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How should I say this… the conversation went on and on, and before I knew it, it was decided that a party would be held in the garden of Lilia-sans mansion.

However, Megiddo-san, the one who started this whole ruckus, has disappeared, leaving his men who were making preparations quickly and efficiently, behind.

They dont seem to be bothered by it, as they continue to make preparations…… But is it really alright for the person whos, in a sense, the star of the show

And just as I was thinking about that…… A pillar of flames rose in front of the gate again, and Megiddo-san came back. I wonder if this person raises a pillar of flames everytime he teleports

However, those questions were quickly blown away when I saw Megiddo-san returning.

Megiddo-san was holding “three trees” in one hand, and a huge green deer, even bigger than Megiddo-san, in the other.

[Ohh, sorry for the wait!]

[……Ummm, Megiddo-san…… Whats that]

[Unnn Ahh, the meat of this deer is quite good. Also, I dont mind eating just meat, and since I think there would be humans who would like some fruits at the party, I also brought these with me!]

[……Hey, Megiddo. Isnt that…… a Forest Horn]

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[Huh I dont remember the names of every single food I eat.]

[……Did you get permission from Lillywood]

[Why do I have to ask permission from Lillywood]

Seeing the deer that Megiddo-san had hunted, “Kuro” spoke to him with a dumbfounded look on her face.

For some reason though, Lillywood-sans name came up…… How should I say this… I have a really pitiful premonition.

[The population of the Forest Horns is becoming lesser and lesser, so she said that she will be limiting the market of their meat.]

[Is that so Well, she shouldnt be bothered with all these trivial things!]

[……Im sure Lillywood already had her head on her hands right now……]

Apparently, Megiddo-san was in Lillywood-sans territory () and took this deer and trees without permission.

……Thinking about Megiddo-sans personality though, it doesnt sound like this is the first time he did this……

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The largest forest in the Demon Realm…… is under the control of the World King Lillywood.

In the corner of that forest, the king of that forest, Lillywood was stunned.

“…..This is…… What in the world……”

[Ahh, World King-sama! J- Just now, War King-sama appeared out of the blue…… and said that he was going to have a party, so he will be taking some fruits and meat……]


Hearing the situation that her follower had hurriedly told her, Lillywood looked out of the corner of her eye…… and became speechless from the sight of several trees pulled out from their roots.


The preparations for the party were ready, and the people living in Lilia-sans mansion, including Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san, came out to the garden.

When Megiddo-san held up his large cup and was about to make a toast…… A tree grew in the garden of the mansion.

Then, the tree that had sprung out wriggled and changed shape, and there appeared Lillywood-san.

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[Ohh, isnt this Lillywood, you also wanna join us]

“I didnt come for that! How dare you devastate my forest!!!”

[……Did I do that]

While Lillywood-san is clearly trembling with anger, Megiddo-san tilts his head, not seeming particularly bothered by it.

Seeing Megiddo-sans reaction, Lillywood-san looks even angrier and sharply glares at Megiddo-san.

How should I say this…… I knew that they have their own problems over there but…… Seeing that there are three of the Six Kings in her garden, it seems that Lilia-sans consciousness departed, so problems were appearing over this side as well.

“The tree lying there is the best evidence!”

[Ahh, I see……. I took some fruits!]

“But you dont have to pull out the whole tree!”

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[Wouldnt it be faster with that method]

“……How many times do I have to tell you the same thing before you start harvesting normally, you muscle head!”


“What is it”

The exchange between Lillywood-san and Megiddo-san gets more heated-up as time passes and finally, Megiddo-sans voice becomes lower.

However, Lillywood-san is also one of the Six Kings…… she stared back at him without flinching at all.

And then, along with a sound as if the air is creaking between them, a storm of magic power blows in the air.

[……Are you looking for a fight, cause Im buying it, Lillywood.]

“All right. Apparently, just talking to you isnt enough …… Lets change places.”

[Im right behind you!]

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……A fight started before the feast began.

I dont know if Lillywood-san and Megiddo-san decided that they cant fight with all their might here, as they both disappeared at almost the same time with Teleportation Magic.

Rather, to think that the mild-mannered Lillywood-san would get so angry to that extent…… Megiddo-san probably already did the same thing once or twice……

Stunned by the sight of the star of the show ( ) along with the other members of the Six King that suddenly appeared, “Kuro” spoke with a dumbfounded expression on her face.

[……Well, theyre probably going to take a while. The feast will probably start after Megiddo and Lillywood comes back.]

[……Thats probably the case.]

[Well, in the meantime, do you want to chat with me, Kaito-kun Hey, Kaito-kun, do you have any thoughts on my magical beast mode]

[Eh Not really.]

