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It's not that I want a job, or that I have to do something to keep myself busy, or that I'm in need of money.

I was just having the lighthearted thought that if I'm going to live in this world, I should be able to earn my own money….. but for some reason, Alice stopped me with the most serious expression I have ever seen on her face.

[……Errr, i- is it really that big of a deal]

[It will really become that big of a deal. Just thinking about such a situation is scary…… It seems that Kaito-san doesn't quite understand the gravity of the situation, so I'll explain to you how each of such situations could be possible.]

[Ahh, yes.]

How should I say this…… With a low voice that sounded like the assassin mode that I had once seen in Archlesia Empire and with a menacing expression on her face, Alice continued.

[First of all, let's say that Kaito-san is hired by someone. What do you think will happen then Do you think that deranged God would keep quiet about someone who is in the position of "Kaito-san's boss"]

[……I don't think so.]

Indeed, I don't think Eden-san would stay quiet in such a situation. Rather, let's make sure such a thing doesn't happen.

What will happen in that situation…… is so scary to even imagine.

[And let's say, hypothetically, that you somehow convince that lunatic and Kaito-san starts working…… I'll say this now, but your hypothetical boss and co-workers would "treat you like a walking timebomb", you know After all, if something ever happens to Kaito-san…… No, even if it's something like being scolded for something Kaito-san does, dangerous people would come swooping in to your side.]

[……By your words, does that mean that it wouldn't just be Eden-san]

[My lunatic subordinate, that fanatic maid, this world's God, "……You're…… bullying Kaito.", there's a whole lot of them.]


Indeed, now that she mentioned it, it would end up in one heck of a minefield. What's more frightening is that most of those people are likely to finish their actions before I could even be aware of their thoughts.

In a way, Eden-san, who flamboyantly makes her actions, might actually be the easier one to deal with.

[Well then, let's think about the situation where Kaito-san starts your own business instead of being employed by someone else.]

[U- Unnn.]

[First of all, I'm 100% sure that doing such a thing would make Anima-san cry in despair.]


["B- Because I'm not working hard enough…… M- Master would move himself…… M- My apologies! Please, oh please reconsider! I will try even harder! So that Master wouldn't have to bother himself…… That's why…… please……"]

[……That's seriously going to happen]

[According to the prediction that Alice-chan's supercomputer-like brain, there's a 100% chance that will happen.]

……Then, that would really happen. I see, Anima certainly is too serious of a person…… If such a situation does happen, she will definitely think that "it must be her fault"……

[In addition, there's also that development where….. Saying "K- Kaito-kun! What's the matter Do you need money In that case, I'll give you some. How much do you want ……For the time being, how about 10,000 white gold coins", the world's richest person in the world would become seriously worried about you.]


[There's also that God of Creation who would recognize Kaito-san working meant that she would have less time to spend with her…… I wouldn't find it strange if you suddenly woke up with a mountain of white gold coins in your garden.]

[……N- No, as expected, making money that way is no good……]

[No good Says who It's Shallow Vernal-sama we're talking about here, you know Who would even dare complain to her By the way, Kuro-san would also be on Shallow Vernal-sama's side in this matter, you know As I said earlier, if you work, that would mean that you might not be able to spend as much time with Kuro-san as she would like.]

Indeed, in a sense, Shiro-san is an absolute being in this world. In the eyes of the world, the three realms are treated as equals.

However, it is the "Supreme Gods" that is considered on par with the Six Kings, the pinnacle of the Demon Realm, and not Shiro-san.

And even the Six Kings, including Ein-san and Alice, who talk to the Supreme Gods with some degree of friendliness, only call Shiro-san with "Shallow Vernal-sama" and are being treated completely differently by them.

Shiro-san did jokingly said "I'm the rule here"…… but in reality, I can't say that's wrong.

Shiro-san is the God of this world…… if Shiro-san says that ravens are white, then in this world, ravens are perceived as white. Moreover, no one would ever complain to Shiro-san.

The only exception to this is Kuro, but if it is as Alice says, Kuro would take Shiro-san's side in this matter.

[……How should I say this…… This might be a weird way of putting it…… but me working won't make anyone happy huh……]

[That's right. Kaito-san working brings no benefit at all, and would just bring unhappiness to a lot of people.]

I don't know, this might be just an exaggeration…… but it's as if the world is telling me not to work……

[I mean, it's not like you really want to work or anything like that, right, Kaito-san]

[Well, that…… certainly is true.]

[And you also weren't in need of money.]

[U- Unnn.]

[……Doesn't that mean you don't need to work]

[I don't…… I guess.]

I can't find any words to refute what Alice said. Rather, due to what I've been told, I can't see any benefit in working at all.

[If it's money you're looking for in the long run, just leave it to Anima-san. With her capabilities, I'm sure she can earn enough money for Kaito-san to live comfortably.]

[……Now that you mention it, has Anima really become that great]

[Of course. Anima-san has become so good at managing money that she has become “well-known as The Hope in the business world”.]


This was a new revelation. Anima is a serious and hardworking person, and considering the fact that she had actually doubled the amount of money I had left her, I knew that she has really grown within the past two years.

However, I didnt realize that she had grown to the point that Alice, who is rather harsh in her evaluation of others, appreciates her so much……

[Animas amazing. To have grown so much in just two years……]

[……Well, she had one outrageous teacher after all.]


[Theres “a certain business don who loves to raise talented baby birds that clears her evening schedule to meet with Kaito-san”, but when Kaito-san went back to Earth, she had gained a lot of free time.]

[……Kuro huh.]

I see, so Anima was taught by Kuro about investing and such things……

[Well, Kuro-sans teaching ability is the best in the world. I have to admit that Im inferior to her in this aspect.]

[Its kinda unusual for Alice to say that much, isnt it]

[Well, theres the difference in the number of people weve raised but……]

Well, the number of baby birds Kuro has raised is quite extraordinary. I even heard that most of the people who live in that city where Kuros house is located were baby birds that Kuro had raised.

[No, I am quite confident in my teaching skills…… but for some strange reason, whenever I raise a baby bird from scratch, “they would have some sort of bugs in them”.]

[Bugs Like system bugs]

[The most obvious example…… should be Pandora.]

[I see…… N- No, even so, as expected of Kuro. To make her grow from almost nothing to that level in two years……]

[No, she had apparently finished teaching Anima-san the basics of economics in about six months…… and as for the rest of the time, she had only been teaching her “combat skills”.]

It seems that my lover is a much better teacher than I had imagined. Thinking about it again, even though I have almost no talent in magic, I was still able to make simple magic tools in about half a year after meeting Kuro…… Thinking about it once again, she really is quite outrageous.

[……Kuros amazing.]

[Yes, to be honest, I also didnt expect that Kuro-san would be able to make single-minded, musclehead Anima-san “learn Advanced Unarmed Combat Techniques”.]

[……Could it be that Anima has also become outrageously powerful]

[Well, I wont go into detail…… but shes powerful enough to fight against Lilia-san.]

I dont know how many times Ive thought of this…… but shes amazing. Kuro, I mean.

Serious-senpai : [……⑦ has finally arrived…… but where the heck is the party……]

: [Its alright. In the next chapter, we would cut all fillers, like Ryze-sans reappearance, and head straight to the party.]-

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