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Chapter 1192 - Black Wing's Invasion ⑤

As Amel-sans eyes were glued to the Cursed Spear Ouroboros, Alice began to explain.

[First of all, the strength of the Ouroboros far exceeds even Orichalcon-made weapons. Even if you imbue all your magic power into an Orichalcon-made weapon and strike this, it could easily withstand it.]

[Oh my, thats so strong…… Is this made of an ore created by the Gods or something like that……]

[No, its made from a mixture of Orichalcon…… and a crystal that encapsulates the aurora shining in the sky.]

[Encapsulates aurora……]

Ahh, this is made with Selas Rainbow Diamonds huh…… I knew she liked them and often bought them from Sieg-san, but she mixed them with Orichalcon and used them as a material huh……

Putting my thoughts aside though, it seems like Amel-san had really bitten it.

[Furthermore, this Ouroboros is equipped with a special technique, so that if the users magic power is registered, even if you throw it, just by thinking of this spear, it will return to your hand.]

[Thinking of it and it will return…… Thats super cool.]

[And thats not all.]

[Theres more!]

In response to Amel-san, who seems to have returned to her original way of speaking due to feeling too much joy, Alice continued her explanation while holding out Ouroboros.

[Pour your magic power into it. Then, you will understand everything.]

[My magic power———! T- This is…… “the power of darkness”!]

When Amel-san, who received the Ouroboros from Alice, poured her magic power into the spear, something like sinister black flames appeared around the spear.

Just as Amel-san said, it does look like some sort of dark power.

[Yes, that spear brings forth jet-black flames by pouring magic power into it. Well, theyre actually just for aesthetics, and it doesnt really have any particular effects……]

[Fuaaaahhhh, amazing! This is amazing!]

Amel-sans excitement has reached its peak. Holding up the spear with her bandaged hand, she looked really delighted with the jet-black flames.

How should I say this…… I couldnt help smiling upon seeing her that excited.

[It does seem like Amel-san is manifesting the dark power sealed in your hand.]

[! ]

Arehh Was the thing sealed in Amel-san the power of darkness No, I dont really remember exactly what was sealed in it, but it seems like Amel-san liked what I had just said, so I guess there isnt any particular problem.

[……I can feel it. This spear, for time immemorial, it has waited…… For a being such as it who inhabits the power of the great darkness. From the moment I held it in my hands, I could sense it, the connection between us.]

[……Well, I only made that recently.]

Alice whispered as she looked at Amel-san, who seemed to be overcome with emotion, but she quickly regained her composure and cheerfully spoke.

[Indeed. I think that spear really suits you who is called the Black Gale……]

[So, Alice. In the end, how much is it]

[About 5 gold coins.]

In Japanese yen, thats 5,000,000 yen…… It certainly is something expensive, but if you consider that its made of a special material, being a combination of Orichalcon and Rainbow Diamond, is strong, has an Auto-Return function just by thinking about it, and had such aesthetic designs when you pour magic power into it, although there are only a few people who would gladly want something like this, I think its rather inexpensive.

[Of course, Ill buy it.]

[Thank you for your patronage~~]

As I had expected, Amel-san made an immediate decision to buy it, and taking out five gold coins, she put them on the counter.

[Ahh, Ill give you this as a bonus. Its a Bracelet-Type Voice-registered Storage-type Magic Tool. If you set a keyword beforehand, you can store and retrieve the spear with it.]

[T- Thats so cool…… Thank you!!!]

I guess this is something thats to be expected, as Alice and Amel-san got quite the affinity with each other. I think that the products Alice has that feel to it…… stuff that would make Amel-san happy.

Well, from the information I have so far, Alice definitely had the same disease as I had in the past, so I guess she would know what Amel-san would like just like I did.

[Im glad you found something you liked.]

[Unnn! Its thanks to my sworn friend! Thank you very much, Im very happy- Hrnn! A- As to be expected from the guidance of he who I recognize as my sworn friend, for you to have sensed that I have been searching for this spear for a long time. Even if I myself hadnt known about it, my sworn friend definitely knew about it. Hidden deep underground, the Cursed Spear awaiting those who possess the power of the righteous darkness…… This meeting is indeed a miracle, but its unquestionably my sworn friend that brought about this miracle.]

Well, in summary, shes thanking me for bringing her here. Although she was very satisfied already, we still havent gone to Alices miscellaneous goods store.

There are various other things in the miscellaneous goods store that I think Amel-san would like, so I think she will definitely be as pleased as she is now.


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