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Chapter 1233 - Intermission: The Connection between the Compatriots - Part 2

After a brief casual conversation and recommending some dishes to Akane and Frau, Kaori then presented the finished set menus to them.

[Thank you for waiting!]

[Ohh~~ These look delicious.]

[Im pretty confident about the taste…… Ahh~~ but the sauce might taste a bit off, so it may not be enough to satisfy Akane-san, who had tasted the real thing]

Hearing Kaoris words, Akane reached for a bottle of what appeared to be the sauce on the table, and putting a drop on her fingertip, she took a lick.

[……Fumu, its not bad, but the taste is a little bland.]

[I know right. But its closer to the closest taste than most of the sauces I know.]

[I see, wait a moment.]

Saying this, Akane takes out her magic box, and pulling out several bottles of what appears to be sauce from it, she places them on the table.

[Are all of those sauces]

[Thats right, different sauces suit different cuisines after all…… Now then, as for this croquette…… Unnn. I see, for this croquette, it would be this sauce!]

After Akane first takes a bite of the croquette without anything else on it, she seems to know which sauce goes with it and takes a bottle of the sauce in her hand.

[Kaori, you want to have a taste too]

[Then, Ill have a bite…… Unnn! Delicious! This sauce is a little fruity, isnt it Its very smooth and tasty.]

[Right This sauce is produced in the eastern part of Archlesia Empire.]

[The Archlesia Empire huh, thats so far away from here though. As expected, it would be difficult to procure it.]

East of the Archlesia Empire, its quite far from the Friendship City. Purchasing something from far away would naturally make it more expensive, so it was likely to be difficult to purchase from a financial standpoint as well.

[If thats the case, how about we act as an intermediary and stock up items for you]

[Eh That would be great…… but is that alright]

[Im good at Teleportation Magic, and I travel around a lot, so its not a big hassle. As were from the same world, Ill give you a discount on the brokerage fee, and if theres anything else you want to purchase, you can consult with me, okay]

[Id appreciate it. My restaurant has become quite famous recently,and I wanted to improve the quality of the food, so it would be very helpful.]

[Ill be happy to discuss the details with you later…… Even so, your restaurant has become famous What, was your place featured in a magazine or something]

After proposing to buy the sauce through the Mikumo Trading Company, a mobile trading company, Akane tilted her head at Kaoris words. She wasnt surprised, because being from the same world, she could tell that the restaurant had a nice and nostalgic atmosphere…… but as the dishes served here arent ones that the people of this world are familiar with, even if they were unusual dishes for them, she felt that it would be difficult for the restaurant to be famous.

[Well, thats not the case…… Its from word of mouth, I guess]

[Fumu…… Speaking of which, theres a sign on the table that says Reserved Seat there. I guess that means the restaurant is so prosperous that there are customers with reservations…….The restaurant is so quiet though……]

[Ahh~~ The reason why the restaurant is famous is because of the customer that reserved that table. She comes at nights lately, so Im sure shell be at the restaurant soon.]

[Unnn Are they someone famous]

[……Its the Founder, Olivia-sama.]

[Huh W- Wait a moment, the Founder-sama youre talking about is the one in my mind, right The representative of this city No, no, that person never leaves the Cathedral other than when the Festival of Heroes is being held, right!]

Akane naturally knew about Olivia. That also includes the story of how she never goes outside the Cathedral except for the Festival of Heroes……

[……Kaito-kun brought her here. Since then, shes been a regular.]

[Its Kaito-kun again huh. Seriously, what the heck is going on with that guy.]

[Thinking about it makes my stomach hurt. Anyway, this place became a little famous as Olivia-samas favorite restaurant.]

[I see, I guess it must be rough on Kaori.]

[Im very happy that I met someone who understands my suffering.]

Akane, who had also experienced being surprised by Kaito, understood Kaoris feelings well. It wasnt anything strange, but the two understood each others hardships and somehow hit it off.

In a way, partly thanks to Kaito, and in a way, partly because of Kaitos fault, it became a moment that strengthened the bond between the two.

[Thanks to her visits, the place is thriving, but Im pretty busy. I wish I could go to the Six Kings Festival too.]

[Cant you manage to do that if you ask Kaito]

[…..Indeed. Somehow, knowing that most problems could be solved by asking Kaito-kun scares me. But well, I still have a tiny bit of pride as his senior. I dont intend to cling to my junior so much.]

Saying that, Kaori vigorously clenched her fists, but after a few moments, it looked as if she had thought of something.

[……But well, if its about becoming younger again, I guess I could be swayed a bit…… Lately, its just, my youthful skin…… no, it should still be alright, but it still feels like age is starting to take its effects……]

[Kaori…… As a pioneer, I will give you my advice. Be careful, if you let your guard down after 30, your skin condition will seriously deteriorate at an accelerated rate……]

[Stop! Dont say it! Thats too scary!!!]

While Akanes words made her shudder, Kaori was seriously…… starting to feel conflicted about whether she should really ask Kaito to help her rejuvenate her youth.

Serious-senpai : [Unnn This would just be a two-parter]

: [Theres no sweetness here after all.]

Serious-senpai : [Stop talking as if youre gonna spawn out sweetness in the future chapters with lots of parts……]-

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