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Chapter 1190 - Black Wing's Invasion ③

{Authors Notes}

【The second release of Volume 13 character rough drafts has been posted in the Activity Report】


Amel-san, who really arrived within five minutes, seemed to be in high spirits.

[This is my sworn friends house huh, its so big- Erhem. A wonderful exterior that combines majesty and elegance, as one would expect from my sworn friend, its a good house fit for a special person to live in.]

[Thank you very much. Nevertheless, Im sorry you had to come all the way here.]

[It matters not, for if its for my sworn friends sake, Id come rushing to the ends of the world. The bond between our souls cannot be burnt down by mere reincarnation.]

[……A- Anyway, lets dont stand around and talk here, so please come in.]

[Ehehe, this is my first time visiting a friends ho——— Hrnn! Well then, Ill take your word for it.]

Ah, I see, the reason she seemed in high spirits was because it was the first time she was going to visit a friends house, so she was excited……

It may have just been my imagination, but Amel-san is probably an extremely elite loner. No, but she said she got colored contacts from…… No, she didnt describe them as such huh. She said she received them from an acquaintance, not a friend.

I dont know where the story of my predicament went, but at any rate, the happy Amel-san followed my lead and entered the house, her eyes scurrying around.

Leading her to the reception room and asking Illness-san to bring her a cup of tea, I decided to move on to the main topic of this time.

[Once again, thank you for coming here. Actually, the matter I wanted to consult with you……]

For the time being, I told Amel-san about Lilia-san, that Lilia-san wanted to do business with the Wingeds, and that I would like to introduce her to Lilia-san as long as Amel-san does not mind.

After listening to what I said, Amel-san nodded once before giving me a cool smile.

[……I dont mind. Its a request from none other than my sworn friend. As for the contract, you need not show it to me, as it should be done at a later date. Each person has their own role in this world, and we all have domains we consider sacred. However, rest assured. I assure you at this moment that I will open the door for you in the name of Amel, the Chief of the Wingeds.]

Errr…… The details of the contract will be negotiated with the person in charge of that at a later date, but the fact that she will be at the negotiation table will be assured at this point, right

[Thank you…… Well then, if youre not busy, may I introduce you to Lilia-san right away]

[Fuuu, ahh, of course. Im also interested in the greatly renowned White Rose Princess. She may be the radiant antithesis for this jet-black self, but I shall only tread upon the truth when I take a step forward.]

[You know about Lilia-san from rumors, but I guess you wont be able to tell if you get along with her until you meet her yourself huh]

[As expected of my sworn friend. Our hearts were indeed deeply connected with each other.]

I dont know why, but every time I read Amel-sans words correctly, I feel like her Affection Meters were getting higher. Even now, even though she speaks all coolly, I could feel the sparkles in her eyes……

W- Well, at any rate, it seems that Lilia-sans introduction isnt a problem, so lets get on with that already.

A few minutes after I contacted her, Lilia-san visited me in the reception room and sat down across from Amel-san. When I went to call her, she looked at me with dead fish eyes, and muttered “……Its been less than an hour since breakfast…… What in the world is going on……”. However, as to be expected from a noble, her expression firmly went back to normal when she arrived in the reception room.

After a brief introduction, Lilia-san started talking about their business.

[I will just confirm this, but would it be alright if I speak with the person in charge about transactions at a later date]

[Everything in this world holds a proper time for such things, held in a place appropriate to such an occasion. I will entrust such matters with the Sage of the Catalogues. If it can be done, I would like you to complete preparations by the time the darkness had dyed the world in its colors three times. As the Sage isnt one with the gale, they need time to get here.]

[……E- Errr……]

Hearing Amel-sans words, Lilia-san clearly has a troubled expression on her face. Perhaps, or rather, she definitely doesnt understand the meaning of Amel-sans words.

And so, as I had originally planned, I decided to be their interpreter.

[Errr…… In other words, shed like to send someone to Lilia-sans mansion at a later date, bringing a catalogue with the specialties and the details of your transactions, and the negotiations will be held there. As for the schedule, she would like you to decide on a date for the transactions after three days, and since they werent as fast as Amel-san, it will take them some time to travel from the Wingeds village to the Royal Capital, so please take that into consideration when planning the schedule…… is what she meant.]

[I see. Well then, regarding the negotiation schedule, I will send it to you again in writing, and you can visit us on a date convenient to us both. Is that alright]

[The radiant youve brought upon me doesnt bring dissatisfaction.]

[She said that would be fine.]

Amel-san was going at it full throttle, using some rather difficult phrases…… but as expected, Im also getting used to it and was able to interpret her words quite smoothly, and the discussion was progressing smoothly.

The only thing is, just as before, every time I interpreted her words, Amel-san would turn her sparkling eyes towards me, and I felt her Affection Meters rising again.


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