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The musical represented by Rosemary-san was a story about a rose.

The content itself is simple: the main character is a young girl who travels in search of a rose that is said to be miraculous in order to wake up her mother, who has been cursed by a wicked witch and has been asleep for some time.

In that musical, Rosemary-san appeared as the Rose Princess…… herself in the middle of the show to give the main character a trial, and then appeared again in the latter half of the show to give the Phantom Rose to the main character after she overcame her trial.

Just as Rosemary-san said, she really didnt have many appearances, but it was a very important role.

Of course, since its a musical, there was singing and dancing at key points, and Rosemary-san showed off her beautiful singing voice. It was pretty cool to see her sing with her dignified appearance and clear, beautiful voice.


The performance must have been reasonably long, but as I was absorbed in watching it, it came to an end in no time.


Soaking in the afterglow of the wonderful musical, sharing my thoughts with everyone, I walked out of the audience seats.


[……Speaking of which, I heard from Rosemary-san that Lillywood-san will soon be performing a song in the plaza in front of her castle in the central area, so why dont we head over there next]

[That sounds great. World King-sama singing is truly the main of this event. Her songs are very famous, but its almost impossible for the general public to hear them outside of the Harmonic Symphony, so this is a rare opportunity.]


Lilia-san seemed to be interested in my suggestion, and our next destination seemed to be the plaza in front of the castle. However, it was known to the public that Lillywood-san is a good singer, but there are only a few chances to actually listen to her sing huh…… Well, its true that considering her position, there may not be so many situations to perform a song.


[……As for how wed get there…… Cant we do it just like normal commoners do]

[Even if we exclude Miyama-sama as someone in a completely separate category, we still a noble lady that is the Head of a Duchy, Sieg, who is a High Elf under the guidance of Underworld King-sama, and Kusunoki-sama and Yuzuki-sama, who are otherworlders who have received the Provisional Blessings of High-ranking Gods…… Arent I the only normal commoner here]


Now that she mentioned it, Luna-san is probably the only one who can be completely described as a commoner. Seeing Luna-sans triumphant look, and if anything, Luna-san is a former top adventurer…… but when compared to the others in our group, there is no fact that stands out……


[……I feel like youre getting carried away lately, so Im doubling your next assignment, Lunamaria-san.]

[Please stop, that will seriously kill me.]


Thereupon, for some reason, Alice with an astounded expression on her face appeared at that moment and told Luna-san a few words, to which Luna-san vigorously gave her a dogeza.


[……Eh Alice What does that mean]

[Ahh, Lunamaria-san wants to be strong too, so Ive been bullying her from time to time since a while ago.]

[……Yes, not metaphorically speaking, shes really bullying me. Shes tormenting me every single time…… Id like it if she could be a bit more merciful.]


When Alice readily answered my question, Luna-san looked at me with a sad, distant look in her eyes. No, well, putting that aside, what were we talking about again……


[Does that mean Alice is mentoring Luna-san]

[Thats right. Well, its just once or at most twice a month. Its been going on for about a year now.]

[Eh Thats been going on for a year already! I had no idea.]


When I moved my gaze in surprise at Alices words, Lilia-san and Sieg-san also looked genuinely surprised, so I guess they did not know about it either.

However, how should I say this…… Even if Im surprised, I could somewhat understand. Alice and Luna-san are a bit similar in some ways, and they have similar all-rounder fighting styles, so they fit together nicely as a combination.


[Well, as for Sieg-san, I knew that Kuro-san would call on her sooner or later, so I called on Lunamaria-san, who was about to be left behind by her best friends, and since she herself wants it, Im teaching her. Well, if Im too enthusiastic in my teachings theres a risk of her showing some bugs in her personality, so I just look after her once in a while and give her some assignments~~]

[……Umm, Alice-sama What about me]

[Youre completely a super genius, so rather than being taught by someone, repeating only the basics and repeatedly conducting mock battles would make you stronger much faster, so having someone teach you isnt necessary. Its not that youre lacking in technique or anything either…… Ahh, I think you should train your stomach though.]



Alice brushes off Lilia-sans question. Well, its true that Lilia-san seems to be getting stronger and stronger if we just leave her alone.


[In Lilia-sans case, she would need a rival…… or rather, someone who can follow Lilia-sans genius, which is too much for ordinary people to understand. Someone she can have friendly competitions with…… Putting it simply, if a “rival with the same level of talent” appeared, Lilia-san would grow at a more accelerated pace…… Well, I dont think that a genius like Lilia-san, who is already at the level of being a bug in this world, will appear so easily. Even if they were to appear, the possibility of just a single one appearing would be about a few thousand or ten thousand years from now.]


The more Alice speaks, the more outstanding Lilia-sans talent feels. Even Kuro mentioned before how she is as talented as the other Six Kings.

However, I wonder why I just have…… a little unfounded feeling, but I had this hunch that such an entity would appear in the not-too-distant future.









【Fox Currently on Standby】


Serious-senpai : [A flag was somehow raised, but does that mean Eulpecula would make her appearance this early]

: [The extra chapter is more of a parallel basis, so theres a great possibility that the time when they meet and other such details will change. In fact, the Pleiades had been starting to gather, so its quite likely.]


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