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When Alice visited the Sanctuary, Shallow Vernal didn't even turn towards her, as she kept looking at the world from the edge of the Sanctuary.

(Hmmm. I could feel her disinterest being clearly transmitted~~ Well, I guess she's mellowed a lot just by the fact that she's meeting me like this.)

Shallow Vernal's demeanor has certainly become drastically calmer than before. Just the fact that she is responding to Alice's visit like this is already unthinkable from the past her.

However, she is still far from being friendly. Shallow Vernal is reading Alice's mind. In other words, she understands what Alice wants, and if she isn't interested, she will not even look at her.

[……I have a material that I'd like you to make. It doesn't exist in this world, so it can't be made by anyone but you.]

[I don't see any reason for me to make it.]

Shallow Vernal responded to Alice's words with her usual intonationless voice. Indeed, what Alice is requesting of her this time…… so to speak, it isn't directly beneficial to Kaito.

Indirectly, however, there is no doubt that Kaito will be pleased…… but unfortunately, the extent of benefits to Kaito wasn't enough to gain Shallow Vernal's interest.

[I can see that…… Well, that's why I haven't mentioned this matter to you until now.]

Yes, for Alice who had begun moving one year ago…… no, as soon as Kaito decided to permanently live in this world, her acting at this moment is just too late.

The reason for this was simple. It was an idea that she had thought about but had abandoned when she saw that it would be difficult to convince Shallow Vernal……

[However, things have changed. I'm here now because I think I have a good chance of convincing you.]

[……Alright. Let's hear it.]

One year ago, it was different even for Alice to persuade Shallow Vernal. However, after Kaito and Shallow Vernal became lovers, and when Alice saw how Shallow Vernal is like on her date with Kaito, she felt that it was worth negotiating with Shallow Vernal now.

[Please listen to me, this certainly doesn't directly affect Kaito-san. However, by preparing this…… Kaito-san will be very happy!]


Hence, Alice threw out the lure ball. This was the only card that she could use to possibly make Shallow Vernal move…… Placing down the Kaito card on the table, she's trying to invite Shallow Vernal's interest.

Then, if Shallow Vernal gains interest in Alice's story, she could convince her with her storytelling skills…… However, in a way, Shallow Vernal betrayed Alice's expectations.

Immediately after Alice told her this, a huge material rattled in existence in front of her.


[I made it. The material you wanted, in the quantity you want.]

[No, errr…… I still haven't explained how it would make Kaito-san happy, have I]

Yes, Shallow Vernal had indeed reacted to Alice's lure ball as she had expected. However, her reaction was on the level in which she didn't expect.

Shallow Vernal greatly swung her bat at Alice's lure ball, struck it dead center, and drove it towards a homerun.

[There's no need for that. It would please Kaito-san, wouldn't it If that's the case, I don't see any reason for me to hesitate.]


Hearing the words Shallow Vernal said without even turning towards her, Alice became surprised, but she began thinking.

(This is honestly surprising. I was expecting her to offer some kind of exchange condition, such as letting her participate in the construction of Kaito-san's house, or having Kaito-san go on another date with her……)

Yes, the result was just as Alice expected, with Shallow Vernal agreeing to her proposal. However, the process was a bit unexpected even for Alice.

The past Shallow Vernal would definitely have offered terms in exchange. She would have demanded something in return for her actions.

In fact, that had been the case during the Six Kings Festival. However, that wasn't the case with the current Shallow Vernal. She not only didn't think of getting something in return, she also didn't think of competing with Kuromueina……

(It seems like Shallow Vernal-sama really loves Kaito-san…… even more than I had thought. Being happy if she got something in return, but not minding if she doesn't. Her first priority always being Kaito-san's happiness…… I don't dislike that kind of thing. Well, let's just say that it's to be expected of Kaito-san.)

After thinking about it for a while, a smile suddenly appeared on Alice's lips and she spoke again.

[Thank you very much. By the way, Shallow Vernal-sama. I have one more suggestion…… but this one is something that will benefit Shallow Vernal-sama as well.]

[Let's hear it.]

After waking up in the morning, I opened the window curtains and lightly stretched my body beneath the pleasant morning sunlight.

Yesterday, I told Lilia-san that I was going to build my own house, and today, it's finally time to put that plan into motion. It's going to take some time explaining to Alice what kind of house I want, but I'm looking forward to it.

[Good morning, Kaito-san.]

[Alice, morning. You're just right in time, about yesterday's conversation, you see……]

[Ah, yes! "I've already finished building your house", so would you like to go and see it]

[Then, let's check it————– Eh]

The house is already built No, errr…… We just talked about it yesterday though…… Eh Seriously Overnight

: [Alice-chan finished building it overnight.]

Serious-senpai : [She seriously finished it overnight…… Seriously, she is just too much of a cheat.]-

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