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Chapter 1206 - Duke-Rank and Maid-Rank ①

It was when I came to visit Alice at her miscellaneous goods store, and we were sitting at the counter, chatting about this and that.

[Ahh~~ Right, right, Kaito-san. Im thinking of implementing the Peerage-ranking Reformation that I mentioned before, and since were at it, how about Kaito-san come with me]

[Unnn Ahh, about increasing the number of Duke-ranks that you had mentioned before huh…… That took quite a while to implement.]

[Well, Im preparing a lot of things so that information about this can sink in immediately…… It took me a long time to try to figure out if I could somehow, someway, persuade Ein-san in a decent way. Incidentally, as for Ein-sans matter, I just gave up.]

[……I have a feeling that the latter half was the main reason why it took time.]

I see, if someone with Alices intellect cant accomplish it, I guess theres nothing that can be done about this…… It seems like having a Maid-rank is unavoidable. Well, I certainly dont think Ein-san can be convinced otherwise, so I guess it cant be helped if one says this isnt something that cant be helped.

[Well, putting that aside, youre asking me to go with you…… does that mean were going around certifying them, Alice]

[Yes, there are only a few of them anyway. And so, lets go together! Mainly for my mental stability when Im gonna tell Ein-san about her stupid Peerage-ranking…… No, I dont feel like thats anything like a peerage anymore……]

[Reason aside, are we going right away I dont have any particular plans today, so Im alright with it……]

[Were just gonna relay the news to them, so it isnt like we need to be prepared or anything.]

[Thats true…… Well then, lets go after we finish this tea.]

In a sense, this is supposed to be an important moment for the history of the Demon Realm, so I wonder if having this nonchalant conversation is really alright. But well, those titles were originally something Alice established to make it easier to manage information, so I guess this is just how it is for the person in question.

With this thought in mind, I gulped down the remaining tea.

[By the way, Ive already notified those in my staff. Pandora and Pandemonium have been declared as Duke-rank.]

[Speaking of which, you did mention how there would be two Duke-ranks in each camp…… What about in Kuros place Putting aside Ein-sans change in rank, are you also going to give two people over there Duke-ranks]

[Yes, thats the plan. As for who they are, just look forward to it~~]

After Alice told me this, she snapped her fingers and a Teleportation magic circle appeared beneath our feet.

The first place we went to was Kuros castle. If this is the case, its needless to think about who we will meet.

[……Kaito-sama and Shalltear Is something the matter]

[Hello, Ein-san. Im sorry for the sudden visit.]

Yes, its Ein-san. Despite our sudden visit, Ein-san pleasantly welcomed us and after guiding us to the dining room, she served us tea and snacks…… I just had a cup of tea a few moments ago…… but well, I will just accept her kindness.

[……Its a flavor Ive never tasted before, but its very tasty.]

[Heehhh…… This is…… I see, you have successfully blended tea leaves that would normally have conflicting tastes using Nebula-sans tea leaves huh.]

[Hmph, a single sip and youve seen through it, as expected of my rival…… I see that your skills havent waned.]

[No, please stop with that troublesome rival-designation.]

Hearing the words Ein-san said with a rather aggressive smile on her lips, Alice responded with an unusually fed up expression on her face. Then, after a few moments, seemingly as if she had made up her mind, Alice told Ein-san.

[……Ein-san, actually, since the number of Count-ranks is increasing, Im going to change the criteria for acknowledging someone as Duke-rank and am planning to raise some of them to Duke-rank.]

[Fumu, cant you just do as you please I mean, the Peerage-ranking management is entirely under your jurisdiction, isnt it]

[And accordingly, Im going to prepare a higher rank for Ein-san, who is currently a Duke-rank, so Ive come to ask you to move up to that rank.]

The fact that she doesnt specifically say “Maid-rank”, even though she may have given up on it, somewhere in her heart…… Shes hoping that shell just agree without her needing to say the said rank…… and she would be able to change how that rank is called other than Maid-rank.

However, reality is a cruel mistress, as the moment Alice told her those words, Ein-san had a blatantly displeased look on her face.

[I refuse. In the first place, I am already displeased with the fact that the maid that I am is being called a Duke. Because you had insisted on it, I compromise in a way that I would not identify myself as such, but I also wouldnt deny it when one refers to me like that. Dont forget that I am making the greatest concession when I allow myself to be called by any title other than Maid.]

I dont know if I should say its to be expected or not, but she gave a firm refusal. No, for Ein-san who was that fixated about maids, she certainly may have been making a significant concession to Alice when she designated her as a Duke, even though she doesnt go referring to herself as one.

Seemingly as if she had also expected Ein-sans reaction, Alices shoulders slumped down, as if she gave up on everything, and spoke.

[……Your new rank is Maid-rank.]

[I have no objection. I am in awe of your wonderful and wise decision. What are you doing, Shalltear Quickly certify me as a Maid-level, High-ranking Demon.]

Its a refreshingly lightning-fast turnabout. Her eyes were shining so brightly that I wondered where her displeased expression she had earlier disappeared to, as her heartfelt joy was clearly conveyed.

[……I now officially certify Ein-san as a Maid-level, High-ranking Demon.]

[Wonderful. With this, I have regained the title most ideal to me.]

In contrast to such an Ein-san, Alice, looking like she was the personification of resignation…… As I had expected, she looked somewhat reluctant, but there was no way she could revise things now.

And thus, on this day, the position of Maid-level, High-ranking Demon was created above the Duke-level, High-ranking Demon…… and I also realized that I, who wasnt even fazed with that happening, had a mind that was already quite contaminated with maids.

: [Is having QuasiKing-rank or Grand Duke-rank instead no good……]

Serious-senpai : [Its not like its no good, but I dont think Ein would agree to that.]

: [Thats the thing. Thats seriously the thing…… Haahhh…… What kind of a face do I have to wear now when I have to say that the top of the Peerage-ranks is Maid-rank……]

Serious-senpai : [……If we limit it to just this series, frankly speaking, it doesnt feel out of place, dont you think]

: [……Thats why I was so reluctant about this.]-

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