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1183 - Extra Chapter : "Teach me! Shall-tan-sensei!!! Authority Chapter"

My apologies. Ive been a little busy today and dont think Ill have to write a full chapter, so Ill just make do with a slightly changed mini-chapter from the Light Novel.

※The timeline is around the time Isis and Kaito started dating.

※At this time, Alice and Fate arent lovers yet.

One fine afternoon, I was heading to Alices miscellaneous goods store. Alice is always right behind me as my guard, but I often go to her miscellaneous goods store when I want to chat or hang out with Alice.

Heading towards the miscellaneous goods store through the street that Im quite familiar with nowadays, when I arrived there and found another person there besides Alice.

[Unnn Arehh If it isnt Kai-chan. Yahooo~~]


In front of the counter, riding on her floating cushion, drinking tea with Alices clone dressed in a cat costume was the Supreme God of the God Realm, Fate-san.

As I tilted my head, wondering why Fate-san was here, the cat costumed clone blurred and taking its place was the familiar Alice…… The real one probably changed places with the clone.

As Alice set up a chair for me in front of the counter, as she had been used to doing on my visits, she spoke.

[……Fate-san often comes here, you know]

[Is that so…… I see. I was just thinking that it was an unexpected combination……]

[Shall-tan and I are soul friends after all!]

Hearing my words, Fate-san gave me a thumbs up, to which Alice had an astounded expression on her face.

[Well, my friendship Fate-san goes for 20,000 years already…… Weve been friends since the day I went with Kuro-san to invade the God Realm, and she would come visit the shop often. She never bought any of my merchandise though…… She never bought any of my merchandise though!!!]

[……Within my mind, Ive shopped here more than a thousand times though.]

[You buying my stuff in your mind doesnt make sales, you know!]

[But, but, I properly help you out, Shall-tan. I even lent you the temple of one of my subordinates before.]

Its quite unusual that Alice is the one doing the tsukkomi. And there, I feel like something Fate-san said something I just couldnt overlook. She lent her a temple Could she be talking about that About that thing Chronois-san told me before, how Alice took the form of a God and gave blessings to people

I was wondering how she slipped in…… but I never expected that she would have a Supreme God as an accomplice.

[Well, lets put that aside for a moment and explain to Kaito-san…… that Fate-san often takes refuge here.]

[……Unnn She takes refuge here]

[Yes, my store is a little special, and Ive made it so that it cant be detected by Search Magic.]

[Yes, yes, Shall-tans Recognition Inhibition Magic is the best in the world, so even God of Space and Time cant find me here.]

Just as usual, Chronois-san was feeling troubled. Ill tell Chronois-san where to find this miscellaneous goods store next time…… Yep, lets do that.

[Well, as expected, she would definitely find this place if she used Fate-san and Life-sans authority at the same time.]

[That cant be helped. Magic and authority basically dont have the same power…… Well, Im sure that when it comes down to it, Shall-tan would be able to deceive her way out of it.]

[Speaking of which, I dont really know much about them…… but whats the difference between magic and authority]

I was curious about what Fate-san casually said, so I decided to ask them about the difference between magic and authority. Somehow, from what Fate-san just said, I got the impression that the authority is a higher power than magic…… I wonder how it actually was

In response to my question, Alice and Fate-san exchanged a glance and nodded at each other, before Alice spoke.

[……I suppose it would be alright. Kaito-san is getting more and more acquainted with the Gods, and since Fate-san, a Supreme God, is here, shall we explain what authority is]

[Unnn. If its alright, yes.]

[Yes, yes. Well then, Ill get things prepared then.]

[Prepared what]

As soon as she said that, Alice took a huge blackboard out of nowhere, and at the same time, an armchair that looked like something you would find in a school appeared, and for some reason, Fate-san sat on it. Moreover, looking at her again, I saw Alices outfit had changed to a white coat for some reason. Thereupon, Alice and Fate-san exchanged glances once again, nodded once, and spoke at the same time.

[ [ Teach me! Shall-tan-sensei!!! ] ]


The heck, you starting a skit or something!

[And thus, in this corner, I, Shall-tan-sensei, will be answering the questions of the students.]

[Here! Shall-tan-sensei!]

Errr, in other words, Alice is playing the role of the teacher, while Fate-san, who just raised her hand, is playing the role of the student Im starting to feel like I asked the wrong people……

Also, its not the God Fate-san thats teaching, it would be Alice huh…… Well, it certainly feels like it would be impossible to have Fate-san take the role of a teacher.

As I was stunned by the turn of events, a smug smile appeared on Alices lips, before she pointed towards Fate-san, who was holding up her hand.

