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After hearing my reply, Isis-san nodded and turned her gaze towards Iris-san.

[……That's great magic…... Your magic technique is neat and tidy…… However…… I think that…… it's a little slow.]

[I'm not so conceited to think that that strike could defeat you…… but to receive it directly without even blocking it…… However, not yet! Come! Spear of Eternal Darkness, the Great Armada! Δαίμονας Λόγχη!]

(T/N: Demon's Lance)

After Iris-san, who couldn't even stain Isis-san's clothes from her special technique, made a vexed expression, she quickly switched minds, and summoned a large number of spears and launched them towards Isis-san.

The spears, which I estimate to be over a hundred in number, headed for Isis-san…… and before they could even touch her body, "all of it vanished".

[……What the.]

[They vanished]

Seeing the huge number of spears disappear in an instant, Iris-san's eyes widened in astonishment, while I tilted my head, not understanding what just happened.

[If you only heard that she can't control her magic power of death, you might assume that Isis-san isn't very good at controlling her magic power…… but Isis-san's magic power control techniques are actually the best in the world. It's just that, even when she has that much control, her magic power of death is just too powerful to control. It's a piece of cake for her to "interfere with external magic heading towards her and deactivate it", and even "revert that magic into its simple, harmless magic power form".]

Hearing Alice's explanation, I became astonished. That means, Isis-san has just deactivated all of the more than 100 magic spears heading towards her at a considerable speed in an instant and reverted them to simple magic power…… That means……

[I guess Iris-san and Kaito-san have noticed huh It basically means that Isis-san can "nullify almost all magic attacks heading towards her". If you don't use your head and just fire magic towards her, you won't even be able to make Isis-san defend herself.]

[……Good grief, it feels like my common sense has been completely overturned. They're outrageous beings huh…… The beings called Six Kings…… In that case, what about this!!!]

As Iris-san shouted and put her hand on the ground, the ground moved like a wave and a huge earthen spear formed, shooting towards Isis-san.

I see, if Isis-san can nullify magic, that doesn't mean that the earth molded with magic will disappear. I thought this was a spectacular move, but right after that, Alice-san's voice echoed.

[Well, that's the attack that anyone would come up with huh. That's exactly why it holds no meaning though……]

After those words, the earthen spear slipped through Isis-san's body without any resistance.

[……A power similar to Spiritual Form And thereby, all physical attacks are nullified huh However…… that is……]

[Well, something like that. There are lots of opponents that can nullify both physical and magical attacks at peak Count-rank, so I'll be teaching you how to defeat them in the future. Well, with that out of the way, I guess it's about time we change the subject…… Isis-san.]


[Next time, please avoid her attacks. No magic nullification, just evasion. Iris, you only need to hit her once, so try hitting Isis-san with an attack.]

[……I understand.]

I wonder how this would turn out Personally, I can't imagine a very fast Isis-san. It may just be due to the fact that her means of combat was magic-oriented, but I feel that she would be the defensive type, blocking all enemy attacks with her magic barrier, than an evasive type. Even so, she's still one of the Six Kings, so I guess her evasive skills were excellent too

As I was thinking about this, Iris-san raised her hand up to the sky and summoned a huge magic circle.

[συμφορά μοιραίο φορέας!]

(T/N: Calamity Doombringer)

Filling my vision with a large amount of swords…… Iris-san unleashed a wide-scale magic. The moment they shot forward, Isis-san, who was in my field of vision earlier, began to move at a tremendous speed.

[Wha! Eh Arehh That way]

At an incomprehensible speed that even my glasses, which should be able to see up to 10 times the speed of light, would lose sight of her, Isis-san weaved her way through the large amount of swords.

On the contrary, she even has the composure to look at us on the way and give us a wave…… Even if you look cute, Isis-san, you shouldn't do that in the middle of a battle.

[A- Alice…… Has Isis-san always been that fast]

[Eh No, she still "didn't get serious" at all though….. That's just on the level of a light jog for her. She isn't even using Instantaneous Movement or Time Manipulation. Well, I am using some Anti-Techniques to prevent the world from being destroyed by the impact of her movements……]

[……Iris-san's basic specs are about the same as the Six Kings, right Then, can Iris-san also be as fast as that]

[Rather, if she can completely use your body, Iris-san should be faster than Isis-san. Her body is based on mine, and among the Six Kings, my speed is only second to Kuro-san. Well, to put it simply, the current Iris still has too many wasted movements.]

To be honest, I might have underestimated the Six Kings. No, I knew that they were outrageously strong people…… but it seems like their strength is still on another level.

Just like that, Isis-san continued to evade Iris-san's attacks for about ten minutes, and Alice opened her mouth when Iris's breathing became heavier.

[Yes, let's stop here again…… Now, let's change the offense and defense. Isis-san will now attack, while Iris will defend. Isis-san, please start with physical attacks.]

[……Unnn No matter how I look at it, Isis-dono doesn't seem to be proficient at physical attacks……]

[……Unnn…… I'm bad at it…… but…… I'll do my best.]

Hmmm, I wonder what this feeling is…… Isis-san certainly seems to be the mage-type, but from what I've seen so far, it doesn't feel like being a mage simply makes her bad at melee combat.

With that thought in mind, Iris-san deployed a cylindrical barrier thick enough that it could be seen.

That's the terrific protective barrier that completely blocked Agni-san's attack. It looked very tough.

The next moment, Isis-san soundlessly moved in front of Iris-san and swung her fist. It was a random punch that even an amateur like me knows that it was a punch of someone unaccustomed to fighting…… but Iris-san jumped away, leaving behind her barrier in place with a flustered look on her face.

Then, when Isis-san's fist touched the barrier…… It pierced through it "like paper" and created a "huge crater" in the ground.


[……Oiiiiiiii, Iris. Stop getting distracted. That won't do, if you let your guard down even a little bit…… Isis-san certainly is better than magic combat than physical combat. But Iris, remember Agni-san, the person you fought before The person you're facing now is strong enough to "beat Agni-san to death with her bare hands".]

[W- W- Wha…… What the heck is that! This is beyond nonsense! Rather, isn't there too much of a difference in combat power between the Count-ranks and Six Kings!]

[That's why, until this very day, the only Duke-rank person in this world is Ein-san. The Six King-rank people, including Kuro-san, have a completely separate level of power that it's almost like they're…… well, we're a "bug in this world". I don't have any proof, but Alice-chan suspects that the God of this world has a hand on this matter. So, well———- Please do your best with the thought that you might die.]

The basic physical specs should be almost the same, but the difference in magnitude between their combat abilities was a sight to behold. I felt like there was a huge wall between them that wasn't easy to overcome.

This is Isis-san's power————- This is the power of a King.

Serious-senpai : [……Isis is quite strong in all aspects, isn't she]

: [Please think about it. This person can score a tie with an "undying indestructible God" who has "unlimited physical and military strength", right]

Serious-senpai : [The Supreme Gods are also one heck of a monster.]

: [If she gets serious, "unless they hold the same authority, at a speed that can't be detected, God of Time and Space could unleash an unblockable Spatial Annihilation". "Within her domain that reaches the whole world, not only can God of Fate basically control everything that exists", she can also "alter the past" and "bend the future as she wills", so anything is possible for God of Fate.]

Serious-senpai : [……I'm glad that this isn't a shonen battle novel.]-

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