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After greeting Rosemary-san, it seemed that she had specially prepared seats for us to have a good view of the stage, so everyone moved there first. Since there was still some time left until their performance though, I decided to have a little chat with Rosemary-san.


[Is everything alright with the preparations for the stage.]

[Unnn. Im really only going to be singing a little bit in the middle and second half of the show.]


Rosemary-san spoke in a whisper out of nervousness when other people were present, but she speaks normally when theres only one person that she can talk to.

When shes speaking in a low whisper, its as if her stranger anxiety is triggered.


[Is that, errr…… okay]

[If theres some distance between us, it should be fine……. Also, Im not really talking to anyone, just singing.]


I see, come to think of it, she tries to keep her distance when approached, so I guess she would be okay as long as she was some distance away.

As I thought about this, Rosemary-san stood up, as if she suddenly remembered something, and spoke.


[Kaito-kun, would you like some tea]

[Eh Ahh, Im sorry for having you be mindful of me.]

[No, dont mind it. Theres still some time before my performance, so even though we cant relax that much, well have enough time to have some tea.]



As she said this, Rosemary-san summoned a magic circle in her hand, and a round table and a couple of chairs appeared in front of us. As soon as I took my seat, Rosemary-san brewed a pot of tea and served it to me.


[Thank you very much. Speaking of which, after we watch your performance, Rosemary-san, we are going to be finished with going to all of the Seven Princesses performances, so I was wondering where we should go after that. Do you have any recommendations, Rosemary-san]

[H- Hmmm…… Considering when our next performance ends……]


After hearing my question, Rosemary-san took out a pocket watch with a rose design and checked the time before continuing.


[I think you should go to the front of Lillywood-samas residence in the center of the city. Several times between dusk and night, Lillywood-sama sings in front of the castle…… Her singing is like the main event of the Harmonic Symphony, so I think it would be a good idea to go see that.]

[Ahh, I see, Lillywood-san certainly would have her own performance, wouldnt she Thank you for letting me know.]

[Im glad I could help.]


Thinking about it again, I guess that would be natural. Each of the Seven Princesses had their own performances which they represented, so Im sure there will be one representing Lillywood-san.

I know that Lillywood-san is a good singer after hearing her sing at my birthday, but at that time, she was acting as a supporting singer for the lead singer Isis-san, so this will be the first time I hear her sing as the lead singer, which I am looking forward to a lot.


[Ahh, Kaito-kun. Speaking of which, you are invited to the tea party, right]

[Yes, I intend to attend.]

[I see, Im not very good at these tea parties when I go……. T- There are a lot of people I dont talk to or dont know…… but if Kaito-kun is coming, I think it would be more comfortable.]

[……Come to think of it, I guess youre right. There would definitely be lots of people who would want to say their greetings to you.]


Somehow, I got the impression that she had opened up to me to some extent after her visit to my home.

At least, she seems to think of me as someone she can talk to without getting nervous.


[I dont know much about tea parties, but what do you do there]

[Youre basically free to do as you want. There are several tables with tea sets, and you can be the one to serve the tea youve brought, or you can visit the table of someone else who has theirs prepared. I suppose the main focus would be on interaction.]

[I see, so would the Seven Princesses also be in charge of their own tables]

[No. Theres nothing decided like that. I dont think people stick together most of the time, but I think well gather to a certain extent…… I- I think Ill basically be with Lia. Without Lia there, Id be so scared that joining that tea party would be impossible for me.]


From what Ive heard from Rosemary-san, I have some idea of what the tea party will be like. It really doesnt sound very formal, and it seems like the Seven Princesses themselves were free to do what they wanted.

However, from how Rosemary-san described it, I guess there would be lots of participants.

As I was thinking about this, I looked at my watch…… and saw that it was about time already.


[Its about to start, isnt it Im also going to head for the audience seats. Im looking forward to your musical.]

[U- Unnn. Thank you for hanging out with me. Im glad to be able to talk with you, Kaito-kun…… Ill do my best to make sure you can enjoy our presentation as well.]



Giving a bow to Rosemary-san, who was lightly waving goodbye at me with a soft smile on her face, I walked out of the waiting room and headed for the audience seats.









Serious-senpai : [Ahh, that reminds me, I guess that really would be the case. Its impossible for Lillywood to not appear in an event hosted by the World Kings camp, isnt it]


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