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Chapter 1203 - Rumors of a New Project

After greeting Ryze-san, I was to have tea with Orchid as I had originally planned. It was a very noble-like tea party, with several maids and butlers in the courtyard of the beautifully appointed royal castle.

Well, even so, it seemed like they were already being mindful of me and were keeping their numbers to a minimum……

[I see…… This is indeed wonderful. Ive had many opportunities to taste good tea with my status, but Ive never had anything of this caliber before.]

[Nebula is great after all. She also makes cacao, and recently, it seemed like she got interested in making ceramics.]

[How multitalented…… Nevertheless, a Spirit of a World Tree huh, all kinds of out-of-the-ordinary things really do happen around Kaito.]

[A- Ahaha…… Seriously, Im also wondering why so many things happen……]

Orchid, as always, is an ikemen with a gentle demeanor and a picturesque appearance even when drinking tea, just like the image of a prince in a story. Well, he actually is a prince……

After some time of idle chit-chat, Orchid seemed to have suddenly remembered something as he spoke.

[Speaking of which, its just a rumor Ive heard about…… but Seditch Magic Tools Trading Company has apparently started a considerably large-scale project.]

[Eh Large-scale Are they going to make some kind of amazing magic tool]

[I dont know that much about it either, but it was apparently based on the other worlds technology…… If Im not mistaken, I think they called it video It seemed to be an otherworld technology that allows you to record landscapes and peoples movements……]

[Ahh, unnn. That kind of technology does exist.]

The video Orchid describes is indeed technology from that world. Indeed, thinking back, there were no magic tools in this world that could record videos.

[The technology for recording videos is already being studied for some time, but the magic formula to construct such a magic tool is so complicated and advanced that it was said to be impossible to make into a magic tool.]

[I certainly dont remember seeing such a magic tool…… In terms of magic, Ive seen Kuro use magic before to recreate the night sky a thousand years ago but……]

[If its Underworld King-sama, she would certainly be able to cast such a spell. However, it was generally treated as imaginary magic or an unknown technology from the other world.]

[From the way the conversation goes, does that mean that the Seditch Magic Tools Trading Company has begun work on the creation of such video recording magic tools]

It seems that recording videos is much more difficult than I imagined. As someone who is accustomed to using technological machines, photography and filming seemed to be something that Im somewhat familiar with…… but I guess just as there are some things magic is better at, there are also some things where machines are better.

[Yes, Ive heard that an extremely revolutionary formula has recently been discovered, and that the creation of a magic tool for video recording is now in sight.]

[I see…… Thats a pretty big deal then. In fact, if its completed, you could call it a technological revolution.]

[Its just as you said. Various nobles and merchant associations are eager to gather information about this technology. With the prospect of enormous profits, if one is able to get even a little bit of information about this, Im sure many of them would consider somehow making a connection with them. However, since its the Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company, even I could only get a little bit of information about that.]

Orchid is learning various things in order to assist the Crown Princess Amalie, but he seems to be especially interested in magic tools, and his knowledge and information network about this is considerable.

In fact, he had obtained the information about the newest magic tool, so I think his information gathering skills are quite good. Still, the fact that he had only been able to obtain little information suggests that the Seditch Magic Tool Trading Companys information management is that ironclad.

However, thats quite the coincidence. Just when I had recently seen a movie at Shiro-sans place, for the development of video magic tools to have started…… Im feeling some sort of strange connection…… connection……

Kuro was originally able to use magic like that, as she had shown me the sky of the past. Shes also good friends with Alice, who is likely to be knowledgeable about videos.

For Alice, who holds a variety of information, a video recorder should be very useful for them, and even though she knows that such a thing exists, its unnatural that she didnt make something like that until now……

Having this in mind, I recalled how the technology of this world was partly restricted by the contract between Shiro-san and Eden-san.

I dont really know how they do it, but for a God who can be described as omnipotent, I think it would be possible for them to impose restrictions like “You cant come up with that technique in this world”.

And most importantly, I remember hearing from Shiro-san that Eden-san had recently relaxed various restrictions regarding items from the other world.

I had assumed that this was so that Eden-san could bring the goods her children wanted, as in the case of Kaori-san…… but what if she had relaxed the restrictions for technology and other stuff as well

Assuming that was the case, as for what reason the restrictions on video-related technology had relaxed…… I wonder if I was just imagining it I feel like the restrictions were relaxed just so Shiro-san could create a movie theater in the Sanctuary…… but in that case, in a way, doesnt this mean Im the cause

[……Kaito Is something the matter]

[Ah, no, its nothing. Aha- Ahaha……]

……Unnn, lets stop thinking about this. I feel like it would be better if I dont think about this anymore. For the peace of my mind, lets just think that some kind of new technology has been discovered……

Serious-senpai : [……In other words, was that really the case]

Makina : [Exactly.]-

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