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After meeting up with Lillywood-san and exchanging some few small talks, Lillywod-san spoke with her gentle smile still on her face.

“Since youre already here, Id like to take you around Yggfresis but……. that would make Isis angry with me, wouldnt it”


“Isis is really looking forward to your arrival. She insisted that she would be here to pick you up as well, but as expected, there would be lots of commotion if she came near the gate……”

Come to think of it, Isis-san and the other members of the Six Kings usually use Teleportation Magic to move around, and they dont pass through the gates.

If its a city ruled by Lillywood-san, like this place, there would be very many people near the gate, so when one of the Six Kings shows up, it would probably cause a commotion.

Especially if its Isis-san, who has her magic power of death, I think it would cause lots of troubles……

As I was thinking about that, Lillywood-san leaned her head as if she noticed something.

“Oya Is that thing in your arm a magic tool, Kaito-san”

[Eh Yes, its a Teleportation Magic Tool that Kuro made for me.]

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Currently, on my arm is a bracelet with a white magic crystal inlaid in it…… This is the Teleportation Magic Tool made by Kuro.

Ive been told that it can remember up to 50 Teleportation points, can transfer from the Human Realm to the Demon Realm, and even if I use it once, it can be reused in about 10 minutes.

When I told her that, Lillywood-san looked surprised.

“I guess thats to be expected from Kuromueina huh. Its just as good as one of the Six Kings Teleportation Magic, except that it takes time to reuse it.”

[Its just that…… I tried using it once before, and it made me feel sick.]

“If youre not used to it, youll get Teleportation sickness. You should be able to get used to it after a few uses.”

[I see.]

“I think weve gotten off track a bit. Since we dont want to keep Isis waiting too long, its time to go.”


Nodding at her words, branches grow out of the tree that Lillywood-san is integrated into, and as if it were being knitted, it turned into a chair.

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“Please sit there. It will take just a moment with Teleportation Magic but…… This is Kaito-sans first time in the Demon Realm, so lets head over and tour the Demon Realm for a bit. Ahh, dont worry, Im sure Isis agrees with me on that…… Well, were in a bit of a rush so…”

[Understood, please excuse me.]

It seems like we wont be moving directly to Isis-sans castle with Teleportation Magic, but rather, guide me through the Demon Realm for a bit.

Im certainly grateful for that. Im certainly grateful for that. Im curious about what the Demon Realm is like, and if Isis-san agreed with that, Id love to ask her for that.

From where I stand, I can only feel like Im inside a forest, and I cant really grasp the sceneries of the Demon Realm.

I had an image that it would be dim and full of wilderness but……

Imagining all sorts of sceneries I might be able to see in the Demon Realm, I sat down on the wooden chair that Lillywood-san prepared for me, and the chair floated up and began to move at a considerable speed following Lillywood-sans guidance.

I was surprised since it was faster than I imagined, but I didnt feel any wind pressure, perhaps because a barrier was magically put up, making this trip comfortable.

[Arehh Speaking of which, how is Lillywood-san moving around]

“Im actually slightly floating up in the air.”

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[……Ah, you really are.]

I was wondering how Lillywood-san, who is merged with a tree, was moving around, but just as she said, her roots are indeed slightly floating in the air.

The scenery flew by at a high speed for a while…… As I proceeded through the forest as if I was watching from inside a bullet train, I saw a light in our path and finally seemed to exit the forest.

As we went past the forest, we were met by a wilderness filled with rocky surfaces…… isnt what happened, and we actually came out a prairie filled with greenery.


“Fufufu, was it different from what you had in mind”


“For some reason, it seems that when otherworlders hear of the Demon Realm……. they would think that its a place that is dim and rocky.”

Yep. We certainly had an image that it would be like hell, but its totally different.

Ive never been there, but it reminds me of Africa, as I can see herds of monsters and animals of all sizes in the vast prairie, and huge birds are flying in the sky.

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[How should I say this… Its more like the Human Realm than I thought.]

“Yes, that is well, even though were separated by a dimensional wall, were still living in the same world. Of course, the creatures living between our realms are quite different…… As there are many large monsters and animals here in the Demon Realm.”

[I see.]

“Each region has its own characteristics. The southern area has many high rocky mountains, and there many places over there hidden beneath the shadows, so that area may be closer to the image Kaito-san had.”

Lillywood-san then began giving me some explanation about the Demon Realm.

The northern area where we are now, theres a land covered in ice at the northern end, while the rest of the area is mostly grasslands and forests, and this is the area where Isis-san and Lillywood-san lives.

