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When I entered the house that Alice had prepared together with her…… we arrived at a simple but gorgeous and beautiful corridor. Alice said that the interior of the house is quite different from Lilia-san's mansion…… but at least, the hallway looks the same.

Well, it's not like I'm going to place some weird decoration in the hallway, and it's not like there's anything wrong with being the same……

[Well then, the first thing I want to show you is this corridor!]

[……Eh No, it looks just like the corridor in Lilia-san's mansion though……]

[Yes, it does "look" like the corridor in Lilia-san's mansion…… but not on the inside! In fact, this corridor…… is equipped with "Automatic Movement function".]

[A- Automatic Movement]

[Yes. By doing certain movements on this corridor, you can automatically move forward. Incidentally, to start moving, you just lightly tap the floor twice with one of your tiptoes. To stop, you tap twice with one of your heels.]

[……Can I try it out]

[Go ahead.]

It seemed like an interesting feature, so I decided to give it a try. Tapping the floor twice with one of my tiptoes, just as Alice told me, my body began to feel like I'm being slid forward.

[W- Whooaaaaa……]

My body was moving at a speed that wasn't too fast, but was just about the speed of a light jog. This is amazing, is this made possible with magic too Magic really is amazing.

Thereupon, Alice caught up next to me as my body was moving, and started explaining to me.

[What do you think It's quite comfortable, isn't it Moreover, during the automatic movement, if there is a person or an obstacle in front of you, your body will be automatically moved to avoid it, and if avoiding isn't possible, it is made sure that your body and the obstacle in front of you will be stopped, so it's very safe.]

[This is really amazing. I'm kinda impressed.]

[The only thing is that you can't change directions, so when you want to turn in a direction, you have to stop, turn your body around and tap the floor again. After tapping the floor, you'd be able to move in the direction your body is facing again.]

This is amazing. It's a bit futuristic, or rather…… It's simply fun and convenient.

[I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what's next like this.]

[Fufufu, right Well, Alice-chan may not have a no-holds-barred policy…… But while we're at it, before we go to Kaito-san's room, why don't we go to the centerpiece(medama) of the day!]

[Eh No, I don't really like going to grotesque things……]

[Like I said, we're not talking about eyeballs (medama), okay! ……It's kinda refreshing being the one throwing the tsukkomi, isn't it]

How should I say this…… I really like being like this with Alice…… where she gives me the reaction I want. It's really fun talking to her.

As we continued slipping towards the place Alice described as the centerpiece, we exchanged a really enjoyable conversation.

Alice led me to a room that was…… how should I put it…… quite ordinary. The interior of the room is clean and furnished in a luxurious manner, just like any other reception rooms…… but other than that, I don't see anything special about this room.

[……Is there some kind of trick in this room]

[Hmmm, well, if you ask me if there's some kind of trick in this room, I guess that could be considered as one. Please wait a moment, she should be here any minute now……]

[Should be here Who]

Immediately after I tilted my head at Alice's words, something that looked like a faint piece of ice danced in the room, before Isis-san appeared.


[……Kaito…… Hello…… Shalltear…… Did you…… need something]

[Ahh~~ I just called you to make sure of something…… It doesn't seem like there's any problem.]

[……Unnn ……What do you mean…… I don't feel anything diff——— !]

Isis-san curiously tilted her head, but soon after, she seemed to have noticed something, as her eyes widened and her expression changed to one of astonishment.

[Isis-san Is something the matter]

[……I can…… control…… my magic power of death…… H- How]


I was surprised by Isis-san's perplexed words. In this case, being able to control it doesn't mean that Isis-san is suppressing her magic power of death as much as possible, just like she usually does…… It's more like she's able to control her magic power of death so naturally that it doesn't affect her surroundings.

[It seems you have noticed. This room is made of a special material…… "only while inside this room, Isis-san can completely control her magic power of death".]

[ ! ]

[Well, it's more like a stop-gap treatment. Actually, if one had to describe it, it's like Isis-san is under the effect of Fate-san's Critical Point of Fate while you're in this room…… It's like this room is temporarily enabling something that Isis-san will eventually be able to do. However, that effect is limited only to Isis-san's magic power of death, but as expected, Isis-san would still feel fatigued if you stay for a long time, so please limit your use of the room for an hour at most when you use it.]

Even though she was casually talking about this, this is quite an extraordinary room. After all, even though this room can only be used for a limited time, while she's in this room, Isis-san can talk normally with people who don't have the power to resist her magic power of death.

……Thinking about that…… I could see why Alice had arranged this room for me.


[Well, it might be a rather forceful method…… but with this, Kaito-san could "introduce Isis-san to your parents", right]

[……Alice…… I really don't know what to say, but I guess I'll just say———– [ Whoa, stop right there. ] ————–Ehh]

Yes, Alice prepared this room for me because she noticed that I would be troubled as to how to introduce my girlfriend, Isis-san, to my parents……

I was so moved that I wanted to thank her, but Alice stopped me. Thereupon, scratching her head with an awkward smile on her face, Alice spoke.

