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With the business meeting between Kuro and Alice over, I was thinking of leaving because I didnt want to stay for too long, but Alice spoke to me right at that moment.

[……Kaito-kun, “the thing you asked before” is ready.]

[Already! You really work fast huh……]

[Eh What is]

What Alice told me about was the job I asked her to do a while ago…… I had some troublesome conditions placed on it, so I thought it would take her quite some time, but it seems she already finished it.

Naturally interested in the conversation that only the two of us could understand what were talking about, Kuro approached me while tilting her head.

[Kuro, stay there for a moment, okay!]

[Ehh Ah, unnn.]

[……So, Alice. Wheres the stuff]

[Its here. Im sure that it met all the conditions Kaito-san gave me.]

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Stopping Kuro, who was approaching, I received a small box from Alice and checked the contents.

……All I can is that its to be as expected of her. Its a magnificent piece of work…… The fact that she cleared my request I made means that I was able to get rid of that uncertainty.

[……Thanks. So, how much is this]

[I really had a hard time getting the materials for that as well. So, how about 10000R]


Considering what the item is, you could say that its quite pricey, but because of all the demands I presented, I think its reasonable.

Thinking so, I handed a gold coin to Alice without feeling particularly troubled.

After thanking Alice once again, I left the shop with Kuro.


[……Why are your cheeks puffed up]

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[……I was being excluded…… by Kaito-kun earlier……]

[Dont sulk anymore……]

It seems that she doesnt like the fact that Ive been sneaking around and excluding her in the conversation, so she adorably puffed up her cheeks and turned away.

However, it doesnt seem that Kuro is really angry, as after a while, she immediately lets out a sigh and her cheeks turned back to normal.

[……Well, if Kaito-kun wont tell me, I wont ask about it but……]

[Eh, No, its not that I dont want to tell you, its just that……]


Seeing Kuro tilting her head at my words, I took out the box I had bought from Alice, even when Im aware that Im quite nervous right now…… and held it out to Kuro.

[……Errr, ummm, Kuro…… for all everything youve done for me…… thanks.]

[Eh Ehhhh K- Kaito-kun]

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[I dont know if I should say that this is as thanks for that or anything like that but…… Id appreciate it if you could take it.]

[……Th- Thank you…… Errr, can I open it now]


Yes, what I asked Alice to make…… was a gift to Kuro.

I wanted to do something to thank Kuro for all the help shes given me since I came to this world, so after much thought, I decided to give her this.

However, the words Kuro had said before were bothering me, and I knew I couldnt just give it to her…… so I asked Alice to make some changes.

Kuro slowly opened the box she received from me, and took out the item inside with a surprised look on her face.

[Could this be……]

[Unnn. When we…… Errr, went on our d- date, its that necklace that Kuro liked. I asked Alice to make it out of a really stretchy material…… so I dont think it will be torn off even if you turn into your magical beast form.


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The necklace that Kuro took out of the box is designed with silver stars lined up in a row, and its the one that Kuro asked me if it would look good on her on our previous date.

At that time, Kuro didnt seem to buy it because it would be torn off when she was in her magical beast mode…… but I had actually bought it later in secret.

And when I asked Alice if she could make it so that it wouldnt break even if the wearer took on a larger form, she said it would be fine if she used a special material, so I asked her to get it and remake it for me.

Alices craftsmanship really is quite superb, and at a glance, it may look like a normal necklace, no, its more delicate and beautiful because of the detailed workmanship, but its made to fit the wearer of its excellent elasticity.

Kuro looked at the necklace she received from me for a while, squeezed it in front of her chest, then looked at me with eyes that were slightly trembling and her cheeks slightly dyed in red.

[……Kaito-kun…… I……]


Kuro was about to mumble something in a voice so quiet that it seemed to fade away, but then, she immediately stopped talking…… and somehow, theres a conflicted look on her face.

After a few moments of silence, Kuro looks up and smiles brightly.

[Sorry. Its nothing…… Thanks, Kaito-kun. Im really happy…… I will take good care of it.]

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[Ah, unnn.]

I didnt know what she was about to say, but it doesnt seem like its a good topic to step into so easily.

At the very least, I could sense a compelling emotion from Kuro, who had a smile somewhat different than usual, asking me not to ask her anything more.

[Thats right! Kaito-kun, since were outside together now, lets go get something to eat.]

[Yeah, speaking of which, its almost lunchtime.]

[Unnn, yep. Then, lets go to my recommended place!]

[Recommended What kind of food do they serve]

[Errr~~ I think theyre using “striped frog meat” to……]

[Change please.]


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Ive eaten lots of things since Ive been in this world.

Ive eaten dragon meat, bear meat, and the meat of a frightening sounding being called tyrant worm…… but still, Id like it if you excuse me from eating frog meat.

No, I know there are edible frogs and toads, but it would still take lots of courage to eat them, so please give me some time to gather that courage……

Dear Mom, Dad—— the person with whom Ive spoken with the most and been closest to since I came to this world. However, after today, I realized. Those thoughts in Kuros heart—— I still dont know it at all.

Underworld King Kuromueinas castle in the Demon Realm…… Sechs has come to visit Kuromueina, whos relaxing in her room.

[Kuromu-sama, regarding tomorrows visit…… Oya]

[Unnn Whats the matter]

[No, it just looks like youre in a good mood. It seems like something really good happened today.]

[Ahaha, well, I guess…… Im in a slightly good mood.]

Without denying the words Sechs told her, Kuromueina smiled like a young girl.

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[Is that……. a necklace Its unusual for Kuromu-sama to wear an accessory.]

[Unnn. Well, I really like it…… What do you think Does it suit me]

[Yes, it really suits you. However, it looks like youve cast quite a powerful State Preservation Magic in it.]

[……Unnn. I just dont want it to get dirty.]

A necklace of shiny silver stars gleamed on Kuromueinas chest, and the fact that Kuromueina, who basically never wears any accessories, wears it means that she really likes it.

Seeing Kuromueina caressing the necklace on her chest as if she were handling her treasure, Sechs also calmly smiles.

[Is that so…… oops, excuse me. Im here for tomorrows meeting.]

[Yeah, youre right. Just as I sent you on the letter beforehand, going there around 10am should be fine.]

[Then, Ill send them a hummingbird stating that.]

[Unnn, Ill leave it to you~~ Also, change some of the shapes of the samples, just in case.]

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[I respectfully obey.]

After lightly discussing her plans to visit Lilias mansion and watching as Sechs politely bow and leave, Kuromueina turns her gaze to the necklace on her chest again.

The expression on her face as she smiles with a slight blush on her cheeks is like a maiden in love…… Though she looks very young for that appearance.

[……How unfair. Making me this happy…… is troubling.]

After muttering to herself, Kuromueina stroked the necklace once more before…… lightly kissing one of the stars.

[……Kaito-kun. You really…… are…… Could it be…… that …… you……want to…… be mine]

After muttering in a quiet, inaudible voice, Kuromueina looks up and stares in the empty sky.

Her expression that seems to be a mix between happiness and loneliness…… seems to show the complicated feeling she held in her heart, while the first gift she received from her beloved gleamed on her chest.

The main heroine ( ) shows them who the main heroine is…… Also, as expected, Kaito is only showing his positive feelings to Kuromueina, and his feeling of love for her are evident in his actions.

New novel chapters are published on lightnovelworld.com

T/N: 6/78…… Should I still keep counting……-

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