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Chapter 1198 - Black Wing's Invasion ⑩

After playing with the items we had bought, we decided what to do next. It was still too early to end the day, and I had a feeling that Amel-san still wanted to play.

Thereupon, I suddenly remembered something that I thought Amel-san might like, so I suggested it to her.

[Amel-san, its just a suggestion…… but once we go back to my house and have lunch, why dont we play with a special gaming magic tool]

[I dont mind, but a special toy Could it be, was it imbued with some kind of curse……]

[No, its not that…… Amel-san, did you participate in the Six Kings Festival]

[I did get an invitation to the Festivities of the Demons, but I am a woman whose wings of freedom are bound by chains, so I unfortunately wasnt able to bear witness the festivities for all the days.]

[I see…… Well, on the Six Kings Festivals 5th Day, the Phantasmal Kings festival, the latest magic tool was revealed to the public.]

Amel-san had been invited to the Six Kings Festival, but it seems like she was too busy to attend all the days, and was only able to attend some of them.

I dont know if she participated on the 5th Day or not, but even if she did, theres a chance that she wasnt able to play like Tre-san, so I lightly explained it to her.

[I- In other words…… That magic tool is a treasure that allows one to sneak into a temporary world, where the scenes from the other world…… from the world my sworn friend was born and raised are reproduced!]

[Yes, something like that. Well, thats only a part of it, but I think its a pretty rare sight for the people of this world.]

[I want to see it! The other world!!!]

As expected, she was quite receptive to it. I mean, there are many locals in this world who are interested in the other world, so I thought she might like it, but I think Amel-san is especially interested in those kinds of things.

Also, it might just be a hunch, but I think she might also like motorcycles.

[……Ahh, but wait a moment. Actually, in order to use that magic tool, you would need to wear a stuffed costume but…… your wings.]

I was careless. You connect with that VR magic tool by wearing a stuffed costume, so if you cant get into that stuffed costume, you wouldnt even be able to play with it in the first place.

Being a Winged, Amel-san has huge wings on her back…… I dont think shell be able to get into the stuffed costume, so Ill have to ask Alice to make some adjustments, but will it be ready by now

As I thought this, seemingly having understood what I meant, Amel-san clapped her hand and smiled.

[I see, but dont worry, my sworn friend! These wings are part of my soul, and even though I cant erase them, I can change the way they are.]

[Eh You can adjust their size]

[I can make them this small, but would this still be a problem]

[Ahh, I think youd have some room if theyre at that size.]

It seemed that Amel-san even though she couldnt make them disappear, she could make her wings smaller, and she showed me how she had made them so small that I couldnt see them from the front.

Since there seemed to be no problem at all, I returned to my house with Amel-san using my Teleportation Magic Tool.

Skyscrapers lined with high-rise buildings. When we entered the VR space, which was created in the image of a slightly sci-fi metropolis, Amel-san was clearly excited.

[A- Amazing! So many buildings bigger than a castle…… Fuwaaahhh, the other world is amazing.]

[This place is called, lets see…… Skyscrapers.]

[S- Skyscrapers! T- That somehow sounds really cool……]

Im not really lying. I mean, the name of this stage for this racing game is “Skyscrapers”. There are many other stages in this racing game, such as Tropical Island and Snow Castle, but the Skyscrapers stage is the one that was most like the world I was in.

[Also, Amel-san. This is one of the vehicles we use in the race.]

[The Iron Beast! I- Ive heard about them before…… that the other world has these mysterious tools made of iron…… So this is that so-called teknolojikal mashin!!!]

[Well, I guess thats roughly what it is.]

Putting aside her comments about how mysterious it is and all that, I think her general perception is correct. Thereupon, just as Amel-sans eyes were glued to the BC96, how to open the menu and other such things, before asking her to choose which vehicle shed like to use.

[Fuwaaahhh, t- they all look cool…… Uuuu, I cant decide, which one should I choose]

[I think it would be better to use those with the “Recommended For Newbies” mark first…… Errr, those with the green and yellow emblem next to its name. Playing with them wont make you get a habit, and once you get used to it, you can try out the other vehicles.]

[I see, then…… hmmm…… Ill pick this Varganov!]

Amel-san chose a large black motorcycle with a rather aggressive design. Just as its appearance suggests, its a machine that has quite the power, but because its large and heavy, its very stable and surprisingly easy to operate for beginners.

[We, we have plenty of time, so lets play as much as we can.]


[……By the way, Amel-san, your tone……]

[Hrnnn!! C- Come on, lets ride out to the Iron Plains together!!!]

It seems like she cant maintain her tone of voice when she gets too excited, but I think that in itself is also cute, and in a way, I feel like that was part of Amel-sans charm.

Just like that, we spent the whole day playing VR games…… and it should be no mistake that I feel like I got to know Amel-san pretty well over the course of the day.


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