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Chapter 1207 - Duke-Rank and Maid-Rank ②

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At any rate, the notification to Ein-san, which should be the most difficult task, is now over. Leaving behind some injury to Alices psyche, that is.

[……Haahhh…… Seriously, why cant we just make it QuasiKing-Rank or Grand Duke-Rank……]

[Because you couldnt convince Ein-san with that, so you had to make do with Maid-rank, right I mean, why couldnt you just have Ein-san be a king in name only If you just put the word maid on it……]

[Thats impossible. If I really could convince her with such a clever method, I wouldnt have created the “World Maid Association”, “Maidology”, “Maid Olympia” and other such stupid stuff. Ein-sans obsession with Maids is so extraordinary that if I just attach the word King to it, she will seriously get mad and attack me.]

[……I- I see.]

W- Well, Ein-sans obsession with maids certainly is on the level that could be called insanity. Its not enough if you just attach maid to stuff, as you would also need to understand the way they are.

In this case, I think her dissatisfaction with her former title, Duke, was already at a maximum, so she responded immediately when offered with Maid-rank.

[If anything, Ein-san is considerably conceding this time as well. Its quite good that she didnt complain when the “level”, “rank” or “High-ranking Demon” was attached to it…… Seriously, it makes me feel nostalgic about that time I worked so hard to convince her to accept the title “Duke”……]

[Rather, even when you had conditions attached to it, Im surprised you were able to convince Ein-san.]

[It was a real struggle. I even asked Kuro-san to help me persuade her, but she still didnt agree, or rather, Ein-san even rebelled against Kuro-san back then…… I mean, thats the only time Ive ever seen her making things difficult…… Kuro-san looked troubled back then, but probably because she felt refreshed seeing Ein-san sulking, she seemed a little happy.]

[Her parental love won her over huh…… Seriously, I wonder how you were able to convince her in the end.]

Indeed, it must have been quite difficult to get Ein-san, who was so sad by not wearing a maid uniform, looking as if it was the end of the world, to agree not to deny the title of Duke-rank, even if it was only other people who acknowledged her as such.

No, in fact, it would probably be quite a struggle even if Kuro and I were working together.

[……Speaking of which, I know that would still be in the foreseeable future, but what if someone comes along who is far above a Duke-rank Would you raise them up to Maid-rank]

[No, in that case, I can just have them become the Seventh King…… It was just a new superior rank that I prepared because making Ein-san make her mad…… So you could say its a special category just for Ein-san I mean, hearing that what awaits them after training as a Duke-rank is Maid-rank, only Ein-san would be motivated by that.]

[I guess youre right. Well, in the end, its only Ein-san who was in that special category, so you dont have to be so down about it……]

[No, even if that were the case, it was practically the highest rank among the Peerage-ranks, so I kinda feel reluctant…… I was thinking it would be great if that title had a cooler name…… Even though I had already given up beforehand, Alice-chan still suffered some psychological injury here.]

[……I see, by the way, can I ask you something]

[What is it]

I understand Alices story. I also understood that it was the only way to persuade Ein-san, and that even though she knew it, she didnt like the fact that the Maid-rank, a seemingly gag rank, existed.

However, putting that aside, theres one thing Id like to ask here.

[……Why am I giving you a “piggyback”]

Yes, Im currently moving around with Alice on my back, and despite the fact that Im currently giving her a piggyback, Im not quite sure how we got into this situation.

[Alice-chan here has been psychologically injured and am now recharging.]

[What are you even charging by riding on my back……]

[……”My hopes and dreams”…… I guess]

[A rather fluffy reason!]

Riding on my back charges up your hopes and dreams…… Like hell thats possible!

Even though I threw such a tsukkomi in my mind, I just let her be with a sigh. Its probably true that Alice is tired, and she probably wants to be pampered by me, her lover.

[……Well, I think you did a good job holding out there.]

[Ahh, that feels great. Kaito-san, please pamper me like that. Im the type of person who thrives on being spoiled.]

[……For someone who becomes embarrassed when I actually spoil you, how the heck could you say that]

[Please make some kind of good adjustments in that area. Id like to have some pampering that isnt too much that Id get embarrassed, just the right amount to heal my heart.]

[Y- Youre quite detailed with your orders huh……]

I let out a sigh of exasperation at Alices response, but well, acting spoiled around me like this once in a while is proof how Alice had opened up her heart to me, so it doesnt feel that bad.

Serious-senpai : [Hohh…… Merch huh…… So, what about mine]

: [Like hell anything like that would appear……]

Serious-senpai : [……D*mn it, I guess those who have stuff like this would be the main heroi…… Wait, oi, you b*stard! What the heck are you doing, cheekily making all these merch!!! Thats unfair!!!]

: [Oh my, what could you be talking about I dont really understand why youre saying that, but Alice-chan is just so cute, so its inevitable. As for Senpai, I guess you would have yours out around the 8th time they release merch]

Serious-senpai : [That means there wont be any……]-

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