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Chapter 1197 - Black Wing's Invasion ⑨

{Authors Note}

The third character rough draft for Volume 13 has been published in the Activity Report.


After a few minutes of being carried by Amel-san, our flight speed suddenly began to slow down.

[Have we arrived]

[No, were still a few distance away here…… but were near our Wingeds village, so I thought Id have my sworn friend come and take a look.]

[The Wingeds village O- Ohhh. Youre talking about that place.]

When I moved my eyes to look at the place where I heard Amel-ssans words, I found a place that seemed like the home of the Wingeds. Near the peaks of several steep mountains that must have been quite high in altitude…… It was a place with several steep cliffs that somehow had the atmosphere of a sacred mountain.

There are houses on top of those peaks, which are probably the Wingeds homes…… but there are no bridges connecting those peaks, probably because all of them can fly

At the very least, it was the kind of place I think is unlivable for people that couldnt fly.

[Its amazing. How should I say this…… Its a place where the characteristics of your race are apparent, and as a human, Im not used to seeing this type of residence, so I find it quite unusual.]

[I would have liked to invite my sworn friend to my abode, but the time has not come yet.]


As I was moved by that fantasy-esque scene, Amel-san mumbled at that moment, and I was a little late in reacting because I was concentrating on watching.

Thereupon, before I could respond to her, I heard her flustered voice.

[Ahh, n- no, its not that I dont want to invite my sworn friend. In fact, I would have liked you to come visit my abode instead…… but there are a lot of formalities involved in inviting other species within our settlement…… of which something that cant be settled immediately…… I- Im sorry.]

[Ahh, no, its alright. I made you feel uncomfortable because I was slow to respond. Its not that Im displeased or anything like that, so dont worry.]

[T- Thats good…… Ill formally invite you again some other time.]

[Yes, I look forward to it.]

Seeing me so absorbed in the scenery that I was slow to react to her words, it seemed like she was flustered because she thought I might have gotten angry. Its just a bit of a hunch, but I feel that Amel-san was a little bit like Isis-san.

Not in terms of appearance or personality, but on a deeper level…… She seems to be full of confidence that shes special, but inwardly, she was insecure and unsure of herself, similar to Isis-san, who had no confidence in herself when we first met.

[Well then, lets head for the Promised Land once again!]


After about a minutes flight from the Wingeds village, we came to a rocky place with no trees around, filled with areas that could be called a stiff cliff. Amel-san slowly lowered me into one of those wide, spacious areas.

[This is where I used to hone my skills. Its almost completely devoid of life and far from Human habitation, so I can release my power without worrying about my surroundings.]

[I see. In that case, lets test them out right away.]

[Yeah, bear witness, my sworn friend! The radiance of my soul!!!]

After excitedly declaring this, Amel-san quickly held one hand over her eyes. With that gesture as a key, her colored contacts emitted a red light.


With her next keywords, the black bandage wrapped around Amel-sans arm automatically unfurled and started floating around her arm.

[Manifest yourself, Cursed Spear Ouroboros!]

And with the exclamation of the words she had set beforehand, the Ouroboros is taken out of the bracelet-shaped storage magic tool and placed in Amel-sans hand. Thereupon, as the tattoo seals then reacted to the magic power poured into them, a sinister pattern appeared on Amel-sans arm and the Ouroboros was clad in black flames.

At that moment, Amel-san unfurled her wings and soared to the skies, ready to throw the Ouroboros.

[Behold, the Flames of Demise! Disaster End!!!]

Shouting out the name of a cool secret technique, she threw the Ouroboros. The Ouroboros flew at a tremendous speed, and forming a trail of black magic power, it struck a rocky mountain in the far distance, obliterating it.

Unnn, it really is cool…… and I dont know if I should say its to be expected or not, but it also has a great deal of power.


Thinking of the Ouroboros, it started dashing towards Amel-san. As she said the next keyword, the bandage automatically wrapped around her arm again just as the spear returned to her hand. Looking very satisfied, Amel-san then looked at me with expectant eyes.

[That was really cool, Amel-san.]

[Thank you! Im very satisfied with it too. Ehehe, Im so coo——— Hrnnn! For me to actually be able to control the sealed power within this arm of mine, its to be expected from the artifact bestowed upon me by the King of Empty Illusions……]

When she heard my thoughts, a smile bloomed like a flower in Amel-sans lips and she got excited, but she hurriedly coughed and the usual calm expression she was usually wearing returned…… Her every reaction sure is adorable.

[It packs quite the force, doesnt it…… Since were at it, I guess Ill try the magic balls I bought too.]

[Unnn! Lets play togeth- Erhem, let us work together to improve our strength for the apocalypse that will eventually come!]

Together with the excited and happy Amel-san, I enjoyed using the items I had bought, feeling as if I had returned to my childhood.


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