[Yes, Student Fate-san. You can ask your question.]

[Im tired already, so can I go home now]

[Why! We havent even answered a single question yet! Look, Ill bake you some cookies later, so please take it seriously.]


I wonder what kind of reaction I should make here These two were acting like complete idiots, but on one hand is one of the Six Kings, the pinnacles of the Demon Realm, while on the other hand is a Supreme God from the God Realm.

With these two standing among the top of the world, Im feeling anxious if this world would be alright.

[Well then, once again, Shall-tan-sensei, I have a question!]

[Yes, please ask.]

[Does bananas count as snacks]

[Unnn, lets see. Bananas are nutritious, sweet and easy to eat when youre hungry, so with it being a great food, I dont conside——— Wait, what kind of stupid questions are you saying now!]

A self-tsukkomi……. How should I say this…… These two sure are close. And as I thought, with this combination, Alice ended up being the tsukkomi instead of the boke.

In fact, looking at them like this, they seemed to make a great combination, and their personality seemed to be compatible with each other.

[No, I just thought thats something I should ask at least once. Anyhow, once again, what are these authorities that Gods use]

Ill say this now, but seeing how the one asking the question is a Supreme God, it really looked like a farce.

[Authorities are inherent abilities of Gods, directly given to them by the absolute God of the world, Shallow Vernal-sama. At the same time, authority is also something that the Gods govern. The fact that Gods were referred to as “God of 〇〇〇” denotes the authority they govern.]

[Ehhh~~ In that case, how is that any different from magic]

[Yes, they may be similar, but theyre also very different. The authority allows them control over the concept itself, so its a higher power than magic.]

[Teach. Please teach us in an easier to understand way.]

[Lets see. If I were to compare it to sport, magic is an art that allows the athletes to improve, while the authority allows them to manipulate the rules of the game itself, or something like that In the first place, in relation to existence, authorities are far higher.]

While explaining what authority is, Alice began drawing pictures on the blackboard. Drawn on it was chibified Fate-san and Alice, and some dice.

[Lets take Fate-sans authority over fate as an example. First off all, the principle itself, Principle of Causality Manipulation can be used even by the upper ranks of the High-ranking Demons. There is even magic that allows you to see the future and manipulate the principle of causality.]

[Arehh Then, wouldnt magic, that could do the same thing as an authority, be superior]

[Of course, even though it cant do everything, magic does allow them to use such abilities. For example, if I wanted to determine the outcome of this dice roll, I could easily do that. In this situation, heres a question. What would happen if Fate-san and I were to use our abilities to determine the roll of this die If I try to get a one and Fate-san tries to get a six…… What do you think would happen]

[Hmmm…… I guess that would depend on whos stronger among you two huh]

Indeed, even Ein-san can manipulate time, which makes me understand that what can be done with authority can also be done with magic. But then, I cant tell the difference between magic and authority anymore. As I was thinking that, Fate-san asked Alice to explain again, which she reiterated with an explanation thats easier to understand.

[As a matter of fact, that isnt the case. Even if Im many times stronger than Fate-san, in this case, the six that Fate-san determined will always come out. Its the truth of the world that authority would always be superior to magic…… That is because authorities are the rules themselves. Thus, even if a magic and an authority were to do the same thing, the authority will always take precedence.]

[Then, does that mean those who make use of authorities are much more powerful than magic users]

[As a matter of fact, it cant be said that this would generally be the case. Since the authority is a very specialized power, they wont be able to do anything that doesnt correspond to their authority. With magic, they would be able to do as many things as they want depending on their personal skills, but while authority may be more powerful, its effects are limited.]

[Fumu fumu.]

In other words, it would be like the all-rounders vs the specialized Magic can do a wide variety of things, but its absolutely no match for authorities that can do the same effect as their spells.

On the other hand, authorities would have absolute dominance within a certain scope, but it can only do certain things, so there would also be times when they arent very practical.

[……Well, I can do a lot of things with my authority.]

[……There are exceptions after all. Fate-sans authority is basically known as the strongest because it allows her to interfere with any phenomena. Its for this reason that Fate-san is the strongest among the Gods, aside from Shallow Vernal-sama……]

Indeed, Fate-sans authority that allows her to interfere with the principle of causality sounded like it could do anything. In short, except towards those whom her authority is ineffective, Fate-san holds absolute supremacy over all others…… Unnn, I dont need to think about this again, she had an incredible cheat.

In contrast to that, Chronois-sans authority of time has a very powerful effect, but it probably only allows her to do a limited number of things.

