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Chapter 1200 - A Moment with the White God - Part 2

We flirted for a while in the couples-only seat, just as Shiro-san requested. I wondered if Im doing it right, but Shiro-san seemed satisfied, so I guess there was no problem.

Unfortunately, unlike what I had originally intended to visit her for…… we didnt move on to tea.

[Im satisfied. With this, we can now enjoy couples-only seats.]

[Im glad to hear that…… Unnn Couples-only seats]

[Yes. There are other things Ive created, so lets go there next.]

[Other things…… Other than this seat, youve also created other things lovers use]

So this isnt just going to be a one-time thing huh…… Well, she said she was doing a lot of research, and for Shiro-san, it would only take a moment to make one seat, so I wouldnt be surprised if she made something else.

However, there are many things she said that still bother me.

[……Lets go there next, means you dont have it here]

[Yes, its quite large, so Ive created a space dedicated to it.]

[……Thats something couples use, right]

[Yes. I heard its a staple.]

……What is this Its quite large, its something couples use, and she heard its a staple. From the statement “she heard”, I think the source of this information is probably Eden-san.

If thats the case, something staple for couples in our world…… I dont know. Ive never had a girlfriend in the other world…… and I dont think its an amusement park since we went there before…… but what is it then

When I looked at Shiro-san with doubt, she lightly waved her finger and the view around us immediately switched after. Theres no doubt that were still in the Sanctuary, but the location must be somewhere else.

Even though it looked quite small, in fact, the Sanctuary is quite large as a whole. Its big enough to have an onsen resort built on it, so I think the Sanctuary is about the size of a small town.

Well, putting that aside, the place we teleported to…… was a big black building.

[……Shiro-san, whats this]

[Its a “movie theater”. I made it.]

[……I see……]

Ahh~~ Well, this certainly is a staple in a date, so its no wonder that Shiro-san would make a movie theater.

However, I would like to throw a single tsukkomi.

[……Shiro-san, may I say one thing]

[What is it]

[Shouldnt that couples-only seat you mentioned earlier have been used in this cinema]

[……I see, I hadnt thought of that idea.]

No, Im amazed that that idea slipped through her mind and just instead came up with the idea of having that seat sitting in the middle of nowhere.

Is this perhaps the work of Shiro-sans airheadedness……

The inside of the cinema was quite authentic and looked just like a normal movie theater on Earth. Well, of course, there are no people here at all, so it feels strange…… I mean, theres even a sales corner in place……

[Kaito-san, what do you want to watch I heard that its a staple to watch romance movies but……]

[No, youre asking me what I wanted to watch…… What movies are they even screening Theres no way Shiro-san would also make the movie yourself, right]

[I negotiated with Earth God to allow us to watch the latest movies being screened at the movie theater in the city where Kaito-san used to live.]

[……Eh Seriously]

Looking at the posters of the movies being shown in the theater, sure enough, there were titles that I recognized.

Ahh, theres a new one in that series released too. I see, two months had passed while I was going through the college withdrawal process and other things and they had already started screening it huh…… Ahh, they also have that movie that I wanted to see too.

[……Shiro-san, would you prefer a romance movie]

[No, I dont have any particular preference, so any movie you like is fine.]

[Then, I would like to see this movie……]

[In that case, lets go with that one.]

Shiro-san had mentioned that romance movies are the staple for lovers, so I asked for confirmation from her first. If Shiro-san wanted to see a romance movie, I was thinking of giving priority to that and just ask her if we could watch the movie I wanted to see at a later date…… but fortunately, Shiro-san didnt seem to have any movie she particularly wants to watch, and said she was fine with the movie I wanted to see.

[Thank you…… Errr, what should we do here]

[First, you buy a ticket from the machine over there. I have made it so that you can buy tickets with our world currency.]

[Where do the proceeds go then]

[I had Earth God adjust things so that the sales here are added to the sales of the movie theater this building is referenced to. The same goes for food, drink and articles sold here.]

[I see, we can see the movie without hesitation then.]

There are a lot of fine details involved here and there, but then, I guess we can pleasantly enjoy it in a carefree way. Id also like some popcorn and drinks, and I could buy them in the sales corner huh…… What should I do, this is quite fun.

[Shiro-san, I personally feel that when couples come to a place like this, the boyfriend would be the one treating his girlfriend, so please let me treat you here.]

[I understand. Kaito-san, it seems like youre having fun.]

[Well, I never thought I would be able to see a movie in this world…… I sometimes went to see movies by myself, so Im a little excited to see that were going to see a movie Ive always wanted to see.]

[I see…… How mysterious. Im not really interested in movies, but seeing you having fun makes me happy too.]

Hearing her unexpectedly say that kind of thing, I feel embarrassed. Moreover, when she said that just now, the corners of her lips were unusually lifted up in a smile, which fascinated me.

I dont know in what way I could properly express it…… but I feel as if I would come to love spending time with Shiro-san like this even more than before.

Serious-senpai : [Theres Part 2! Uwaaaahhhh…… This isnt…… This isnt what you promised!!!]

: [No, its not that we made any promise…… In the first place, I dont think a context like that existed……]-

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