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Chapter 1173 - Black Wings ①

While looking for Lillywood-san, I looked around the various tables to see if I could meet my other acquaintances. Hmmm, I could see a lot of World Kings subordinates and there are a few familiar faces, but almost no one I know by name, and most of them were people I have never spoken to before.

Well, this tea party was basically the closing party of the Harmonic Symphony, so the guests were centered around World Kings subordinates.

And since its not a luxurious event, its not that people in high positions were invited. Well, as for the Six Kings, there may be people who are too busy to participate…… Well, of course, people in high positions like Sechs-san are invited.

While I was thinking about this, I suddenly noticed an unusual person. She was a woman with short silver hair, a well-shaped face, and although she wasnt very tall, she had a slender figure that gave her a cool appearance.

She was dressed in a black leather jacket and hot pants, a cool punk-like style…… but what caught my attention more than anything else was the large black wings on her back.

Could she be one of those Winged people I knew they existed, but this is the first time Ive seen them…… Also, why is this person standing upright in a cool pose at a tea party, with her index finger between her eyebrows

Having this thought in mind, I glanced at the woman who seemed to be a Winged, and at that moment, she turned to me and our eyes met. For some reason though, an intrepid smile appeared on her lips as she drew closer.

[……I see, youve also sensed our fated encounter]


[Sometimes, people liken it to a shock from being struck by lightning. Thats exactly what Im feeling right now…… I could feel your heart throbbing from your eyes.]


It seems that shes suffering from the same disease that I once suffered from. Looking closely, I can see that she even has a bandage wrapped around her right hand…… Seems like she had been seriously afflicted by this disease.

As Im feeling incomprehensible feelings, the woman continued to speak as she held out her bandaged right hand.

[Praise the fate for this encounter. My name is “Amel”…… Also known as “Black Gale”, possessor of the Brilliant Eye. Can you tell me your name too]

[……Err, I- Im Miyama Kaito. Its nice to meet you.]

[Whoa there!]


Even though I was feeling puzzled, I introduced myself and held out my hand to shake her hand…… but for some reason, she pulled her hand away.

[Im sorry, I was careless. Mighty power is sealed within this right hand of mine. Id hate for anything to happen to you, so Ill shake your hand with my left.]


Seems like shes afflicted that bad huh. Why did she ignore her illness until it got this bad…… Also, talking to her makes the skin on my back crawl, or rather, it reminds me of my black history in the past.

In contrast to me, who was thinking such things, Amel-san had a rather satisfied expression on her face. Also, though her speech was theatrical, as she was about 15cm shorter than me, about 155 cm tall, she feels a little unbalanced.

[The glittering stars in the skies led our fate to cross paths. It was already inevitable that we would be attracted to each other. Now, let us amuse ourselves with a dance on this stage prepared for us!]


The way she phrased things is so strange that my understanding cant immediately catch up, but the hand pointing to an empty table nearby means that her words just now meant…… “Lets have tea together at the table and deepen our friendship”, right

When I am silent for a moment, thinking about the meaning of her words, Amels expression suddenly changes to one of anxiety, seemingly thinking that Im not so eager because of my silence.

[……I- Is that…… no good]

[……N- No, its alright. Well then, lets chat a bit.]

When I reflexively responded upon seeing Amel-san, who looked like she was about to cry, her expression clearly brightened up.

[Well then, lets adorn the skies for the banquet of the twin stars!]


Well, once I agreed to do so, I had no choice but to sit down at the nearby table. Thereupon, Amel-san took out her magic box…… and pulled out an “all-black” tea set from it.

[Jet black is good. The darkness, like an abyss that seems to suck you in, is the only thing that gives me peace of mind.]

[……I- I see.]

[Of course, your black coat is also very nice.]

……Black coat A- Ahh, she meant my black hoodie! Eh Could it be that Amel-san approached me because we were wearing the same black clothes

As I was feeling bewildered again, Amel-san skillfully brewed a cup of tea…… No, its black! Is this coffee I mean, black coffee in a black cup……

[I dedicate this beautiful tea to you.]

[……T- Thank you.]

……This is tea! Eh Seriously I know black tea does exist, but that doesnt mean theyre literally black! Tea as black as this exists W- Well, its another world after all, so its no wonder there is literal black tea here……

[A- A black tea, this is quite unusual.]

[Unfortunately, its colors have been dyed by falsehood. Magic has been invoked to temporarily deceive the world, bringing forth the black abyss within these cups.]


In other words, theyre just regular tea whose color was magically changed!

T- This guys outrageous…… Her character is just too deep…… Im not at all confident that I can keep up with her beyond this point…… Someone…… Help me……


She is a Special Individual Winged, and the head of her species. She is also one of the four Humans with the same level of power as Peerage-holders. Shes afflicted with chuunibyou, and although she doesnt know why, she felt some kind of spark when she saw Kaito.

She calls herself by the alias “Black Gale”, but “she has never been called by that name”.

Serious-senpai : [……His flag-collection speed sure is fast.]

: [Seems like whatever he does, he will always have the time to deal damage to Lilias stomach.]-

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