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Chapter 1199 - A Moment with the White God - Part 1

One afternoon, I went to visit the Sanctuary in the God Realm. The Sanctuary where Shiro-san lives is covered with a Teleportation Inhibition Ward that is so strong that even the powerful Teleportation Inhibition Ward surrounding the God Realm cant compare to it. Its a place where even the Six Kings cant just teleport to except for a few Quasi-Omnipotent people such as Kuro and Eden-san.

In fact, even with the teleportation magic tool I have, I couldnt teleport to the Sanctuary, and until now, I had to go through the Upper-level first to get to the Sanctuary.

Although it isnt as powerful as the one surrounding the Sanctuary, of course, theres usually a Teleportation Inhibition Ward in the Upper-level as well, but the Teleportation Inhibition Ward is a bit special. If you have the True Blessing of a Low-ranking God, you can teleport to the Lower-level. If you have the True Blessing of a High-ranking God, you can teleport to the Middle-level. If you have the True Blessing of a Supreme God, you can teleport to the Upper-level.

As I have received Shiro-sans True Blessing, I can teleport to the Upper-level, but I still cant teleport to the God Realm. Therefore, I used to use a special Teleportation magic circle in the Upper-level, which is available only to those who have permission from Shiro-san, to go to the Sanctuary……

However, now I can go to the Sanctuary by using the Teleportation Gate in my room, so its much easier to visit. Well, it seems that the Teleportation to the Sanctuary isnt possible without Shiro-sans True Blessing, so other people cant use this to teleport over there……

The reason I visited Shiro-san this time was to have a cup of tea with her while sharing the tea and chocolates that Nebula had made.

[Hello, Shiro-san. Ive come to visit.]

[Hello, Kaito-san. Your timing is just right. “I just finished it”.]


I was able to find Shiro-san as soon as I teleported into the Sanctuary, so I approached and called out to her, to which she responded with some mysterious remark.

[……You just finished it Were you making something]

[Yes. I have recently been studying about lovers in different worlds, so I made one of them. I was thinking of flirting with Kaito-san, so your timing is perfect.]

I dont really mind, but its quite surreal that shes saying she wants to flirt with me with the same expressionless face and inflectionless voice as ever.

Well, thats fine and all…… but what did she make Something related to lovers

[Here it is.]

[……What is it]

[This is called a “couple-only seat”. Its for lovers to sit on and flirt with each other.]

[……H- Huhh……]

The heck do I do here It just looks like an “enshrined two-seater sofa” to me…… No, I dont understand what Shiro-san is trying to say.

From what I can imagine, I feel like its something like the couple seat in an internet cafe or a couple seat in a movie……

[……Ummm, Shiro-san There are sofas…… or rather, couple-only seats back on Earth, but what do you do with this]

[You sit on it]

[……Well, I cant think of any other use for it than to sit on it. So, what are we going to do after sitting on it]

[I dunno For the time being, I wanna flirt.]

[Youre just heading with no plan at all……]

I dont really mind not watching a movie, but cant we at least go see some kind of beautiful scenery while at it If things go like this, I feel like wed really just sit side by side……

[For the time being, lets sit down.]

[I- I understand.]

That doesnt seem to be any problem with Shiro-san, so I sat on the sofa as she asked me to. It was very comfortable.

And then, Shiro-san sat down next to me…… much closer than I thought.

[This feels rather fresh, isnt it It feels different from sitting at a table facing each other.]

[Yes. Now all we need is some flirting and it will be perfect.]

[……Errr, what exactly do you want to do, Shiro-san]

Since saying that she wanted to flirt is just too abstract for me to understand, I decided to ask Shiro-san what she wanted to do for the time being. Thereupon, Shiro-san put her finger on her chin, seemingly thinking for a moment, before she spoke.

[……I cant choose at all. It certainly is simple to make requests here, but Id also like some surprises here.]

[U- Unnn]

[And so, “please do something that Kaito-san thinks something lovers do”.]

Thats too unreasonable…… In other words, is it that Am I supposed to think of a way lovers flirt in this situation and put it into action

Eeeehhhh, w- what should I do For the time being, since were sitting next to each other…… How about hugging her shoulder

[I see, I have no objection. Now, now, do it.]

[……Youre having fun huh, Shiro-san.]

[Im together with Kaito-san after all, so Im having a lot of fun.]

[Saying things like that isnt fair……]

Feeling a little embarrassed by Shiro-sans words, as she continues to express her affection for me in a natural but straightforward manner, I put my hand on her shoulder and pulled her into a tight hug.

I mean, shes so absurdly soft that once I touch her body, I dont want to let go. It was very comfortable to touch even though Im supposed to be touching her above her clothes…… Her everything really is a cheat, in every sense of the word.

As I held her close to me, Shiro-san looked at me, her eyes seemingly expecting something. As expected, Im not so stupid that I cant guess what shes expecting in this situation…… so I shortened the distance between us, and kissed Shiro-san on her lips.


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