeeeeer.]


Perhaps because shes becoming more and more aware of her feelings and feeling happier than before, Illness smile is warmer than before. Seeing such a smile on her lips, Kaito involuntarily blushed, but holding Illness hand a little tighter, he started leading her forward.

The expression on Illness face as he followed his lead was one of genuine, heartfelt happiness.

Serious-senpai : [Gwaaaaahhhh…… Guhhh, a- as expected, Illness sweeto powah isnt half bad. Shes tough.]

: [No, no, please dont make up incomprehensible words here.]

Serious-senpai : [H- However, I weathered through it…… For the time being, there should be some cool time for me……]

: [Look forward to “Chapter 1244: Night Market ⑥” tomorrow~~]

Serious-senpai : [I- Impossible! T- This arc…… is still going on……]-

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