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A few days have passed since I was summoned to another world. I gradually got used to living in Lilia-sans mansion, and its not just me, but that also includes Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san. Im starting to see a smile on their faces as well.

Of course, there are still many things I dont understand about this world, but thanks to Lilia-sans goodwill, I think Ive had enough time to organize my head over the last few days. Well, as for Kuro whos showing up every night, shes still a mystery to me, but she doesnt seem like she intends to do me any harm. In fact, I can even say that I felt more comfortable talking with her compared to Lilia-san.

Well, its common for the Humans to spend three days at home in the New Year to begin with, and since I didnt go out, except for this irrational little demon girl, there doesnt seem to be any incident that happened, so it was very peaceful…… Well, though I say that, theres a saying in my beloved hometown that tells about “the calm before the storm”……

[……An invitation]

It was early in the afternoon, on the fourth day were in here, while we were chatting leisurely over tea and cookies, Lunamaria-san appeared with a grandeur envelope and told us that this is an invitation to a party to be held tomorrow.

[Yes, its for the night party to be held on the fourth day of the New Year at the royal palace. Since this is the year of the Hero Festival, it will also be a magnificent event where they will introduce the person who holds the role of the Hero. Normally, these invitations should have arrived sooner, but we arranged for everyones invitation as well this time, so it took a little longer.]

[Eh Us too]

Hearing the words that Lilia-san said with the calm smile she usually had, Kusunoki-san looked surprised as she asked back. Well, I understand how she felt. Its impossible not to be surprised when you suddenly hear about an evening party at the royal palace.

[Yes, since Mitsunaga-sama will be visiting a number of countries after this, I thought he might want Aoi-san and Hina-san to go in particular.]

[Ah, I see, Seigi plays the role of the Hero after all, so hell be introduced to the various cities of each country. I wonder if hell be alright]

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According to what they told me, the sophomore Kusunoki-san and the freshmen Yuzuki-san and Mitsunaga-kun are clubmates. Kuh, as I thought, club activities really are the shortcut to being a normie, I should have done club activities in high school instead of just playing internet games. No, I didnt join any circle in college in the end, so maybe it doesnt really have any connection whether I played internet games at that time or not.

Well, setting aside the story of my lonely life…… This would certainly be a good time to have a leisurely conversation with Mitsunaga-kun, who will be traveling from one place to another. The two of them were worried about him, and the trusty Lilia-san followed up on that as well.

As I was thinking about that, Lilia-san took out a letter from a large envelope that seemed to be of very good quality and looked it over—- she still had the smile on her face, but I could see a vein pop out of her forehead.

[……Luna, are these all the letters from the royal palace]

[……Y- Yes.]

[……I think my eyes may have gone bad. Would you mind reading it for a bit]

I wonder whats going on, Lilia-san is smiling, but her eyes arent smiling at all. Or rather, she looks terribly scary.

[Well then, please excuse me—- Ill spare everyone the early parts of the letter as its just a regular opening sentence. Err… “In addition, invitations for he who plays the role of the hero, Mitsunaga Seigi-samas fellow countrymen, Kusunoki Aoi-sama and Yuzuki Hina-sama are enclosed together with this invitation.”…… Eh]


Arehh Thats weird…… Because if I heard correctly, I dont think I heard my name included in the sentence that Lunamaria-san just read out loud……

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[……Luna. Im sure Ive contacted the royal palace to prepare an invitation for “three people”, havent I]

[Y- Yes, theres no mistaking it.]

[……What do you think of this]

[……His Majesty, the Kings bad habit appeared again……]

[……Is it possible to rearrange it now]

[……I- I think it would be difficult……]

Hearing Lilia-sans words in an indifferent voice that sounds as if shes suppressing her emotions, Lunamaria-san replied as cold sweat dripped down behind her back.

If Im not mistaken, His Majesty, the King is Lilia-sans older brother and is a person Lunamaria-san said to have a severe case of being a sis-con, I think That Kings bad habit…… Ah, I see.

After some very heavy silence, Lilia-san stands up from her seat and after a few seconds, she comes back “with a sword in one hand” and bows deeply to me.

[Im sorry, Kaito-san. It seems that due to an error on our part, we werent able to prepare an invitation for Kaito-san……]

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[Ah, no, thats totally fine. Im not really that acquainted with Mitsunaga-kun before, and I dont have anything, in particular, to talk about.]

[Im really sorry. Ill have to keep you waiting at home here in the mansion, but instead of that—- Ill be back with a stupid “kings head” as a souvenir.]


