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Chapter 1226 - Encounter with a Compatriot ⑦

The conversation with Akane-san shifted to the people who were in the same world as us.

[Hohh, so there was an emigrant in Friendship City huh. I dont get to visit Friendship City very often, so I didnt know that.]

[Thats Mizuhara Kaori-san. Also, according to Kaori-san, theres also a man named Okura Shigenobu in the Hydra Kingdom.]

[Fumu fumu, I unexpectedly never met him. I mean, the first person Ive met from the same world is Kaito.]

Theres also Neun-san, but Ill leave her name out because I dont think I should talk too casually about her true identity.

And so, if we exclude Neun-san, there are a total of nine people from Earth in this world: me, Mom, Dad, Aoi-chan, Hina-chan, Mitsunaga-kun, Kaori-san, Akane-san and Okura-san.

[If we have a chance, it would be fun if we of the same world could get together……]

[Right. At that time, Ill make us takoyaki, so lets have a takoparty!]

[……Isnt that just something Chairman wants to do]

Of all the things she could have asked, it seems that Akane-san asked Eden-san for a takoyaki plate. I like takoyaki quite a bit myself though, so it sounds like it would be fun.

[Speaking of which, Kaito.]


[There are a lot of rumors going about you, you know Ive also known about you through rumors.]

[Eh Is that so…… Indeed, I do sometimes hear strange rumors circulating.]

This is true. In fact, even back at the Six Kings Festival, I heard rumors as if Im some sort of monster, and there are also the novels being produced in Rigforeshia, which are probably the best example of this.

Since most of the people I know were famous people, I know this couldnt be helped, but I couldnt help but feel very embarrassed when even people from the same world were hearing the same things.

[Well, the story of you being Kuromu-samas lover is already amazing in itself, but I guess its inevitable in a sense that there would be all sorts of groundless rumors going around…… For example, that youre lovers with the Death King.]

[Ahh, thats true.]

[……Eh I- Is that so In the first place, is it even possible to talk with the Death King-sama]

[Im able to use a magic called Sympathy Magic, so I was able to talk to her thanks to that.]

[I see~~ How surprising, I never thought that was actually true.]

Despite her expression of heartfelt surprise, Akane-san seemed to be convinced for the time being and repeatedly nodded.

[Theres also that rumor about how you received the blessing of God of Creation-sama.]

[Thats also true.]

[How the heck did that even happen! What in the world happened for that thing to happen! Errr, there are also other rumors…… like how you won against the War King-sama.]

[I did win twice against him.]

[……The heck are you, some sort of monster]

[No, its not like I won against him in battle.]

I won against him in a drinking contest and a three-way contest. Also, I feel like I would have lost in that three-way contest if it werent for that strange win in the art contest…… I heard that it has already become some sort of mythical idol for the Gun Rock Dragons, so I just decided to force myself to accept that I won by making a statue of an awesome Gun Rock Dragon.

[……What about that rumor about how youre acquainted with the Six Kings and the Supreme Gods]

[That is also true.]

[How did you even meet them all I even heard how you were the Hero of the Elves……]

[There are many misconceptions about that, but its true that they call me Hero.]

[……Youre just kidding, right……]

Every time she heard my response, Akane-sans complexion became worse, and as if she was trying to endure a headache, she put a hand to her forehead and started massaging her temples.

[Eh All of that was true Ahh, this is bad, I feel like my heads going crazy. To be honest, I thought I was one of the more successful emigrants. Even though our company might not be a big one, Im still the Chairman of a mid-level trading company, and I have more money than an average noble…… but youre on a totally different level…… Or rather, Kaito, how many years have you been in this world]

[If you include the year of the Festival of Heroes, less than 2 years, I guess]

[Then, how! Ahh, you must be one of those, right! Those people who apparently repeated a week of their life several times!!! Ahh, my head hurts, this is seriously too out of the ordinary…… The more I think about it, the worse this feels. I get sick to my stomach just listening to you, or rather, I feel like my stomach is already starting to hurt.]

If she puts it that way, I wont be able to refute her. In fact, its true that too much has happened in a short period of time. I mean, according to Alice, I have the tendency to attract trouble, or rather, the tendency to get caught up in a lot of trouble.

Well, in the first place, I was summoned to this world because I was caught up in the summoning……

[Ahh~~ out! Out with all that! I shouldnt think too much about that kind of stuff. Lets change the subject…… Speaking of which, Ive been the one asking lots of questions, but dont you have anything you wanna ask me]

[Fumu…… I heard that Akane-sans trading company is a mobile trading company, but what kind of things do you deal in]

[I deal with various things, but most of them are whats in the trend. Its especially difficult to handle items that are prone to price fluctuations, but if we do well, we can make a profit…… For example, recently……]

As befits to being called a mobile trading company, Akane-sans trading company really seems to be doing business here and there, as she told me interesting stories about rate items and various regions. As I listened to Akane-sans stories, I lost track of time before I knew it.

Serious-senpai : [I guess those words meant this is the closure of the arc huh This ends the meeting with Akane……]

: [Seems like the author wanted something sweet.]

Serious-senpai : [Oi, idiot, stop that!!!]-

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