[You dont have any!]

At any rate, if the two of them dont come back, the conversations wont progress, so Ill be chatting with “Kuro” until then.

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With a look filled with expectation, she talked about her earlier magical beast form…… She asked me my thoughts about it, but even if she asked me that, I cant really think of anything in particular.

[L- Look, there must be something, right Whether it looks cool or it looks frightening!]

[……Isnt it hard to move with all those spikes]

[Youre asking that!]

I have a feeling that the spikes are going to poke her body if shes walking around in that form.

As if my words were unexpected, “Kuro” looked astonished and she stiffened…… but after a while, she spoke again looking flustered.

[No, no, but look, there must be something, right! I never showed you my magical beast mode to you, didnt I Is there anything you want to ask me]

[……Hmmm. Then, can I ask you one question]

[Mhhmm. Ask me anything!]

It doesnt seem to bother her that I didnt have any thoughts about her magical beast mode, but when “Kuro” asked me if I dont have any question at all, I decided to ask what Id been wanting to ask “Kuro” while I have the chance.

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“Kuro” looks at me expectantly…… and as I stare into those golden eyes, I leisurely spoke.

[……”Who are you”]


Hearing my question, this time, “Kuro” completely stiffens.

After a moment of heavy silence, “Kuro” had a troubled smile on her face as she spoke.

[Whats with that~~ Kaito-kun, what are you talking about Im—– [Youre not Kuro, right] ——!]

To be honest, I didnt have any proof, it was almost like a hunch…… But Im sure.

Shes in front of me now. This being with the same appearance as Kuro, the same voice, and the same magic power…… isnt Kuro.

[……What in the world are you talking about, Kaito-kun. Whats your basis for……]

[I dont have any basis for that. I also dont know the reason…… However, youre a different person. Youre not Kuro.]

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Listening to my words I told her filled with a stronger conviction and tone than before, “Kuro” became silent.

And after a short period of silence again…… She spoke with a voice different from before.

[……I must say, Im quite surprised.]

[ ! ]

She still looks like Kuro, but her voice has changed…… to a familiar high-pitched voice.

[Thats the first time Ive been seen through. I need to revise my opinion of you…… However, for now, I will praise you. Splendid work…..]

[……Phantasmal King, No Face.]

[Yes, it is I. Good gracious, youre surprising me.]

While applauding in Kuros form, the Phantasmal King threw words of praise at me.

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……Its quite unbelievable. Even now that I know her true identity, I still cant tell the difference in appearance between the Phantasmal King and Kuro, and even the feeling of her magic power is also the same……

Even earlier, neither Chronois-san, a Supreme God, nor Megiddo-san, one of the Six Kings noticed…… A perfectly unnoticed disguise.

No, rather than calling it a disguise, it might be more appropriate to call it a copy now.

[Miyama Kaito. You have successfully driven away the threat of the War King. I didnt expect you to pull it off so quickly. Terrific…… Its making me proud of you.]

[……Why the heck are you saying that with her mouth……]

[However, Im still not satisfied yet. Show me more…… Your possibilities.]


After announcing in her uncanny voice, that sounded somewhat happy, the Phantasmal King looks straight at me and smiles.

[However, before that…… I must reward you for overcoming your second trial…… You can have this.]

[……This is]

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Out of nowhere, the Phantasmal King pulls out a small…… card about the size of a playing card, and holds it out to me.

[Youre going to visit the Death Kings residence, arent you Then, Im sure that this will help you.]

[ ! ]

Truly, not only is she uncanny, but shes also irritating.

I heard that all information is being gathered by the Phantasmal King, and theres apparently no falsehood in that statement…… This person even knows about such things.

No, in the first place, this person can disguise herself so well that almost no one can recognize her…… She may have been disguised as someone else near me, and she may even be someone among those people I casually greet.

As I feel fear once again for the Phantasmal King, still wearing Kuros face, she happily smiles.

[I have high hopes for you. Miyama Kaito…… I hope you keep up the good work and overcome all my trials.]


[And then, I will present myself before you…… When you stand before the abyss……]

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[! Wait!]

[……Lets meet again.]

Once again, leaving only words, the Phantasmal King disappears like smoke.

Leaving behind an even more uncanny dreadfulness than the last time we met……

Dear Mom, Dad——- Before I knew it, a King blended in. She, who can be aptly described as the embodiment of Empty Illusions, the Phantasmal King—— is a very uncanny being.


Phantasmal King: “Eh No way~! He already became friends with the War King! Kuhh~ As expected of my beloved human! Now thats what Im talking about! This wont do, I have to personally congratulate him! Ill also bring a “present”……. Keep up the good work!”

……is what the good guy said.-

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