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I didn't feel comfortable just watching Alice teach Anima how to cook without doing anything, so I decided to help with lunch preparation. Though I say that, looking at the ingredients they were preparing, it looked like lunch would be barbecue, so it doesn't take that much effort to prepare.

Alice set up the fire, Anima prepped the food, and I skewered the ingredients that Anima had cut up in appropriate combinations.

[……Speaking of which, this is good meat, isn't it I can tell just by looking at it……]

[The meat is magnificent, but that also goes with vegetables, fish and shellfish as well. I've never seen ingredients like this before. Have you prepared all of this, Alice-dono]

Alice said that she prepared the ingredients, but just as Anima said, these are some of the most amazing ingredients I've ever seen. After all, even when I'm not a connoisseur of this matter, I could tell at a glance that these were high-quality products. Even though it might just be the light of the sun, it even looked like it was faintly glittering before my eyes.

I had believed I've eaten some pretty good and expensive food since I came to this world, but I think these ingredients far surpass even those.

Where in the world did Alice get all these ingredients from If it was Shiro-san who prepared them, I would have only thought that "she created something outrageous again", but judging from their previous exchange, I don't think Shiro-san had anything to do with these ingredients.

[As you both said, they definitely were top-quality ingredients. After all, the person who made it was such a person after all.]

[……Such a person]

[Ah~~ Well, it's not like I need to hide it, so I'll just say it…… I actually got these ingredients from Eden-san.]

[Eh From Eden-san]

[Yes, it seems like "she volunteered to prepare it for Kaito-san's sake".]

[……I- I see.]

Indeed, if Eden-san had prepared them, it would make sense why the ingredients here were quite tremendous. But hmmm, something feels a bit off…… Or rather, I'm a little surprised that she gave them to Alice instead of me.

Well, Eden-san has always said that she highly evaluates Alice, so perhaps, aside from Shiro-san and I, Alice would be the easiest person she could talk to if she wanted to entrust such a thing.

[When you say Eden-dono, she was the God of Master's world, wasn't she I've never spoken to her directly, so I could only imagine it…… but personally, I feel like she would be the kind of person who would rather bring these ingredients and come to this place herself than entrust them with others……]

I couldn't help but nod my head at Anima's words. Rather than saying I have a similar image of her, I feel like Eden-san isn't the type of person who would give me such a roundabout gift.

[Given her usual behavior, both of your misunderstandings regarding Eden-san are quite understandable. However, in spite of her appearance, she is actually a rather considerate person. Especially in important times like when Kaito-san spends his time with his lovers, she would almost never interfere.]

[……Now that you mention it, that really was the case.]

[It's just her outbursts that's a problem, but otherwise, she's pretty decent…… decent…… isn't really something I can describe her huh.]

Thinking back when Alice mentioned it, Eden-san certainly never showed up when it was inconvenient for me. Eden-san comes to see me at around 6 times a week, but as far as I can remember, I've never had a visit from her when the timing wasn't right.

She would usually show up when I'm bored or when I've finished what I have to do.

If she wasn't going out of control, she would have a gentle personality, and considering this, it feels like our impression of her may have been slightly distorted. Well, the impact of her outbursts was just so strong that it overshadowed the rest of her qualities……

[……Speaking of which, had Alice always been close to Eden-san]

[Eh Why]

[No, I'm not saying that you had a stormy relationship with her, but I had that Eden-san highly evaluates Alice, but you hated Eden-san, so it was a little surprising that you naturally spoke for her sake.]

If I remember correctly, Alice mentioned how she hated Eden-san, and I remember how slightly harsh she was towards her at my birthday party.

But now, she was trying to clear up my and Anima's misunderstanding, and even speaking up for her sake. I mean, it may just be my imagination, but I felt that Alice's face when she was talking about Eden-san earlier seemed to be unusually kind.

[Hmmm, well, in that incident in the God Realm back then…… It may be partly because I was closer to Kaito-san, but she also gave me some advice to the extent that that incident didn't become a problem. I think she's become a little more open-minded than she used to be.]

[I see…… Come to think of it, I hadn't heard much about what happened in the God Realm other the times I'm involved. After that, I immediately went to the Festival of Heroes' main festival and went back to my previous world……]

[Ah~~ Speaking of which, we've only talked about it in passing. Anima-san is also here, so let's talk about it in detail.]

[……Ah, no, I haven't really done that much, so it would be great if you'd exclude me from that……]

[Well then, let's start with Anima's cool story about how she defeated the God of Commerce!]


Makina : [……How strange. If I remember correctly, she had acquired those ingredients in an almost fraudulent way…… Also, because of the previous housewarming party, doesn't this feel like Shallow Vernal would misunderstand that I did this because of my love for my child I'm pretty sure that later……]

『The ingredients themselves exist in my world, so I won't condemn you for violating the contract. However, if you are going to do something like this, I would like it if you tell me beforehand.』

Makina : [……or such roundabout complaints would definitely come.]

Serious-senpai : [Isn't it because of your daily routine (outbursts)]

Makina : [It would definitely be that, she'd definitely tell me such a thing. Even this me is helpless against her…… Can you at least clear up Shallow Vernal's misunderstanding, Alice…… I've already got Shallow Vernal's assurance last time that "she would take care of things outside of our contract", so I've been thinking about lots of ways that I could shower my child with my love…… but it'll make it harder for me to say it now.]

Serious-senpai : [……(If you knew that, wouldn't it be hard for your unreasonable demands to be met while making sure Kaito wouldn't be in a troublesome situation)]-

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