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Chapter 1187 - Tea Party's Conclusion and a New Invitation

After talking with Lillywood-san to some extent, we enjoyed the tea party, and after I returned to the table where Isis-san was, as promised, I also visited a few other tables.

Along with the Harmonic Symphony, I feel that the Seven Princesses got to know each other quite well.

Theres also Amel-san, who Im not really sure why her Affection Meter is quite high, but she was very sad to say goodbye to me and promised to come visit my home.

When I returned home after the tea party, it was quite late and I was thinking of eating dinner, taking a bath and getting ready for bed when Anima brought me a letter addressed to me.

Anima was the one checking the letters that arrived at my house, and if they were invitations for nobles tea parties or something like that, she would take care of them, while those letters sent to me by people I exchange letters with, such as Neun-san and Chris-san, would be delivered to me.

[Master, I received what seemed to be an invitation sent to you.]

[An invitation Sent in this rather luxurious envelope…… The fact youre bringing this to me, Anima, means that it came from someone I know]

Remembering that I also received an invitation for the tea party earlier, I looked at the back of the envelope……

[Eh From Mitsunaga-kun Ahh, I see, this is for his wedding with Cattleya-san!]

The envelope seemed to have been sent by Mitsunaga-kun, and when I opened it, I found that it was a letter confirming my attendance at his wedding.

After he completed playing his role as the Hero, Mitsunaga-kun has currently received the status of a noble. Since he is to marry a princess, Cattleya-san, he has not only a position but also an actual fiefdom, and I heard that hes now living there and managing the fiefdom while learning various things from Cattleya-san.

Also, although Mitsunaga-kun and Cattleya-san are engaged, they are not yet officially married. According to their official statement, they are planning to hold the ceremony after Mitsunaga-kun becomes a full-fledged lord, but in reality, they were probably waiting for me, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan to return to this world.

After they confirmed our return to this world, it seemed like they started making preparations for the wedding.

[……As expected, the date is still a long way off, but Im looking forward to it. Anima, Ive marked our attendance, so could you send it to me]

[Yes, please leave it to me.]

[Thanks, Im counting on you.]

Of course, I decided to attend without hesitation. The date is…… a little over three months away, so there were still some time before its held. Well, Mitsunaga-kun is now a noble and Cattleya-san is a princess, so there will be many invited guests, and it will take a long time just to confirm the guests attendance.

No, in the first place, it may just be me who still doesnt know about this, and they may have already been checking the attendance of the guests for the wedding ceremony for a long time. I have never been invited to a wedding before, so I wouldnt really know……

The next day, I was talking with Aoi-chan and Hina-chan at the breakfast table. The topic was, of course, Mitsunaga-kuns wedding.

[Haahh~~ Seigi is about to get married huh…… Things sure changed.]

[I mean, Mitsunaga-kun has been in this world all this while, so wouldnt that mean he had become older than me now This kinda feels weird……]

[Ahh, I see, almost two years had passed here before we returned, and when in the first place, the changes in Aoi-chan and Hina-chans bodies like height after the one year passed in this world had also been reverted when we returned to our former world…… So the Mitsunaga-kun now should be 18 or 19 years old now……]

Aoi-chan and Hina-chan were still in the period of growth and had grown taller to some extent during the initial one-year period, so Shiro-san had returned only their bodies to the state they were in at the time we were summoned, leaving their magic power and other such growth untouched.

However, Mitsunaga-kun, who had decided to completely immigrate to this world, did not receive such measures. Mitsunaga-kun has been living in this world for a total of nearly three years, so in terms of age, he has surpassed his senpai Aoi-chan.

[Its also been a while since Ive seen Cathy, so Im looking forward to that day.]

Lilia-san, who was also having breakfast in the dining room,joined the conversation. For Lilia-san, Cattleya-san is her niece, so shes naturally invited to the wedding as well.

While we were talking about Mitsunaga-kuns wedding, Luna-san, who looked a little grim, came into the dining room and approached Lilia-san.

[……Milady, it was still no good.]

[I see, it really is difficult as expected huh. Unfortunately, I guess we can only give up this time……]

I dont know what happened, but I could tell that it didnt look good. Seemingly curious about what happened, Hina-chan timidly spoke.

[Lilia-san…… Is something the matter]

[Ahh, errr, the manager of a store I own consulted me along with an idea for a new product. The new product was a very good one, but they needed a specialty of the Wingeds as material. We did have someone try checking with them, but it was unfortunately a miss.]

[The Wingeds basically dont have much interaction with other races, so its quite difficult to trade with them. Milady indeed has gained more connections than before, but the number of personnel who can negotiate to the Wingeds is really limited……]

Lilia-sans words were supplemented by Luna-san, to which we nodded our heads in understanding. I see, considering the way Lilia-san worded it out, they probably tried to send a messenger who seemed to be connected to the Wingeds, but it probably didnt work.

As I was thinking about that, Luna-san chuckled before she spoke.

[How about we ask Miyama-sama for help If its Miyama-sama, he probably already has connections to the Wingeds.]

[Ahaha, thats a good idea. How about it, Kaito-san Do you have any acquaintances among the Wingeds you can introduce us to]

Luna-sans tone completely sounds like she was just joking, and I can tell that Lilia-san also intended to just joke along with her…… However, whats troubling is that…… I do have it. Connections with them, I mean.

[……Errr, back in the tea party yesterday, I did get acquainted with the Wingeds Chief, Amel-san.]

Immediately after that, Lilia-san slammed her face to the table.

Serious-senpai : [Finally…… No, he technically still hasnt appeared yet, but Seigi is finally reappearing after years have passed huh…… And just as usual, a certain someones stomach has been destroyed.]-

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