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Chapter 1229 - A Moment with Dr. Vier - Part 2

As the time for her treatment hours approached, Dr. Vier, who had been holding me in her arms for a while, reluctantly pulled her arms away and spoke.

[Hey, Miyama-kun, do you have time today]

[Eh Yes, I dont have anything in mind.]

[Then, Id like to go on a date after treatment hours.]

[Fumu…… Shall we go somewhere for dinner then]

After treatment hours should be evening…… If I were to also take the time used to make preparations into consideration, that would be exactly dinner time. I could go home, tell them I would pass on dinner, and come back to the clinic.

[Thats great. It will be my treat this time.]

[Ahaha, thats right.]

Dr. Vier and I fought over paying for the meal twice in the past. Those quarrels in themselves were fun, but it was tiring for both parties to do that every single time, so we just decided to take turns treating each other.

I paid for us last time, so it was Dr. Viers turn this time.

[After dinner, lets go watch some RINGTOSS matches!]

[……Ahh, speaking of which, I did hear how they have night games for that.]

[Unnn. Baby Castella Mask apparently has a match today, so its going to be great to watch!]

[T- That sounds like it would be fun.]

That must be Kuro, right Its not just “probably” her, it is “definitely” Kuro. Seeing Dr. Vier being excited though, it felt a little itchy not knowing if I should tell her it was Kuro or not.

With a stupid name like Baby Castella Mask, you would normally immediately know it was Kuro…… but that actually wasnt the case.

The reason for this lies in her Recognition Inhibition Magic. The Recognition Inhibition Magic of Kuro, one of the Six Kings, is obviously of the very highest class, so people normally wont feel anything out of place even if she calls herself Baby Castella Mask.

In contrast, I have Shiro-sans Blessing, which nullifies her Recognition Inhibition Magic. Considering that Kuro is competing by hiding her true identity, I dont really think I can just reveal it without her permission, so I kinda have murky feelings about this.

After returning home to kill some time, I went to the clinic again, gazing at the cityscape tinted in red.

It seemed that there were no long delays or emergencies, as I was soon greeted by Dr. Vier.

[Welcome, Im gonna change my clothes, so please come in and wait.]


As I went into the doctors office and waited for Dr. Vier to change her clothes, my thoughts wandered. Putting aside our dinner, where are they doing the RINGTOSS

Dubbed as a Super-Exciting Battle Sport, its even said to be impossible to properly fight in a match unless one is at least capable of moving at the speed of sound, it would be difficult to hold an event like that without a dedicated venue.

While I was thinking about this, I heard Dr. Viers voice coming from the back room.

[Hey, Miyama-kun. Between light blue, white, or black, which do you think is better]

[Errr…… Light blue, I guess]


I think white and black also look good on her, but I had never seen Dr. Vier wear a light blue outfit, so I was a bit curious and chose that option.

[Sorry to keep you waiting.]

[Ahh, no, you dont have to…… Unnn]

[Is something the matter]

[Ahh, no, I dont see anything light blue in your outfit……]

Coming out of the back room, Dr. Vier was dressed simply in a white shirt and a long black skirt. There was nothing wrong with that, and the somewhat pure and mature-looking clothes suited her well…… but it wasnt a light blue outfit.

When I tilted my head at that, Dr. Vier seemed to have understood what I was asking.

[Ahh, sorry, I was a bit ambiguous earlier, wasnt I I wasnt talking about the color of my clothes earlier.]

[Ahhh, I see. Are you talking about your accessories]

[Nope, Im talking about the color of my underwear.]


Huh My mind couldnt quite process what she just said earlier. I think I heard something about underwear, but I probably just misheard her.

Unnn, Im sure of it, I definitely must have misheard it. Well then, lets move on from this nonsense and go for dinner……

[I thought I might need it before, so I bought myself some cute new underwear. So I was wondering what color I should wear…… Wanna see]

[Wha! L- Lets go have our dinner! If we wait too long, the restaurants may get crowded.]

[What a cute response…… Fufufu, unnn. Lets go then.]

W- Was she teasing me just now I dont know if I should say she had the composure of someone older or that she had the charm of an adult…… but I really feel like Im dancing in her palm.

Dr. Viers communication ability is high, and shes also very active in romantic relationships…… She may be a much stronger love warrior than I had imagined.

As I was walking out of the clinic, feeling that I had been made strangely conscious by that brief exchange, Dr. Vier quickly grasped my hand, and at the same time, she tipped her toes a bit and whispered to my ear.

[……Lets just have our earlier conversation later…… Okay]

This is bad…… Can I even win against someone like her I wonder if this is how Alice and the others felt when I was the one being active towards them

Serious-senpai : [Ghuaaakk, w- what in the world is she…… Shes dangerous…… Doesnt it clearly look like shes planning to deal the finisher on this night date!]

: [Anyway, Vier-san is a very active person, and once she decides to do something, she charges in like a wild boar, so shes the most aggressive of Kaito-sans lovers by a long shot…… The next most aggressive would be Shallow Vernal-sama, but its more like shes fumbling around matters regarding love, so shes a little different.]-

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