[My Lady, My Lady…… Your eyes are glaring, you know]

[……That stupid Older Brother really is…… trying to reach the end of my patience……]

[My Lady, please calm down! In case you forgot, that is still the king! He may be stupid when it comes to My Lady, but aside from that, hes one of the competent ones!]

[Let go of me, Luna! As his relative, Ill be the one wholl make sure that that idiots misbehavior will be punished accordingly!!!]

[Thats fine, but please put away the sword for now!]

Ahh~ I guess thats what happened. Lilia-san was supposed to have arranged for the three of us to go to the evening party, but the Siscon King, who doesnt like men approaching Lilia-san in the first place, only prepared invitations for Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san, but not for me. In the first place, he probably doesnt like the fact that I, being a man, am living in Lilia-sans mansion. Thats probably the part that Lilia-san didnt let her mess with.

And Lilia-san, who has been bothered by that siscons behavior for a long time now, finally lost it……. Yep. Shes super scary. Ive never seen Lilia-san so angry before, or rather, what the heck have you done in the past, Your Majesty, the King……

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After that, the composition of Lilia-san who was about to pull out her sword and Lunamaria-san who was desperately calming her down continued for a while, and it wasnt until about half an hour later that Lilia-san calmed down.

I finished bathing and headed to my room. I feel like Im tired for the day. As far as Im concerned, I dont have any problem with not being able to attend the evening party, rather than that, Im even glad that I didnt have to attend such an ostentatious occasion…… Lilia-san is trying to treat us equally, but it doesnt seem like its something that would be easily approved. She apologized to me over and over again, and I had a really hard time calming her down.

Maybe its because shes a very serious person to begin with That part of Lilia-san doesnt seem very noble-like, but its nice to know that shes thinking about us seriously. Im really lucky and grateful that the first person I met when I came to the other world was Lilia-san. If possible, Id like to repay her in some way……

[Ah, welcome back~]


Opening the door to my room, I found Kuro sprawled out on the couch, eating a baby castella. She finally didnt just show up out of nowhere, she was waiting for me here ahead of time. Ill say this again because its important, but Kuro is a stranger in this house…… Im not talking about it anymore.

Humans are creatures that adapt. I guess Ive gotten used to Kuros unpredictability to some extent, and after letting out a big sigh, I took the teacup she offered me and brought a baby castella to my mouth.

[Unn You look like youre a little tired today, huh]

[Yeah, well, its not really a big deal but……]

Just as perceptive as ever, Kuro pointed it out and I gave her a rundown of what happened today. Occasionally replying with “Unn”, Kuro listened quietly to the end of my story.

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[Heehhh… Then, you cant go to the part because of that king, Kaito-kun]

[Well, I guess thats kind of a rough way to put it]

[Alright! Then, Im going to the palace now and bring the “half-dead King” here and have him write you an invitation~]

[Why! No no, nothings “alright” there, you know!]

I hurriedly stop Kuro, who said something as if its natural, just like what Lilia-san did this morning. Honestly, most of what Lilia-san said was pretty disturbing, but it felt different when its Kuro who said that…… I felt like she would really do it. I mean, shes breaking into the Duchesss house without anyone noticing, and although she doesnt look like it, she seems to be a very high-ranking demon……

But seriously, please dont kidnap nor beat down the King until hes half dead. Doesnt that make me look like a national rebel!

[Unn I thought you wanted to go to the party, Kaito-kun]

[No, its not that I want to go…… Rather than that, I think Id like to pass on the trouble of attending a stiff event like that. Im a bit interested in the fancy foods they have but……]

[Hmmm. I was thinking about joining if youre going to be there, Kaito-kun….. but I guess Ill just skip it. Ah, yeah, I have an idea!]

[……What the heck are you up to now]

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She was murmuring something, but maybe Kuro was invited too No, well, putting that aside for now…… Its more important to know what kind of outrageous thing she has come up with this time.

[Then, lets eat barbecue tomorrow!]


[Look, you dont seem to like those stiff events, lets do it with just us and my friends~ Theres a nice scenic spot south of the kingdom, so lets have a barbecue there!]


Even though shed usually make crazy suggestions, I feel like this one isnt too bad. Or rather, its a much more intriguing invitation than the evening party in the royal palace. All of the meals that are served at Lilia-sans house are fancy-looking meals, and Im thinking that Id like to eat some skewered food or something like that, and I think that if Im with Kuro, it would probably be exhausting, but I know it will be fun. However, theres an important problem with that.

