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Chapter 1188 - Black Wing's Invasion ①

Lilia slammed her head on the table with great force, but she immediately looked up and looked at me with a shuddering expression on her face.

Its just, well, if shell allow me to say my excuse…… Its not that Im hiding anything about this time. I just met Amel-san yesterday, and I didnt see Lilia-san from the time I returned from the tea party until breakfast today.

Todays breakfast was also centered on the topic of Mitsunaga-kuns wedding, so I didnt have the time to talk about yesterdays tea party…… Well, thats my reason.

[……Why is this guy always like this…… Saying he has connections with the unsociable Wingeds, as if its par for the course…… Moreover, the Wingeds Chief No more, Kaito-sans too scary.]

[I also cant help but be surprised…… but Miyama-sama. Just simply saying you got acquainted with them isnt enough this time. The Wingeds Chief certainly may be the best connection one could have, but the question is whether youre friendly and familiar enough with them that they are willing to accept negotiations……]

[Shes for some reason calling me her sworn friend.]

[……I guess that was a foolish question huh. I made a mistake, asking such a thing to the wrong person. Even with matters that would normally be difficult, common sense does not apply to Miyama-sama. I cant even imagine how you could have become the sworn friend of the Winged Chief just by going to a tea party……]

No, I myself dont really know why she liked me that much, but I think were friendly enough that I could probably introduce them to each other without any problems.

I mean, after the tea party, I immediately received lots of hummingbird messages such as “the miracle of meeting my sworn friend” and “we are two stars shining in the night sky”…… Well, I received quite a lot of messages, and I could tell shes somehow emotionally attached, or perhaps, holds favorable emotions for me.

[……Well, I think were getting along pretty well, so Ill confirm things with her after our meal. I think introducing you to her should be okay, but Im not sure about your dealings with her……]

[W- Well, Milady. It was certainly quite surprising, but this was something wed really like to have under the circumstances. With the other party being the Chief, I think it would be easier to pass a deal for their specialties……]

[……My stomach hurts……]

Lilia-san looked quite dreadful, but for the time being, please forgive me because this ones also beneficial for Lilia-san.

For now, I broke off the conversation by saying that I would try to get in touch with her right after breakfast.

After breakfast, I returned to my room and sent a hummingbird to Amel-san. What I just sent though was a preface message, stating “I have something I want to discuss with you, are you free”.

Im proud to say that Amel-san is friendly and I get along with her reasonably well but whether or not she will sign a contract with Lilia-san to trade local products is a different story.

So, Im going to stay by introducing Lilia-san and the others first…… but that brings about one problem. Amel-sans tone is quite peculiar.

How should I say this…… That tone of hers isnt a problem if you had been afflicted by the same disease, but if not, her words are quite difficult to understand.

This may just be my own imagination based on what Ive heard…… but I think Luna-san could probably understand her, but the others wouldnt be able to…… No, I suppose Luna-san wont be able to understand her either. It isnt that she had been afflicted with the same disease before and got cured, she just went through the natural phase of life and made some chuunibyou-like comments in the past.

That being the case, I guess Id really have to act as some sort of interpreter…… However, its not like I can completely understand her either.

I can understand some things from the nuances and the emotions conveyed by my Sympathy Magic, but when it comes to difficult matters, I think it would be difficult. Can I even act as an interpreter for a complex conversation such as commodity transactions

While I was thinking about this, I received a hummingbird from Amel-san containing her reply. She sure replied quite fast……

“My sworn friend, I see you require my assistance! Rest assured, my sworn friend and I have an unbreakable and undying friendship transcending generations. If you require my assistance, I will not hesitate to traverse any purgatory. You need not worry, oh my sworn friend! I shall become the black gale and surge to your side! ……I think “Ill be there in about 5 minutes”. Wait for me!”

……U- Unnn Arehh Thats strange…… Whats with this reply

Ill be there in about 5 minutes Become the black gale and surge to your side Is it just my imagination…… or doesnt these sentences sound like shes going to blast over here from her home back in Archlesia Empire……… Haha, thats impo…… No, that guy might seriously do this.

This is bad, what should I do Suppose she was moving fast, she might not even notice if I sent her a hummingbird.

I mean, with Amel-sans character, it really seems like shed come here with all her might…… so its highly likely she wouldnt notice it.

……H- Hmmm…… Yep, lets give up. Ill just tell Illness-san that a guest is coming and have her prepare some tea.


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