[Ahh, by the way, one more thing. Why are authorities superior to magic in the first place]

[Its simple. The authorities are reproductions of Shallow Vernal-samas power itself. Shallow Vernal-sama is the God of the world, the highest power in the world.]

I see, Shiro-san certainly was the God who created this world. In other words, it would make sense that Shiro-sans power is the absolute rules of this world and the most powerful.

(In other words…… I am the rules.)

I kinda feel like the meaning of those words were different from what I had in mind.

Shiro-san spoke into my mind as if its a matter of course…… Her voice was as inflectionless as usual, and her expression probably hadnt changed…… but I kinda feel like Im hearing her smugness from here.


No, you dont really have to say it out…… Well, anyhow, I could tell that Shiro-san was amazing.

(You can praise me more, you know Praises make me happy.)

Lets just leave that for another time……

Leaving the conversation with Shiro-san at an appropriate time, I turned my gaze back to Alice and Fate-san.

[……I see. I understand now! Thank you, Shall-tan-sensei!]

[No, no, do you have other questions]

[Yeeeeees! How can I win over Kai-chan!!!]

Oi, with that serious expression on your face incomparable to earlier, the heck are you asking, Supreme God……

[Lets see. Even though he looks like this, Kaito-san is kind of a pushover. I dont recommend forcing yourself on him though, because Kuro-san will definitely appear and stop you…… Putting it in another way, forceful ways are effective as long as they arent those that would make Kuro-san intervene. Perhaps, even if you force him out on a date, hell just go along with it.]

[Fumu fumu.]

[The route Fate-san uses, clinging to him and acting spoiled around him, seems to be very effective. In fact, I think that if you keep your requests a little more moderate, he will pamper you quite a bit. Kaito-san is a softie after all.]

Youre supposed to be one of the Six Kings, right The heck are you coaching there…… Also, doesnt that really sound like youre telling her really effective means!

Indeed, if for example, Fate-san isnt asking me stuff like marrying her or adopting her…… and was instead asking me to go shopping with her, or hang out with her…… I feel like I might really just agree.

Well, fortunately, Fate-san is probably not going to do it. She wont, right I mean, its Fate-san were talking about here. Even if shes taking notes over there, shes probably going to think that its too troublesome when shes about to execute it, so it will be back to the usual routine.

[Moreover, I estimated that Kaito-sans preferred situation was……]

[Mhmm, Kai-chans preference!]

I wonder why I kinda feel like the situation is turning ominous. If things keep going like this, much less my privacy…… Even the fetishes I myself dont know would be exposed to the public.

I- I need to stop them…… But putting aside Alice, I wonder if I can stop Fate-san Its not like Kuro would just come at the right time……

(Ill teach you some magical words.)

Unnn Magical words

(“Help me, Shiro-san”. Just say these words and everything will be solved)

……Errr, u- unnn…… Help me, Shiro-san.

[ [ Higyaaaahhhh! ] ]


The moment I muttered that, above Alice and Fate-sans heads…… a piko piko hammer appeared, and swung down on their heads.

And then, just as I heard the cute little poink sound, the two of the most powerful beings in the world were, for some reason, rolling around with their hands in their hands.

[……Wait, Kaito-san. I can already guess what happened…… but you do realize that hammer really hurts, right! Of all the people to ask, it had to be her Seriously, can you please not do that She doesnt know what moderation is…… Not only does it penetrate all of my magic defenses, it also inflicts pain “directly to my sense of pain, you know!]

[Im sorry! Shallow Vernal-sama, everything is because of my depravity! I- Im really sorry!!! P- P- Please forgive me……]

[……Ah, no, ummm…… Im really sorry. Wait, Fate-san! Please calm down!]

[Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry……]

Its effect was more frightening than I expected. Alice was writhing in pain upon receiving the strong attack of Shiro-san, someone who doesnt know moderation. However, the damage to Fate-san was more serious than that.

It seems like the fact that a God, Fate-san, has been scolded by Shiro-san was an even more serious incident than I thought…… After stumbling around in pain, she got down on her knees, half-crazed, and banged her head on the floor repeatedly, and just like a broken recorder, she repeatedly apologized.

The magic words I had uttered in an attempt to request for help had an unexpectedly powerful effect….. After I had tried helping out Fate-san, who had suffered great mental damage, I had to ask Shiro-san to come out…… which somehow ended up needing more effort than I had thought.

This is the moment when I vowed never to use these dangerous magical words again.

However, it seemed like fate could be ironic, as I had used these words again later…… and brought a single wyvern to a disastrous end.

Serious-senpai : […..Ahh, this piko piko hammer later came to Kaitos hands, which is then used on a certain perverted bird……]-

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