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Chapter 1176 - Intermission: Understanding Person

Amel, the current head of the Winged species, thought she was special as long as she can remember. Feeling a sense of omnipotence peculiar to a certain disease known in Kaitos world as chuunibyou, she strongly believed that she was a being apart from her surroundings.

However, if one were to ask if she was arrogant, that wasnt the case. Amel was simply trying to be the cool person she envisioned in her mind, and although her words and actions were different, they werent demeaning or condescending.

If that were all there is to it, the story might have just been her having early puberty. However, Amel…… being a special person is a fact.

Being the Special Individual Winged, possessing black wings, her ability at a young age was also overwhelmingly better than her peers. She was stronger than any of the Wingeds in the past, and by the time she was 500 years old, her power was already comparable to a Peerage-holding Demon.

Because of her strength and strange charisma, she took over as the Chief of the Wingeds and became a special Winged in both name and reality.

But sadly…… being special doesnt always conform with ones wishes. Amel herself was just trying to be the cool person she envisioned herself to be, but this was perceived as strange behavior by those around her.

People around her thought that “because she was special, she must be thinking differently from others”. It wasnt that they made fun of Amel, but they simply dismissed that her way of thinking as something they couldnt understand.

It could be said that it was a rational decision. If you dont take into account the feelings of those who are subjected to such a gaze, that is……

There was no one who understood Amel. The Winged species in itself doesnt actively interact with other species, and there was no one she could call a friend.

Even then, Amel didnt really think of this as a bad thing.She thought that since she was special, it was inevitable that people around her wouldnt understand her, and that in a sense, it would be natural for her to be in isolation…… Well, if its possible, it isnt that she didnt want to have people who understand her…… friends……

The first major turning point for such an Amel came 800 years after her birth, when she attended a tea party at the invitation of the World King, Lillywood Yggdrasil.

There, she happened to see a man…… named Miyama Kaito, and she felt a tremendous shock in her heart, as if she had been struck by lightning. It was a feeling she had never felt before, a feeling that even seemed to numb her head.

If you put it simply, it was the shock of the feeling of “love at first sight” for Kaito…… but Amel wasnt able to recognize it as such.

In the first place, Amel has never been in love. On the contrary, she had no friends and had never had such conversations with anyone.

Thats why, Amel didnt think that this was a shock for love at first sight…… and just instead thought that “Kaito is also a special being just like her, and this shock was some kind of means to tell the special beings”.

The extremely peculiar Amel, originally having some kind of assumption upon their encounter, was convinced that Kaito was someone who could understand her, and she cheerfully approached her with a smile on her face.

She was a little worried when she saw the sudden bewildered look on Kaitos face, but her anxiety disappeared as soon as they had tea and talked together.

Kaito didnt look at her as if she was strange. Although it seemed like he was thinking about some things when Amel speaks, he never showed any feelings of dislike towards Amel, and understood her words and thoughts.

(I knew Miyama-kun is also a special being like I am! He understands my words and thoughts, and he said Im cool. Im so happy, this is the first time in my life that Im having this much fun.)

In such a short time, Amel had grown quite fond of Kaito, to the point that she wanted to talk with him forever and ever.

Well, to begin with, Kaito only saw Amel as someone whose actions and words were laced with her chuunibyou. With all the other crazy weirdos he knew, he doesnt think of Amel as strange at all.

However, without the person himself noticing it at all, Kaito had completely solved Amels problem of “not having anyone understanding her”, and with every word they exchanged, Amels Affection Meters skyrocketed.

(……I see, the reason I didnt have anyone who understood me before was because Ive only met Miyama-kun here! We definitely must have been sworn friends in our previous life, having pledged our friendship to each other, right Unnn, that definitely must be the case. I guess Ill call Miyama-kun my sworn friend…… H- He wont find it strange, right He wont suddenly pull away, right)

With great joy and a bit of anxiety, Amel called Kaito her “sworn friend”. And as she had hoped, he accepted that term without complaining about it.

Needless to say, a storm of joy broke out in Amels heart…… Well, Kaito was already used to being called with strange ways of referring to him, so he didnt bother throwing a tsukkomi…… but the fact that their thoughts seemed to mesh well made Amels Affection Meters explode even more.

Although Kaito himself was completely clueless about this…… but even if Kaito were to suddenly propose to Amel at this very moment, Amels Affection Meters has risen to the level that she would accept his proposal.

However, as Amel does not yet understand the feeling of love, the only thought in her mind was the joy of having met someone who understands her.

When Amel, who is filled with joy in her heart, realizes that she is in love with him…… Only then would their relationship may change one more time.

Serious-senpai : [Shes 800 years old, so that means shes young compared to Laguna and Fors……]

: [Right. Perhaps, meeting Kaito-san with her youthfulness and child-like innocence turned out to be a good thing. If this had happened a few thousand years later, her temper would have been as rough as the past Isis-san, and the difficulty of getting close with her would have increased.]

Serious-senpai : [……Even if that were the case, whats scary is that Kaito is building up flags with quite the composure……]

: [Thats right…… It certainly feels like if its Kaito-san, he would somehow end up doing that.]-

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