In the south, there are many rocky mountains and wildernesses, and many dragons live in that region, along with the one leading them, the Dragon King.

It seems that there are many deserts and volcanoes in the west, and there stands the city which Megiddo-san rules over.

The eastern part is relatively close to the northern area, where there are many grasslands and lakes…… This is apparently where Kuro lives, but she doesnt seem to hold possession of any territory. It seems to be an area filled with towns or villages rather than having any big city as its capital.

Ive been told that the Phantasmal King doesnt have any castle anywhere, and Lillywood-san also doesnt know where she usually lives either.

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Anyway, it seems that each region has its own characteristics, but to begin with, since the Demon Realm is so vast, it seems that there are various places in every region with different environments, so what she said is just for reference only.

As I listened to Lillywood-sans thorough explanation while looking at the blue skies spreading out above the prairie…… The wooden chair that had been moving slowly stops.

“……Oya, how unusual. Kaito-san, over there…… theres a Behemoth.”

[Heeehh, if its a Behemoth, Ive already seen—— Whoa, thats large!]

Hearing Lillywood-sans words, I moved my gaze to where shes pointing at…… and there stands a monster with a dark purple body.

When she mentioned a Behemoth, I thought of Bell but…… the Behemoth over there was so huge that I thought they were about as tall as skyscrapers, and with its red horns…… I felt like I was watching a power strangers movie.

If I had encountered it alone, I would have ran away instantly but…… Since Lillywood-san is currently in front of me, I can feel as safe as I can be.

When the Behemoth notices us, it looks at Lillywood-san and after shifting its body, it begins to let out a low growl.

“……How troubling. I was hoping that it would be frightened and run away but……. It looks like its planning to attack us because it thinks it cant escape.”


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Hearing Lillywood-sans words as she let out a sigh of amazement, I couldnt help but be flustered, even if Lillywood-san, one of the Six Kings, was here.

Because the Behemoths physique is tens of times larger than Lillywood-san, it looks really intimidating.

And then, red lightning bolts gushed out from the Behemoths horns and gathered around its mouth.

Could that be its flash-like breath!

I couldnt help but cower at that thought, but Lillywood-san didnt seem to be shook at all.

After the red light reached a critical point, a flash of light was released and a huge tree root covered my vision.

“Dont worry…… Its easy to clear away that level of sparks. As long as Im here, I wont let you get hurt, Kaito-san.”


Easily defending against that flash of lightning emitted from that tremendous giant, Lillywood-san quietly increases the magic power shes clad in.

“……Good gracious. I dont like useless fights. I would have to intimidate it a little so that it runs away…… Oya”

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The moment Lillywood-san was about to intimidate the Behemoth with the tremendous magic power in her body, the earth greatly shook.

[A- An earthquake!]

For a moment, I thought it was an earthquake, but if so, it was so strange that the earth shook greatly and then stopped, and after a little while, it shook again.

It might be impossible, but it was like the earth was shaking due to “someones footsteps”.

“……How unusual. For him to get out of his home……”

[Eh ———!]

Lillywood-san, who turns around and says that in surprise, makes me look back…… and makes me lost for words.

[What! A- Ahh……]

That was quite an unbelievable sight.

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The Behemoth I just encountered was far bigger than Megiddo-san, who was the largest I had seen before coming to the Demon Realm, and I was already overwhelmed from that being with such size.

However, now—– even that Behemoth seems like a speck of rice compared to “that”.

As I turned my head to look, far over the distance…… a “mountain” was approaching our direction.

No, its not a mountain…… Something thats as huge as a mountain is coming towards us.

What the heck is that, what the heck is happening! It must still be a considerable distance away from here…… and yet, its huge that I could even see its whole body from here!

The fact that it looks that big from this distance means that its bigger than Mt. Fuji…… no, it may even be larger than that! W- Whats with that ridiculous size…… Is that really a living thing

[……Thats…… dont tell me……]

“Yes, its as Kaito-san might have guessed, thats the Demon Realms…… no the worlds largest being. “The Dragon King Magnawell”.”

[ ! ]

Thats already like a walking mountain range…… A true monster that exceeds 5000 meters, shaking the earth just by walking.

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I cant even compare it with other creatures Ive ever seen, as its a gigantic dragon larger than any mountains Ive ever seen before.

Dear Mom, Dad——– An extraordinary situation occurred early on in the Demon Realm. Along with the most shocking scene Ive ever seen, I literally—— saw a gigantic dragon taller than the skies appear.

Dragon King: “Sorry, I stepped in your forest.”

World King: “Go to hell, you lizard!”

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