[That sounds like fun…… But if I dont explain to Lilia-san about Kuro and I just suddenly say that Im going out to eat dinner, I dont think I could get Lilia-san to agree.]

Thats right, I get the feeling that Kuro wouldnt like that—- In the first place, she only shows up when Im alone, and she has always been infiltrating by slipping through the detection barriers, so Ive kept Kuro a secret to Lilia-san. But if I was invited to a barbecue, which would mean Im not going out alone, as expected, it would be difficult for me to go without explaining to her.

Lilia-san is really anxious about our circumstances, and I dont want to sneak out because Im feeling guilty, hiding Kuro from her.

[Ah, it will be alright~ Ill go ask an acquaintance to extend a normal dinner invitation to you.]

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[Would Lilia-san agree to that]

[Shed probably agree to her, I think Shes a child whos trusted by humans after all.]

[Hmm…… Well, as far as Im concerned, if Lilia-san were to agree to that, Id like to go……]

[Really! Hooray! Then, Ill go tell everyone, okay!]

[Eh Ah, wait—!]

Hearing my response, Kuro had a big smile on her face as she disappeared. Hmmm, I cant really say no to her when shes that happy, and I dont exactly feel bad agreeing with her…… but how should I say this I felt some anxiousness when Kuro mentioned “her friends” and “everyone”…… I guess, for the time being, Ill just go with the flow.

And just as we finished breakfast the next day, Lunamaria-san rain into the dining room with varying expressions on her face.

[M- My— My Lady!]

[For you to be that flustered, what happened]

[A- A- An invitation letter from “Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company” arrived, “signed by the Chairman” and addressed to Miyama-sama!]

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(T/N: セーディッチ / sedicchi)


After hearing the words that Lunamaria-san told her, Lilia-san eyes opened wide and she stiffened. Saditch Magic Tool Trading Company Whats that

[……A- Are you sure…… that its not some kind of prank]

[……Its in an envelope made of black magic parchment and sealed with a platinum dragon beard.]


Ah, Lilia-san completely froze.

[U- Ummm, excuse me. Im not really following the conversation…… but whats the Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company]

[……Its the largest trading company that deals with magic tools, and its a large trading company with financial resources that far exceed those of the major powers. Theyre in a different league compared to the other trading companies. It was even said that half of the magic tools in the world are products made by the Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company.]

When I asked that question, Lunamaria-san fearfully replied. Lets see, in short, theyre a huge company that prides itself as the one who holds the worlds largest market shares in magic tools Eh The heck, what does that mean

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Lilia-san glanced at the astonished me, while I made a gesture that told her to go ahead and check it out. Thereupon, LIlia-san took the envelope from Lunamaria-san with her trembling hands, and after a moment, she held the envelope with both of her hands in front of her head.

[……Theres no mistake, its the real deal. Signed by Chairman Sei Riverstar and stamped in gold……]

(T/N: セイ・リベルスター / Sei Riberusuta)

[……Even just this invitation alone costs more than a house in the best district in the royal capital……]

[……Err, what does it say]

I knew that I had received something outrageous from some outrageous person, but I had no idea why I was in this situation.


When I asked her a bit flustered, Lilia-san looks down at the invitation again and read it.

[……”Dear Miyama Kaito-sama. I would like to apologize in advance for the unexpected invitation. At the same time, I hope you forgive me for omitting the greeting and for my rudeness in writing down the main topic. Tonight, we are pleased to hold a small dinner party at our company. It is with great pleasure that I am writing to ask Miyama Kaito-sama to join us, if its convenient for you. I will have the person who will pick you up this evening to visit Duchess Alberts residence and I would appreciate if you would let me know at that time if you will not participate. In addition, I have a message for Miyama Kaito-sama from a friend of mine, and I will include it in the letter—- Kaito-kun, Ill be waiting, okay~—– is what she said. Again, my apologies for the delay in getting in touch with you. I would appreciate your consideration. —-Sei Riverstar”……]


As I thought, its that little demon girl who did this! What the heck are you doing! Seriously, what the heck are you doing! You said that youre just asking an acquaintance to send an invitation…… I got an invitation from an outrageous place though! Heck, both Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san are frozen in place, staring at me! How the heck should I explain this to them!

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Dear Mother, Father—— I was ostracized from the evening party in the royal capital. But instead—— I received an invitation from an outrageous place.-

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