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1159 - Harmonic Symphony Part 3 ①

When we arrived at the location of Rosemary-sans performance, we found a large, gorgeous building that looked like a music hall.

At the entrance, there was a sign with performance times written on it and a life-size poster of Rosemary-san.


The poster depicted Rosemary-san with her arms folded and a sharp expression on her face, a dignified appearance that was truly worthy of her moniker “Aloof Rose”.

Well, on the inside, I think her character should be more described as “Timid Chihuahua”, but I couldnt sense such shyness in the poster.

In all likelihood, her expression is probably just frozen from nervousness, but even so, if you take what her inner thoughts were like out of the equation, this is a very cool poster.

While I was looking at that poster with everyone, someone who seemed to be one of the World Kings subordinates approached us.


[Youre Miyama Kaito-sama, right Rosemary-sama has instructed me to let Miyama-sama enter the waiting room.]

[Ahh, is that so I understand…… Errr, would it be alright if everyone comes]


In fact, I had told Rosemary-san in advance what time I would be watching her performance via hummingbird. I wanted to ask her for an autograph for Sieg-san, but I thought it would be difficult for Rosemary-san, whos anxious around strangers, to come near the entrance or in the hall where there were many people.


It seems that she had talked to her staff, but Id like to make one thing clear first. Perhaps, she doesnt have any problems with me since weve already talked with each other. We had a normal conversation back when she visited before…… However, everyone else is still subject to Rosemary-sans anxiety towards strangers.

So, depending on the situation, I may have to bring Sieg-sans colored paper to Rosemary-san myself……


[……She said its alright for the time being.]

[I see, then, will you guide us]

[Yes. This way, please.]


For a moment, there was a conflicted look on the face of what appeared to be her subordinate, so perhaps, Rosemary-san told her that it was okay for everyone to come, but from her subordinates eyes, she may have thought Rosemary-san isnt going to be so okay.


At any rate, we were guided to an area lined with waiting rooms that were off-limits to the general public, in which we were led to a room with a very large door.

After knocking and confirming with Rosemary-san again, a subordinate opened the door and urged us to enter, so we went in. It seemed like the subordinate would be waiting on standby in front of the door, as after she confirmed our entry, she closed the door from the outside.


When I entered the room, I found Rosemary-san standing with her arms crossed near the center of the large room…… “It seems like it was no good”.


[……Errr, Ill go talk to her first. Everyone, please wait here.]


She was completely stiff, and I could feel flusteredness from my Sympathy Magic, so I asked everyone to wait there and I alone approached Rosemary-san.

When I went up to her, she clung to my shoulders and moved her face close to my ear.


[……W- Welcome, Kaito-kun. Im glad youre here. A- A- Also, my apologies, but could you tell my thanks for the others too for coming]

[I understand.]


As expected, it seemed impossible for her to talk to everyone, so I took the role Camellia-san had back in the White God Festival and conveyed Rosemary-sans words to everyone.

Everyone also knows from the previous White God Festival that Rosemary-san was extremely anxious around strangers, so they accepted her welcome without any confusion.


[Speaking of which, the poster in front was really cool.]

[Awawawa, y- y- you saw that I guess you would. You really would see that…… I wonder why Im supposed to have almost no part in this event, but saying “the representative really has to be Rosemary-sama after all”, my subordinates made such a poster……]

[I- I see…… Well, I can understand how your subordinates feel.]


Considering the value of her name, it would certainly be more effective in attracting guests if Rosemary-san, one of the Seven Princesses, were placed in the front.

In fact, Rosemary-san looks like a gorgeous and noble beauty, so I think that kind of poster really was great.


[Ahh, thats right, Rosemary-san. Im sorry, but if you dont mind, may I ask for your autograph for Sieg-san]

[A- Autograph U- Unnn. Its alright.]


When Rosemary-san agreed and I told this to Sieg-san, she thanked me with a happy expression on her face and then tried to approach Rosemary-san with her colored paper.

However, when Sieg-san took a step forward, Rosemary-san quickly slid away.


[……Errr…… Sieg-san, Ill take it and hand it over.]

[I- I suppose. If you would do so……]


It seems like it was difficult for Sieg-san to even approach, so I acted as an intermediary for them and got the autograph.

She talks to me rather normally, so its easy for me to forget…… but Rosemary-san really has a tremendous fear of strangers.

Incidentally, I wonder how many days would it take for her to be able to talk to Sieg-san


[……I- If I have two months…… I should probably…… somehow……]


It was not in days, but in months…… It seems that the few days which is what she said about Nebula is already quite fast for Rosemary-san.








~ ~ Extra: Time until Able to Talk with Other People ~ ~

※ This is just a gut feeling based on Rosemarys first impression of them. Actual results may vary.


Lilia: 2 months

Lunamaria: 4 months

Aoi: 3 months

Hina: 23 days

Anima: 10 months

Caraway: 5 months

Eta: 1 year

Theta: 2 months

Illness: 16 days

Nebula: 2 days


Serious-senpai : [Eta and Anima…… I guess she isnt good with those with hot-blooded personalities I can understand Illness, but why would she be able to talk to Hina that fast]

: [Hina-san may look bright and cheerful, but she can be quite timid and reserved in some ways, so I guess she sensed that]


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