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There was a tea party that was often held in the Sanctuary. There, Kuromueina was eating a baby castella while listening to Shallow Vernal.

[……That's what happened. I just told them what you had told me back then.]

[That doesn't sound so bad. I think that having them think and realize matters on their own will lead to growth rather than just having things taught to them. However, you have to keep an open eye at them, making sure that they don't just keep on failing.]

[What do you mean]

[Trying to understand something that you don't is quite a challenge. Fate-chan had already failed once. Suppressing the fear of failing again, she's trying for the second time thinking a lot of things and feeling impatient. This is an important turning point. If she fails here without any success, her thoughts will turn in a negative direction. If that happens, she might get stuck in a vicious cycle.]


Hearing the words spoken by Kuromueina, someone who had raised and guided many, Shallow Vernal brought her hand on her chin and started pondering.

Shallow Vernal, who is in the midst of various growth, had recently been trying to encourage the growth of the Gods. And thus, she had been consulting Kuromueina, who had a lot of experience at guiding others, at their tea parties.

[It doesn't necessarily mean that she has to succeed in her second try, but Fate-chan would want to have her efforts to bear some fruit. I'm sure she's still feeling confused and impatient at the moment…… and if she makes too many mistakes, she'll end up hating herself even more. Whether or not you can feel that she's made even a small step forward will have a big impact on her future.]

[I see…… What do you think I should do]

[Hmmm. It would be best if nothing goes wrong, but other than that, it might be a good idea to give her a little catalyst. If it's possible, it would be even better if Fate-chan could feel that she arrived at the answer herself without being noticed]

[That's very helpful. Thank you.]

After thanking Kuromueina, Shallow Vernal lightly moved her fingers.

[……Oh "Future Interference"…… Heehhh…… That's a good idea. It's not too big of a help, but it could still be a catalyst for change…… That's 99 points for you. This might hopefully settle this matter, and Fate-chan might be able to grow a lot.]

[So you're saying that it still won't garner a perfect score]

[There's no such thing as a perfect score when it comes to guiding people. No, there shouldn't be such a thing. That's also the reason why one can think of different ways to guide others.]

[I see, I guess I still am no match to Kuro in this field.]

After saying this, Shallow Vernal brought her tea to her mouth, set the cup down, and then, turned her attention to the scenery of the Sanctuary.

Caught along with Shallow Vernal's action, Kuromueina also turned her gaze to the scenery before she quietly muttered.

[……Speaking of which, you did say that you have something you want to consult with me, were you talking about that conversation earlier]

[That conversation just now is also a consultation, but the main topic that I want to consult with you is something else. I've just been thinking about something, and I'd like to hear your opinion about it.]

[You have something on your mind]

[Yes, the Supreme Gods Fate, Chronois and Life, the High-ranking God Shea…… Fate may have shown a lot of growth, but the others also showed their own changes of differing sizes. Observing this, I pondered. The Gods are a little too tightly knit within the inner circle……]

[Indeed, that might be the case. There are only a few Gods who have temples in the Human Realm that are closely related to the Humans and Demons, while the four Gods Shiro just mentioned didn't really visit the Human and Demon Realm much before Kaito-kun came to this world.]

The Gods generally don't go outside the God Realm. They participate in the once-every-ten-years Festival of Heroes, but there are only a few Gods who know any Humans or Demons.

Shallow Vernal felt that this was the reason why many of the Gods hadn't grown since their creation.

[……I had been thinking of holding a festival mainly for Gods. Since there are many residences set up on the lower level and it's difficult to get a large space, so I'm thinking of opening up only the middle level so that those who haven't received a True Blessing can also visit.]

[This would be the first, isn't it The first time that a God has been the one organizing instead of being invited, I mean…… I see, so that's why you're asking me since I planned the Six Kings Festival]

[Yes. Though I say that, I'm not going to do anything in this matter. I'm going to ask Chronois and Life to take the lead. This will be a good opportunity for them.]

[……I see, well, if I can help you, I'm all ears.]

When she heard that the festival would be planned by the two Supreme Gods, whose growth wasn't comparable to Fate, a deep smile appeared on Kuromueina's lips.

Thereupon, after eating another baby castella, she spoke to Shallow Vernal with a gentle expression on her face.

[……Shiro, you've really changed huh. How should I say this…… It feels like you've become more gentle…… or rather, it feels like "you stopped seeing them as being with the same value, and instead look at their individual values".]

[The Gods are like my children. I'm starting to think that I want them to grow up.]

[……Kaito-kun really is amazing.]

[Yes, seriously…… I think the past me would have been surprised if she saw this new me.]

[However, if I were to be asked…… I like the Shiro of today more.]

[Unfortunately, I have a lover named Kaito, so I can't respond to your feelings.]

[You know that's not what I meant, right! Ahh, geez, this part of you didn't change at all!!! Seriously…… You really can't be helped.]

Even though she has grown, what kind of person she is still hasn't changed. Looking at the somewhat airheaded God in front of her, an astounded smile crept up on Kuromueina's lips.

Serious-senpai : [I see, it's the obligatory title retrieval huh…… No, no! Doesn't the title refer to Fate!!! Rather, stop nonchalantly raising the next lovey-dovey flag, you airhead God!!!]-

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