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Chapter 1204 - Dream Team

The 4th Character Rough Draft for Volume 13 was posted in the Activity Report.

I go jogging every morning, but I still feel somewhat physically inadequate, so I kinda want to move my body. I thought it would be nice if I could enjoy sweating in some kind of sports, not through muscle training or anything like that.

As I had such thoughts, I happened to read in a magazine that there was a ball game event at a large park in the Western Symphonia, so I decided to take part in it.

Though I say that, I didnt make any kind of advance registration. I just thought I would go there on the day of the event and participate if I could……

On the day of that event, I dressed comfortably and headed to the designated park, which, although not as crowded as a festival, seemed to be reasonably crowded and had a fun atmosphere around it.

It seemed that there were various ball games being played in each area, including tennis and volleyball as far as I could tell, and also soccer…… No, it feels more like futsal.

(T/N: Futsal is like soccer, with a smaller field size and each team having 5 players.)

I looked at the sign of the place I arrived at while looking around, and saw that it looked like a basketball court. Basketball huh…… Ive only played it in gym class, but it feels like playing it would be fun.

I think Ill give it a try…… Ahh, I cant. It says that you must register as a team of five people. It seems like people who are by themselves cant participate in it.

Hmmm, should I have invited Hina-chan or Aoi-chan with me I wonder if someone I know would just conveniently show up

[Fuuu, thats a rather wistful look you have there…… I could see it, youre looking for help, Kaito!!!]


[What in the world is with that complicated expression on your face……]

[No, its just that, the least athletic among all the people I know showed up here so……]

When I turned around to look at the direction of the familiar voice, I saw Tre-san in her sportswear, looking very motivated.

Making her entrance is a person who is totally not a force to be reckoned with.

[Hello, Miyama-san.]

[Its a pleasure to meet you.]

[Hello, Cento-san, Cien-san…… I see you didnt slip out today on your own, Tre-san.]

[Eh Whats that, you make it sound like Im a habitual escapee……]

[Its true, isnt it]

[It certainly is hard to deny it.]

This time, unusually, she didnt slip away from Cento-san and Cien-san, as the two of them were wearing sportswear just like Tre-san.

Its just a guess, but I think Tre-san found out about this event from a magazine and wanted to participate, just like me.

[It also must be fate that we met like this, Kaito! Lets team up and seize the world!]

[Putting the world and all that aside, I dont really mind teaming up…… but a team needs five people, so we need one more person……]

[Well then, since it cant be helped, this Transcendental Beauty Helper will help you……]

[……O- Ohh.]

……Well seriously seize the world like this. I mean, I think shes gonna end up winning the world all by herself.

Anyhow, just like that, even though it was formed in a hurry…… Our team of five with me, Tre-san, Cento-san, Cien-san and Alice is formed.

Two Count-ranks and one of the Six Kings…… What a brutal team, this is. Im really feeling bad for the opponents.

It wasnt like the event we joined was a tournament or anything like that, but I signed up and played against the same five-person team a few times.

This should be obvious, but our team got an overwhelming victory…… To be honest, Tre-san and I were pretty lousy. We were complete amateurs, and our dribbling and shooting were terrible.

However, the other three members of our team were just too overwhelming. Whenever one of them had the ball, she would make a brilliant pass and cut into the opposing teams territory and scores easily.

What was worse was Alice. Alice was completely fooling around, standing around our goal and shooting only when the ball came within reach or when the opponents shot missed, she would rebound and shoot it before landing.

Even though she was completely fooling around and her shooting form looks completely random…… All of her shots were going into the goal, and the result was disastrous for her opponents, as everytime Alice had the ball, she would make a 3-pointer.

[……It was a good fight.]

[Tre-san and I only scored three shots each. Even though Cento-san and Cien-san had passed the ball to us that much……]

[The ring is too small, dont you think I wish they would make it three times wider.]

We had three strong players on our team so we won the match, but Tre-san and I didnt score much even though we got a lot of passes. Well, I dont have much experience playing basketball, so it cant be helped.

Besides, we worked up a sweat and had a lot of fun, so I guess it was alright.

[Well~~ Moving a lot like that makes me hungry! Lets have a meal!]

[Thats a good idea, Tre-san. Its like a victory celebration…… Well then, lets have a meal! Team leader Kaito-san is treating us!]

[Wait a moment there, when did I become the team leader]

[Big Sister here believes that youre a child who has the qualities of a great leader, Kaito. Thanks for the treat.]


Seriously, you have a good personality, Tre-san…… Well, its not like I dont like doing that, and for some reason, I find myself thinking it would be fun to have a meal together with them.

After letting out a light sigh at Alice and Tre-sans words and smiling at the apologetic expressions on Cento-san and Cien-sans faces, I took out the Eating Tour in its Entirety Guide and started looking for a nearby restaurant.

~ ~ Basketball Ability ~ ~

E = Dummy

D = Newbie

C = Average

B = Basketball Club Member-level

A = Professional-level

S = Top Professional-level

SS = Monster

SSS = Cheat-level

【Miyama Kaito】

Speed : C

Power : D

Technique : E

Shooting Ability : C

Dribbling Ability : E

Defensive Ability : B (with Sympathy Magic)


Speed : C

Power : C

Technique : E

Shooting Ability : C

Dribbling Ability : D

Defensive Ability : C

【Cento】 (Holding Back)

Speed : S

Power : S

Technique : A

Shooting Ability : A

Dribbling Ability : SS

Defensive Ability : S

【Cien】 (Holding Back)

Speed : A

Power : A

Technique : SS

Shooting Ability : S

Dribbling Ability : S

Defensive Ability : S

【Alice】 (Fooling Around Mode)

Speed : – (Never gonna take a step)

Power : SSS (100% Rebound Success)

Technique : Unmeasurable

Shooting Ability : SSS (100% Success Rate)

Dribbling Ability : – (Never gonna dribble)

Defensive Ability : – (SSS only at arms reach. Other than that, she only rebounds.)

One of the War Kings Five General, Absolute Ice, Epsilon.-

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