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After the sandwich, which is heavenly in some ways and hellish in others, ended, I was walking along the beach with my hands over my blushing red face.

The banana boat ride with Kuro and Sieg-san, who had been unexpectedly aggressive, had been quite destructive. No, seriously, I feel like I can still feel their touch on my skin.

Fortunately, the purpose of our trip wasn't to stay with the same pair forever…… so I was able to calm my flushed face while thinking about which pair to go to next.

Now then……Which pair should I go to next The closest in distance are Alice and Anima, but they seem to be swimming in the ocean right now.

As for Isis-san and Fate-san…… Wait, aren't they even further away than before! Hmmm, what are they doing It doesn't seem like they're swimming or anything like that though.

Curious about what they were doing over in the distance, I decided to visit the pair of Isis-san and Fate-san first, and started walking towards where they were.

I couldn't see what they were doing because they were quite far away, but as I got closer, I could gradually see what they were doing.

They were squatting on the beach, doing something, but it didn't seem like they were playing in the sand. They would squat down to look for something, stand up, move a few distances, before squatting down and looking for something again.

As I got closer, Isis-san seemed to have noticed me first and gave me a small wave with a bright smile on her face. She was as cute as ever.

Noticing Isis-san' actions, Fate-san seemed to have noticed me, and lightly waved towards me as well. The wave of her hand was more relaxed than Isis-san's, which is quite typical of Fate-san. She is also quite cute.

Lightly waving back at them, I then increased my walking speed and approached them.

[Isis-san, Fate-san, I'd be intruding on your group this time, okay]

[……Kaito…… Welcome.]

[Kai-chan, yahooooo~~]

As I looked at the two who welcomed me with a smile, I suddenly noticed the seashells that Isis-san was holding in her hands.

[Are you two…… Errr, collecting seashells]

[……Unnn…… We're collecting…… various shells.]

[Yes, yes, well~~ Searching for them like this makes it hard to find a beautiful and well-shaped one though.]

I see, that's why they've been moving around the beach all this time…… Considering their personality, I wonder if it was Isis-san who suggested it I think Fate-san would consider this as a pain in the ass, but it seems like she's going along with it.

[And above all, it's a lot harder and more troublesome than I imagined.]

[……Fate…… has only…… picked up two…… yet.]

[No, no, I'm really working really hard here though. It's a great accomplishment for me to be able to travel such a long distance without my cushion.]

[……Long distance ……Hmmm…… However…… the shells Fate picked up…… are so beautiful.]

[Well, Ai-chan picked up a lot of shells, didn't you I wonder if it's because of a difference in experience between us]

In contrast to Fate-san, who said that it was troublesome in a somewhat relaxed manner, which was quite typical of her, Isis-san chuckled, looking like she was having fun.

The atmosphere between the two of them was calm, and they seemed to be getting along well.

I was curious to see what kind of shells they had collected, so I asked them to show me. As Fate-san had said, Isis-san had picked up quite the amount of shells.

[Heehhh…… You really collected a lot. By the way, can these things be made into anything]

[……Unnn…… Hourglasses…… When we also picked up sea glasses…… They can be put in bottles…… and also…… those mobiles…… in Kaito's world…… would also be nice.]

[I- I see.]

Whoa there, chic words were suddenly brought out for some reason……

[……Hey, Kai-chan. What's a mobile]

[Errr, It's a kind of decoration that sways in the wind…… or something like that.]

[Heehhh…… Then, what about that sea glass]

[E- Errr……]

(T/N: This is a mobile.)

I can imagine it. I can visualize it. It's like those little things you hang on a string above a crib or a window. However, it's too difficult to explain. Anyway, they're kind of stylish seashell craft.

When I managed to give a poor explanation, Fate-san nodded once and then asked me to explain the next word. Unfortunately, I don't really understand what it is either. I'm sure it's something picked up on the beach since Isis-san mentioned it earlier……

When I was troubled like that, Isis-san explained while holding some kind of beautiful stone in her hand.

[……This is…… a sea glass…… Simply put…… They're pieces of glass…… that have been weathered by the waves and have lost their corners…… and when bottled with small shells…… it looks very beautiful.]

[I- I see……]

[Whoeehh~~ That sounds really stylish.]

Isis-san certainly is quite knowledgeable, but just as Fate-san said, her ideas are very stylish. Hearing her talk about them, I thought they sounded interesting, making me want to make one myself.

Handicrafts really aren't my thing, but if it's just bottling things up…… wouldn't I be able to make one if I try my best

The Sad Creature Born in the Six Kings Festival : [Who is it that desired to be created! Who is it that wished to be born!!!]

Serious-senpai : [The afterword just started with someone sounding like an enemy with a sad backstory! Come to think of it, it wasn't talked about after Shiro got it, but what happened to that creature]

Makina : [It is now in my child's hands…… Or rather, it was stashed somewhere in his magic box. Incidentally, my child looked up what this Gun Rock Dragon was…… and he muttered "It certainly was a coincidence, but it does extremely look like one".]

Serious-senpai : [Ahh, Shiro did return it to him as she promised huh……]-

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