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Thank you for waiting. The release date of Volume 13 of the Light Novel is scheduled to be released on “July 4th”! The official website and other information like that are described in the Activity Report.








Sechs-sans story about his acquaintance with Rasal-san, Isis-sans new subordinate, seemed to interest not only Isis-san, but also Iris-san and the others, so Iris-san prepared a seat for him on which Sechs-san sat down and began to tell his story.


[……Rasal Malfik. She is a necromancer known as the Martyr of Death, as far as I know, she is without a doubt the greatest necromancer in the Demon Realm. However, she is a bit eccentric and has no interest in anything other than her research. She is the kind of person who hides herself in a cave in the deepest part of the Black Forest and does nothing but research. She was so immersed in her research that she might go outside of her cave only once every few thousand years or so.]

[O- Once every few thousand years]


I ask back in surprise at Sechs-sans words. In short, shes someone who would hole up in a cave for thousands of years doing nothing but research No, with the way he says shes going out only once every few thousand years…… I suppose it means she has been doing research alone in that cave for tens of thousands of years in total.

Thats rather…… outrageous.


[As I also hold interest in necromancy, that is how we came to know each other. However, she probably doesnt even remember my name. Shes really indifferent to anything other than her research…… but just recently, when we met, she asked me a question, which was rather unusual…… No, this was the first time Rasal had asked me a question. Moreover, its about the Death King…… Isis-sama.]

[……About me]

[Yes, I had been thinking how strange it was…… but thinking about it now, she probably reached completion with the research she had been doing for years and was thinking about what to do with herself afterward. Perhaps, by the time she asked me that question, she had already decided to become Isis-samas subordinate.]

[……Is that so…… so…… as soon as her research was finished…… she rushed to see me…… Fufu…… Im glad.]


Sechs-san said that he was asked about Isis-san when they met just recently, so I guess Rasal-san really went to Isis-san to become her subordinate as soon as she completed her research.

But from what Ive heard though, it doesnt sound like she had any point of contact with Isis-san until then……


[Its just, its really hard for me to imagine her working for someone else. What do you think of Rasal-dono, Isis-sama]

[……Rasal is…… very smart…… She worries about me…… and is a very kind girl…… who gives me a lot of advice.]

[Hohh, now isnt that something, shes surprisingly caring huh However, indeed, shes a shrewd and prudent person, so I expect her to do a great job as Isis-samas subordinate in the future.]

[……Unnn…… Rasal…… is very dependable.]

Hmmm, from the way Isis-san talks, she seems like a really nice person. Perhaps, Isis-san probably met her somewhere and just doesnt remember her, or maybe she originally just admired Isis-san.

I wanted to hear about other peoples opinions though, so I decided to ask Iris-san about it while listening to Sechs-san and Isis-san talk.


[From your point of view, Iris-san, how do you feel about Rasal-san]

[Just as Isis-sama said, shes pretty sharp. She is provocative and often fights with Sirius, but there is nothing else that seems to be a problem. In fact, as Isis-sama had mentioned earlier, she was also taking actions such as rebuking Isis-sama in some cases, and seemed to be concerned about Isis-samas face.]

[I see, then as Isis-san said, she seems to be a good person.]


For a moment, I suspected that she would have another purpose for her to suddenly become Isis-sans subordinate without having any prior connection with her, but from what I heard, she seems to be a truly caring and kind person.


[It was a little surprising to me, but compared to the time when I was meeting her, she may have more mental leeway now that her research has been completed. Well, at any rate, its great that you seem to be building a good relationship with her.]


[……Unnn…… It was unfortunate that I couldnt bring her this time…… but Ill introduce her…… to you next time, Kaito.]

[Yes, Im looking forward to it.]


When the conversation about Rasal-san came to a close, Sechs-san stood up from her seat and bowed to Isis-san.


[Well then, I apologize for the length of my stay. I will be excusing myself here.]

[……No…… Dont worry about it…… If you like…… you can come and meet Rasal again…… I think…… shed probably be happy to see you.]

[I suppose so, if theres another opportunity, I would come visit.]


Isis-san kindly smiled at Sechs-san, who bowed in a beautiful manner and left.

As I have learned a lot about Isis-sans new subordinate…… Rasal-san and got curious about her, Id like to meet her at the earliest opportunity possible.









This is Volume 13s cover. A small story about that cover is written in the Activity Report.


Thank you as always, for your support. Im sorry to have kept you waiting! Here is the release date and cover of the latest Light Novel volume.

The release date of Volume 13 is scheduled for release on “July 4th” ! Here is the official website!

『I was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World is at Peace Volume 13 Homepage』



This times cover features Anima, the one who has grown the most in the series.

And there are various small stories hidden on this cover. The one in Kaitos hand is his diary, and it looks like he fell asleep in the middle of writing it.

And while Anima is about to drape a fur cloak over the sleeping Kaito, the hair ornament Kaito gave her has been firmly worn on her hair.

Moreover, the vase on the table is decorated with the three roses given to him by Illness in the newly written chapter, which is also featured on the cover of Volume 11.

(T/N: Not sure if its new content or not, havent read LN Volume 11 yet)


We hope you will look forward to the release date of the Light Novel.


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