[……Unfortunately, I can't provide such outrageous materials that could temporarily receive data from the future. I'm only able to complete this room with her help……]

[……Still, you're the one who thought of it, right Thank you.]

[……You're welcome.]

After I smiled towards Alice, who turned away as if she's feeling embarrassed, I thanked the person who should have prepared the materials for this room within my mind.

……Shiro-san, thank you very much.

(It's just as I told you. As long as I'm here, you don't need to give up on anything……. Well, if Kaito-san is happy, I'm happy too.)

Yes, I really don't know how to express my gratitude to you…… One might think that it's calculating of me to say this at a moment like this, but let me tell you this.

Shiro-san, I'm really glad you're here…… I love you.

After expressing my feelings to Shiro-san, I turned my gaze back forward…… and saw Isis-san, trembling with moist eyes, looked up and hugged Alice.

[ ~ ~ ! Shalltear!]

[Dowaaa! W- What are you suddenly doing!]

[……Thank you…… I'm happy…… very…… happy.]

[Ahh, geez! Don't cling to me! Hands off! I'm normal. Even if you cling to me, no tent would be rising here!]

[……What the heck are you talking about……]

Even though Alice is usually businesslike with most things…… She often shows her gentleness to those who had gained her trust. As was the case during the Six Kings Festival, even though she won't say it out loud, she was still thinking of ways to help Isis-san with her magic power of death.

I guess that's also why she was able to prepare a room like this. As I looked at that pleasant scene, I was…… how should I say this …… I guess I was feeling happiness.

Around the time Kaito understood what that room was, in the God Realm's Sanctuary…… the place where Shallow Vernal resides, the three Supreme Gods had visited.

[Excuse our intrusion, Shallow Vernal-sama. I've heard that Miyama has built a house, so I thought that the God Realm should prepare something for housewarming, so I came to consult with Shallow Vernal-sama.]

Yes, the reason why Chronois, Fate and Life visited was because they heard that Kaito had built a house. Being that Kaito, someone important to the God Realm, had his house constructed, they decided to seek judgment from Shallow Vernal, the head of the God Realm, as to what they should do for the housewarming.

When she heard Chronois' words, who spoke on behalf of the other two Supreme Gods, Shallow Vernal slowly turned around.

[Yes, you're right. I understand. Let me hear your suggestions.]

[ [ [ ! ] ] ]

When they saw Shallow Vernal looking back at them, the three Supreme Gods became astonished, and began transmitting their thoughts to each other at super speed.

(Hey! God of Space and Time! God of Life! Is it just me, or was that a big smile on Shallow Vernal-sama's lips……)

(U- Umu. It's not just you…… This is the first time since the beginning of time that I have seen Shallow Vernal-sama in such a good mood.)

(……Y- Yes, I'm surprised too. H- How beautiful…… S- So beautiful that I can't directly look at it.)

Yes, when she turned around, Shallow Vernal had a smile on her face that belied her usual blank expression, and it was obvious at a glance that she was in a good mood.

Not only that, as Shallow Vernal lightly waved her finger, and a table…… and "four seats" were prepared.

[Might as well have some seat with me. I allow it. Let's have some tea and talk about this matter.]

It was truly a dramatic situation. In the past, only Kuromueina and Kaito had been allowed to sit with Shallow Vernal, and especially for the three Supreme Gods, it was a truly astonishing development.

Of course, there was no way they could refuse it. After the three of them deeply bowed to Shallow Vernal, they moved to their chairs, nervous expressions on their faces.

(……T- To be seated at the same table as Shallow Vernal-sama…… I- I'm so honored that my body is shaking. God of Fate, God of Time and Space, is my expression strange)

(I- It's alright…… I'm just as nervous as you…… I mean, this is an unexpected situation…… but this is that, right)

(……Umu. The cause is definitely Miyama. I can't think of any other reason why Shallow Vernal-sama would be in such a good mood.)

(Kai-chan really is amazing……)

Serious-senpai : [……Alice…… is normal]

: [No, why are you tilting your head! Alice-chan is normal and devoted to Kaito-san!]

Serious-senpai : [……"I couldn't find anyone I would feel more comfortable with, Iris."]

: [……Ahh, no, that was only before I met Kaito-san…… Iris-san is only a best friend for Alice-chan.]

Serious-senpai : [……"If my little sister had run up to me and passionately kissed me right there, it would have been a happy ending".]

: [……Ahh~~ Errr……]

Serious-senpai : ["My little sister is the most beautiful woman in the world. When we met again, she told me that she would be Big Sister's wife"……]

: [……I retract my previous statement. Alice-chan is "now" normal and devoted to Kaito-san.]-

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